Truffle Toes

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Truffle Toes
“Lose coin, lose honor! Honor all I have in world.”
Truffle Toes, Mutiny on the Fungi

"Truffle Toes" (as he is called by Captain Koopa; also called the "Fifty-Mile-Musher") is a Mushroom from the Nintendo Comics System comic Mutiny on the Fungi. He is one of the Mushrooms working on Captain Koopa's coin-operated airship. He is obsessed with a particular coin, believing it his duty to keep it clean and considering it a slight to his honor to misplace it.

Captain Koopa quickly becomes annoyed by Truffle Toes' obsession with his coin and knocks him overboard, where he is saved by Mario. When Koopa continues to berate Truffle Toes for his coin obsession and opinions about honor, Truffle Toes attacks him, managing to knock Koopa out with a single kick, albeit only for a short time, and saving Mario. Truffle Toes later accompanies Mario and Luigi when they leave the crashing airship after liberating it of the magic wand onboard.