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The Paint Hammer in Paper Mario: Color Splash.
The Paint Hammer
“Good heavens! What are you DOING? Paint hammers are strictly off-limits in here, Mario!”
Card Connoisseur Toad, Paper Mario: Color Splash

The Paint Hammer is a tool Mario uses in Paper Mario: Color Splash. Mario first finds it as a regular hammer on top of a crate in Port Prisma. However, after Huey grants Mario the power of paint, it becomes the Paint Hammer, allowing him to paint colorless spots and Toads by hitting them with it. In this state, the hammer has three-dimensional depth.

Paint can be splashed from the Paint Hammer by pressing X Button, while pressing B Button causes it to function like a normal hammer. The capacity of paint the Paint Hammer can use is represented by three meters filled with the three primary colors at the top-left corner of the screen. The colors of paint the Paint Hammer can use are red, blue, yellow, purple (combination of red and blue paint), orange (combination of red and yellow paint), and green (combination of blue and yellow paint). If Huey is not present, the paint hammer does not function since he supplies the paint for the hammer. When using the Paint Hammer on a colorless spot or Toad, it uses the color of paint corresponding to their original color; otherwise, the colors follow this order: purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. By collecting Hammer Scraps, Mario can increase the Paint Hammer's paint capacity up to 600. The Paint Hammer cannot be used within the Prisma Museum as the Toads stop Mario before he can fully swing.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ペンキハンマー
Penki Hanmā
Paint Hammer
Dutch Verfhamer Painthammer
French (NOA) Marteau de peinture Paint hammer
French (NOE) Marteau splash Splash hammer
German Farbhammer Color hammer
Italian Martellobaleno Hammerainbow
Portuguese (NOE) Martelo de Tinta Paint Hammer
Spanish (NOA) Martillo cromático Chromatic hammer
Spanish (NOE) Martillo pintor Painter hammer