Piranha Sue

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Piranha Sue
Piranha Sue
Species Piranha Plant
First appearance Nintendo Comics System ("Piranha-Round Sue") (1990)

Piranha Sue is a long, female Piranha Plant and a character in the Nintendo Comics System story "Piranha-Round Sue".

During a Piranha Plant revolution, Piranha Sue overheard Toad mention the Green Gecko Gem, which the Mushroom King had given to Mario to help him retrieve a Magic Wand. Sue immediately plots against Mario and Toad, manipulating Toad into stealing the Green Gecko Gem with promises that he would gain the power of the gem and become ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Sue convinced Toad to pretend to be in danger, though Toad briefly heard the cheering Piranha Plants below the ground. Believing Sue to be his friend, Toad got into the nearby river. Mario found Toad near the edge of a waterfall, but didn't believe he was in danger until Piranha Sue elongated one of her vines and started pulling Toad under the water. Mario quickly dropped the Green Gecko Gem and magic wand to save Toad, but Sue grabbed both for herself.

Toad soon realized he was deceived by Sue when she proclaimed herself the ruler of the world. Suddenly, King Koopa grabbed Sue by the neck. Sue attempted to convince King Koopa that she had retrieved the magical items for him, but she soon discovered that Mario and Toad had tricked her with a fake gem and wand. Piranha Sue was last seen being threatened by King Koopa to use the fake wand as a "petal bender" on her for her betrayal.



  • Piranha Sue is seen trying to bite Mario on the cover, but she never actually used this attack in the comic.