Green Energy Plant

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Green Energy Plant
The Green Energy Plant from Paper Mario: Color Splash.
The Toad tells Mario about his research
How to access Obtain the green Mini Paint Star from Sacred Forest
Paint Stars Green Mini Paint Star icon from the Paper Mario: Color Splash World Map
Colorless spots 1
Things Claw Hammer icon from Paper Mario: Color SplashRecorder icon from Paper Mario: Color Splash
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“What is this place? Nothing but worthless junk here. I can't even smell any Paint Stars!”
Huey, Paper Mario: Color Splash

The Green Energy Plant is a location in Paper Mario: Color Splash. It is accessed by obtaining the green Mini Paint Star in the Sacred Forest after defeating Kamek, and its completion unlocks a path to Mossrock Theater. The Claw Hammer and Recorder Things can be found here. The Green Energy Plant has the least colorless spots in the game at only one, tied with Black Bowser's Castle. Its name is a play on "green energy," another name for sustainable energy.


The area consists of a green Toad House laboratory with various assorted crates, barrels, monitors, and other supplies, lying around outside of it. Cutting out the monitor with an "L" symbol on it on the far right will reveal Luigi hiding behind it. When Mario and Huey attempt to enter the house, Huey accidentally gets snagged by the owner's claw device. The owner tells them that a star-shaped object crashed into his monitor earlier and drained most of his power. In order to restore power to the lab, Mario must go through the Warp Pipe outside, which takes him to the top of a nearby tower, and use the Battery Thing. After Mario uses it, all the clouds surrounding the house turn gray, but nothing happens. After a couple seconds, Huey will come out and tell Mario that lightning tends to strike "tall, metal objects". Promptly, the battery strikes Huey with a bolt of lightning, which travels through the wire and restores the power at the energy plant.

After restoring the power, Mario can enter the monitor in the center of the house by cutting it out. Inside the monitor is a Super Mario Bros. 3-styled sub-level. This sub-level features 8-bit enemies as well as paper ones. The 8-bit enemies simply damage Mario if they collide with him rather than starting a battle and can be defeated in one hit, while the paper enemies behave like normal. 3-D flipping from Super Paper Mario returns here, with three minor differences: the 3-D view is isometric, it requires paint to activate, and running out of time simply reverts the game back to 2-D mode rather than damaging Mario. Paint can be restored by collecting 1-Up Mushrooms or defeating enemies. The sub-level consists of three "main" screens and multiple secret areas. One of the clouds on the third main screen has one of its eyes missing, which can be fixed with Mario's Paint Hammer; this is the sole colorless spot in the level. There are two Things, a red Rescue Squad member, and a Mini Paint Star to be found here. Mario can return to the regular world by grabbing onto one of the Goal Poles.

To find the red Rescue Squad member, Mario must go to the third main screen and then flip into 3-D. He must then climb up the boxes, drop behind the one with a hole in it, and then walk behind the black section, bypassing the flag. There will be a pipe at the far right that leads to an underground section. Once inside, flipping reveals a pathway leading upward. At the far right of this section is red Rescue Squad member #46 being harassed by a Boomerang Bro. After defeating it, Mario must take the Toad to a Goal Pole in order to get him out of the game world.

To find the Recorder Thing, Mario must go to the second main screen, flip into 3-D, then go up to the green path and then all the way to the right. This will take him to a hidden area. There is a flag at the end, but instead of grabbing it right away, Mario should flip into 3-D, revealing a hidden path behind the black section with a Boomerang Bro. After dealing with the enemy, Mario can continue past the flag, where the Recorder, which takes the form of a Warp Whistle from Super Mario Bros. 3, is found.

To find the Claw Hammer Thing, Mario must go to the second main screen, flip into 3-D, then go up to the green path and then to the left. There will be a red pipe which will take him to an underground section. At the far right of this section is a green pipe that leads to a small room with two tall pipes on each side and a short pipe in the middle. Flipping into 3-D reveals the Thing in the middle of the room. Going down the pipe in the middle takes Mario back to the first main screen of the level.

To find the Mini Paint Star, Mario should take the path he would to reach the Claw Hammer Thing, but when he reaches the pipe cluster in the underground section, he must flip into 3-D to reveal an extra green pipe in the back. Going down this pipe takes him to where he can access the red pipe on the right, which leads to a fortress section. At the end is a green pipe, but Mario should not enter it since this simply leads to the room with the Claw Hammer Thing. Instead, Mario should flip into 3-D where there is a coin floating over the lava. This reveals a hidden path leading to another red pipe. This pipe leads a room with a Boomerang Bro, which cannot be ignored because of a wall which prevents Mario from using 3-D flipping to bypass it. After defeating the Boomerang Bro (or fleeing from it), Mario can continue to the right where the Mini Paint Star awaits. Touching it causes it to fly out of the game world and allows it to be collected for real. There is a Goal Pole shortly to the right which will take Mario out as well.




Colorless spots[edit]

Green Energy Plant
In the third Super Mario Bros. 3 area, on a cloud's eyes. Green Energy Plant


Level Location Reward Hint Image
Green Energy Plant In the first area, on the screen. Cutting this out reveals Luigi. 300 Coins Broken screen still works.
No power needed at all.
A letter lights up.
Green Energy Plant
In the first area, after entering the Warp Pipe. The Battery Thing must be inserted. Required for completion None Green Energy Plant
Inside the Toad House, on the screen after it has been powered on. Required for completion None Green Energy Plant


Audio.svg Fight! (Pixel Mix) - Plays while battling enemies in the Super Mario Bros. 3-styled area
File infoMedia:PMCS Fight! (Pixel Mix).oga
Audio.svg Thing: Claw Hammer - Plays while using the Claw Hammer Thing
File infoMedia:PMCS Thing Claw Hammer.oga
Audio.svg Thing: Recorder - Plays while using the Recorder Thing
File infoMedia:PMCS Thing Recorder.oga
Help:MediaHaving trouble playing?


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese グリングリンパワーラボ
Guringurin pawā rabo
Repetition of "green" + "power lab"

French (NOA) Centrale électrique Vert-Dure
Green-Hard Powerhouse; a play on "verdure" (greenery)
French (NOE) Centrale électrique Ariko
Bean powerhouse; a modified orthograph of "haricot" (bean)
German Grünkernkraftwerk
Pun on "grünkern" (dried spelt) and "kernkraftwerk" (nuclear power plant)
Italian Ecocentrale Verde
Green Power Plant
Portuguese Central de Energia Verde
Green Energy Central
Russian Зеленая электростанция
Zelenaya elektrostantsiya
Green Powerhouse

Spanish Ecocentral Verde
Green Eco-Central


  • The Rescue Squad Toad claims to have seen the Super Mario Bros. 3 version of Mario; however, this version of Mario cannot be encountered.
  • The development team of Super Mario Bros. 3 wanted the game to use an overhead, isometric view. The developers found that it was difficult to balance the platforming gameplay around this perspective, leading them to abandon the idea[1]. This concept would be used 28 years later when playing in the Super Mario Bros. 3 game world when flipping.


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