Shady Toad

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“I got the goods. Take your pick. ”
Shady Toad, Paper Mario: Sticker Star
The Shady Toad selling Mario a Vacuum thing

The Shady Toad is a secluded Toad merchant in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. He sells things that the player has already collected. Due to some specific characters' dialogue, his business is apparently illegal[citation needed]. He hides to the left of the Sling-a-Thing stand in Decalburg, which is convenient, as the player needs to sling Things in order to use them.


  • The Shady Toad seems to be a spoof on real-life black markets.
  • The Sling-a-Thing Toad may also be the Shady Toad as hinted by him when the player talks to him for the first time.