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“Mario's poisoned! His HP is going down!”
Battle text, Paper Mario
Mario poisoned in Paper Mario

Poison is a status effect in the Mario role-playing games and in Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition. Poisoned characters or enemies will take a few HP worth of damage every turn for a number of turns.


Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars[edit]

Geno inflicted with Poison.

In Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Poison is one of the few conditions that the party can inflict on enemies. Bowser is able to do this with his Poison Gas attack. When poisoned, the affected character turns purple.

Items, Spells and Special Attacks that cause Poison include:

Paper Mario series[edit]

Paper Mario[edit]

PM Poison Battle Icon.gif

In Paper Mario, whenever Mario is poisoned, he turns green and loses 1 HP per turn, for three turns (excluding an M. Bush's poison bite, which lasts for two). The player can negate this effect sooner by using items such as Super Soda or Tasty Tonic, using Eldstar's Refresh, or winning the battle. Guarding against an attack that inflicts poison or equipping the Feeling Fine badge blocks it completely. Being afflicted with a poison attack will have a green "splash" effect accompanied by a hollow moaning sound. The player cannot inflict this status ailment against enemies.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door[edit]


Poison functions the same way in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door as it does in the first game, with Mario's partner being able to be inflicted with Poison as well. The duration of this status ailment is nine turns. While the player is unable to inflict this status ailment against enemies, the only way to do so is to inflict confusion against one beforehand (with an attack such as Head Rattle), and the confused enemy might, if they have any poison attacks, poison other adjacent enemies with such attacks. Eating a Poison Mushroom causes this status ailment as well as cutting the user's HP in half.

Super Paper Mario[edit]

In Super Paper Mario, the heroes lose one HP at a time after every five seconds. A healing item can be used to cure poison, though the poison will go away after a while if left alone. Eating a Poison Mushroom will cause this status ailment. The Long-Last Shake is the only healing item that isn't able to cure poison.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star[edit]

In Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Poison can also be transferred to other enemies. Poisoned characters in Paper Mario: Sticker Star lose HP equal to 10% of their Max HP. Being poisoned can be caused by eating a Poison Mushroom or by lining up three Poison Mushrooms on the battle spinner. One of Gooper Blooper's attacks include spraying a poison cloud-like stream at Mario, inflicting both Blind and Poison.

Paper Mario: Color Splash[edit]

In Paper Mario: Color Splash, the only way for Mario to get poisoned is if he gets hit with purple paint during the battle against Roy Koopa. This poison only lasts one turn, but deals 10 damage to Mario for each card he uses.

Mario & Luigi series[edit]

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga / Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions[edit]

Luigi getting poisoned by a Pestnut during battle in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.
MLSSDX Poison.png
Luigi poisoned during a battle with an Elite Chuck Guy and an Oucher Glass in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions.

In Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, the Mario Bros. can turn gray or pinkish purple in order of the severity of the poison. Some enemies and bosses in that game such as Fuzzbushes, Viruses, Puffer Cheeps (Spiny Cheep Cheeps in the remake), Elite Pestnuts, Spiky Snifits, Elite Chuck Guys (in the remake), Starkisses, Glurps, Hermie III and Trunkle can poison Mario or Luigi if their attacks are not properly dodged or countered. If they turn gray, they lose 2 to 6 HP every turn whilst turning magenta will take away 4 to 12 HP every turn. In Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions, the affected bro is surrounded with purple clouds, and the status is referred to as 'Poison' and 'Max Poison' respectively; Poison can be inflicted by early-game enemies and deals 10 HP per turn, while Max Poison can be inflicted by late-game enemies and deals 25 HP per turn.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time[edit]

MLPIT Poison.gif

In Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, poison is indicated by that character's color scheme darkening to purple. The victim loses HP every turn unless they faint, use a Refreshing Herb, or until the battle is over/the effect wears off. The damage the poison condition induces becomes greater over time; with the number starting at five or ten, an additional five damage is added every turn. Enemies and bosses like Spiny Shroopas, Swiggler, Coconutters, Red Coconutters, Shrooboid Brat, Tanoombas, Tashroobas, Princess Shroob, and Elder Princess Shroob can inflict this status.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story / Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey[edit]

MLBISDX Poison.png
Luigi poisoned during a battle against some Coalbits in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey.
Bowsers Inside Story Poison.png

In Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey, poison works the same way it did in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, with the affected turning dark purple in the original game, and turning bright purple with clouds surrounding them in the remake. Enemies like Sockops, Coalbits (in the remake), Piranha Plorps and Stonks can poison Mario and Luigi. Additionally, Bowser has a similar affliction called Sick, which can be inflicted by Sniffle Thwomps, Naplocks and Blizzard Midbus.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam[edit]

The status effect returns in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam after its absence in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, working the same way it did in past games. Poisoned characters are surrounded by purple clouds that indicate the status effect.

Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition[edit]

In Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition, the player's team can be inflicted with this status if hit with the "Poison Mist" attack from a Bone Piranha Plant, or "Poison Smog" from a Big Bone Piranha Plant. When poisoned, a small purple skull appears on the lower-left corner of the top screen and the team's total HP goes down every turn. Only after clearing a battle or continuing after losing a life will the ailment wear off. The Awoken Skill "Poison Barrier" from Big Bone Piranha Plants or from "Blooper & Cheep Cheeps" enemies can reduce the chances of being poisoned, depending on the level of their Awoken Skill.

Super Mario-Kun[edit]

Mario and Goombario poisoned in Super Mario-Kun

In volume 26 of Super Mario-Kun, Mario and Goombario get poisoned after a Putrid Piranha expels bad breath on them.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese どく[1] / 毒
Spanish Veneno Poison

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