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A Ptooie from Paper Mario: Color Splash.
Species Ptooie
First appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)
“When flowers bloom in our old meeting spot, I'm certain we'll meet again...”
Piper's letter, Paper Mario: Color Splash

Piper is a friendly Ptooie in Paper Mario: Color Splash and the main focus of a sidequest in the game. He has been childhood friends with five Toads named Purp, Redd, Greenie, Yella, and Bloo, but the six have since gone on their own ways. Prior to the start of the game, Piper sends Purp a letter with a seed attached, saying that his friends would get together again when flowers bloom in the old hangout spot.

Every time one of his friends are found, they remark on various aspects of what Piper did in the past after they arrive at the hangout. Purp claims that Piper was quiet, but had a magnetic aura around him that held the friends together. Redd remembers a race he was once a part of where Piper let him win by knocking down the other contestants by tripping. Greenie's attempt to be a tree was inspired by Piper, who once played the role of a bush during a school play. He said that Piper did such a good job that butterflies landed on him. Lastly, when Bloo arrives at the hangout, he talks about a time when Piper fought off two goons who made fun of him for being a cry baby.

However, after the four Toads unite, the tree at the hangout begins to wilt. A Toad informs Mario the quartet went off in search of a Rainbow Carnation, that grows in high places. They can be seen at Marmalade Valley scaling a tall mountain for the carnation.

Lastly, Yella can be found at the Mustard Café, sadly reminiscing about his times with Piper. After Yella arrives, he reveals to the gang that he knew Piper died, claiming that he wilted away and turned brown, explaining his melancholy. The tree then begins to die, but suddenly ejects a seed giving birth to a Ptooie. Mario prepares to fight the Ptooie until the five Toads immediately get in the way explaining the Ptooie is in fact Piper. The six then leave while a large crowd of Toads watch. Along the way, Piper jokingly trips to reference the race with Redd.

After they leave, they can be seen playing in the background of the Crimson Tower entrance.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フッくん
An abbreviated form of「フーフーパックン」(Fūfū Pakkun, Ptooie), with「くん」(-kun, a Japanese suffix usually to denote a person younger or the same age as the speaker) attached
German Pirandolf From "Piranha" and the name suffix "-dolf"
Italian Giacinto Hyacinth(us), both for the fact that he's a plant and for the mythological character with the same name that reborned as the flower
Portuguese Fu A blowing sound
Spanish Fuso Masculine form of "fus, fus!" (onomatopoeia for laughing sound)


  • When Mario briefly goes into battle with Piper, the mini-boss battle music plays instead of the normal battle music.