Tangerino Grill Chef

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Tangerino Grill Chef
Tangerino Grill Chef sprite from Paper Mario: Color Splash.
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)
Tangerino Grill Chef, Paper Mario: Color Splash

The Tangerino Grill Chef is a yellow Toad that appears in Paper Mario: Color Splash. He is the head chef of the Tangerino Grill.

When Mario arrives at Tangerino Grill, the kitchen is attacked by a troupe of mischievous Shy Guys. Mario must save the chef from a Shy Guy who is jumping on him. Due to the injuries that a Shy Guy gave him, he is unable to make Mamma Mia Pizza for the customers. He has Mario take his place as the head chef, and explains to him three steps to make the Mamma Mia Pizza. Once Mario finishes that pizza, the chef tells him to spy on the customers' reactions. The chef is satisfied with the results, and is completely healed when he eats a slice of the pizza.

The chef becomes angry when he learns that a VIP customer had been kept waiting. He tells Mario to help the VIP, as he says that, though his body is healed, he is not mentally prepared to help the VIP. The chef congratulates Mario after he makes food that satisfies the VIP, as he never accepts any of his food. He is also happy that he gave the restaurant a rating of a star and a half. The chef is seen alongside the restaurant host and a yellow Toad holding a mixing bowl in the "This Here's Paint Country!" dance.

When Mario thaws the freezer out with the Hair Dryer, the chef placed the last piece of Mamma Mia Pizza into it. He tells Mario that he will be sad when the pizza is finally gone.

In Paper Mario: The Origami King, a Toad who resembles the Tangerino Grill Chef known as Chef Kinopio appears.


  • "OWWWW! STOP IT! You're tenderizing my face!"
  • "Mario! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now please go and save the other cooks who are being attacked."
  • "Owww..."
  • "Mario! You have brought peace to my culinary oasis! I'm the head chef here at Tangerino Grill. My thanks to you!"
  • "I am beaten, but my spirit still flows like a fine passion reduction! On the downside, I can't feel most of my body right now... I cannot cook until I'm fully healed. However, I see a tasty spring in your gait... I see it now! You will take my place as the head chef! A delectable future lies ahead!"
  • "Until the delicate framework of my body can heal, you will prepare the food, yes?"
  • "Such a sour response leaves a bad taste in my mouth..."
  • "All of our cooks are still pretty shaken up. You have such a sweet swing and raw power in your step! You must help us!"
  • "You, sir, are a scholar and a gentleman. Hopefully a chef as well."
  • "Our featured dish today is a time-honored classic. PIZZA! You're going to make our house special, the Mamma Mia Pizza! There are three steps to our special secret pre-grill prep!"
  • "Step 1: Spread out the pizza dough into a nice, thin circle!"
  • "Step 2: Thinly slice the onions so that they will practically dissolve the second they hit the pan!"
  • "Step 3: Give the onions, and any other toppings you want, a quick sear in the frying pan!"
  • "The last thing you need to do is place the pizza in the oven and bake it to perfection! If you make a mistake, of course you can start over, but let's try not to waste our ingredients... We use only organic, free-range tomatoes. Let's see your Mamma Mia Pizza!"
  • "Spread out the dough, slice the onions, fry the toppings—those are the three steps. Just talk to a Toad at one of the stations to get started."
  • "It seems like you've prepared your dough and your toppings. Great! Ready to finally bake your pizza?"
  • "Ready to bake your pizza?"
  • "Still preparing yourself mentally? I understand. Come talk to me when you feel like you're ready."
  • "Put the pizza in the oven and wait 10 seconds! That's the secret to a well-baked pizza. Not a lot of folks know that. If you burn your ingredients, you'll have to do all of the preparations over again. Trust your instincts, but be careful! Once you think 10 seconds have passed, get that pizza outta there! Let the baking...,BEGIN!"
  • "I really appreciate your help today, Mario. Why don't you head to the dining room and spy on the customers' reactions?"
  • "Mario, it seems the customers weren't satisfied with our effort. It's my fault for getting injured. Let's try again."
  • "Fantastic, Mario! I took a little bite myself, and I must say... Mamma Mia! Delicious! In fact, that pizza was so good, my crumpled body instantly made a full recovery. I can resume cooking right away! Say, Mario, why don't you take a piece yourself? Go ahead. You've earned it."
  • "Ahh, the customers are beaming with satisfaction. The deliciousness of your Mamma Mia Pizza has everyone feeling full of life again!"
  • "What's this? VIP customers have been waiting?! VIP CUSTOMERS HAVE BEEN WAITING! WHY WASN'T I INFORMED?!"
  • "Mario, we have a situation. Although my body is willing, I'm not sure I'm mentally prepared to handle this crisis by myself. However, I believe you have the talent to make a dish that would satisfy the refined tastes of our most exclusive VIP guests. I trust you can make them something very, very, very, VERY special. No pressure."
  • "Our VIP customer is picky about flavor. He's also picky about texture. And presentation. And smell. But I'm sure you'll be fine!"
  • "Don't take it too hard. The VIP is really picky. Why don't you ask around for some advice? Our regular customers are picky, too!"
  • "In order to see what kind of food will satisfy the VIP, why don't you ask the customers here for their opinions first?"
  • "You did it, Mario! Thank you! That VIP barely ever touched any of the food I cooked for him, but he wolfed down your steak like some kind of...wolf...or something. And what's more...he gave our restaurant a star!, And a half!"
  • "This one star is thanks to you, Mario! I guess there was a plus side to me getting injured after all, eh? Wait...where's that extra half star I was promised?!"
  • "Mario! Show me some of your cooking skills again! I'll sneak a bit more of it while you cook too!"
  • "I really need to use the freezer, but it's completely frozen over. Is that ironic or what?"
  • "Oh, now I can use the freezer!"
  • "I want to save the final piece of Mamma Mia Pizza to have as a late-night snack!"
  • "Mario, we're in your debt for preparing the VIP meal, too. So I'd like to thank you once again... As a sign of our appreciation, please squeeze that strange object as much as you'd like."
  • "It's going to be such a shame when that last piece of the Mamma Mia Pizza is finally gone."