Small Buzzy Beetle Gang

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Color Splash enemy
Small Buzzy Beetle Gang
The Small Buzzy Beetle Gang from Paper Mario: Color Splash
Location(s) Sacred Forest
Type Shelled
HP 2 (per Small Buzzy Beetle)
Strong Jump, Fire
Weak POW Block
Moves Shell Attack (1)
Card probability 5

A Buzzy Beetle card from Paper Mario: Color Splash


Usual: "You're not walking away in one piece..." ~ "Into the fire!"
Low HP: "There's still time to run!" ~ "Sometimes running away is brave...right?"

Dropped items
Hammer Scraps 100
Red paint 30
Yellow paint 0
Blue paint 30
Orange paint 0
Green paint 0
Purple paint 50

Small Buzzy Beetle Gangs are enemies in Paper Mario: Color Splash. They are gangs of Small Buzzy Beetles, and one appears in the Sacred Forest. They can be found in a small cave, where they guard the fifth Paint Star Piece.

In battle, Small Buzzy Beetle Gangs attack ramming Mario with their shells, doing 1 HP of damage each. Despite their low attack power, the large number of Small Buzzy Beetles in the gangs cause Mario to lose large amounts of HP. Jumps and hammers do very little damage to Small Buzzy Beetle Gangs, and they are resistant to Fire Flowers. Small Buzzy Beetle Gangs are weak to Ice Flowers, POW Blocks and Things.

Buzzy Beetle Gangs appear on Lighthouse Island.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ちびメットぐんだん
Chibi Metto Gundan
Mini Buzzy Beetle Corps

French (NOE) Gang de Petits Bruyinsectes
Small Buzzy Beetle Gang
German Klein-Käfer-Meute
Small Buzzy Beetle Pack
Italian Gang di piccole Nelle
Small Buzzy Beetle Gang
Portuguese Gangue de Besouros Pequenos
Small Buzzy Beetle Gang
Russian Банда маленьких каскожуков
Banda malen'kikh kaskozhukov
Gang of Small Buzzy Beetles

Spanish (NOA) Banda buzzín
Small Buzzy Gang