Host Snifit

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Host Snifit
Snifit host PMTOK sprite.png
Species Snifit
First appearance Paper Mario: Sticker Star (2012)
Latest appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)
“I'm your host, Snifit.”
Host Snifit, Paper Mario: Color Splash

Host Snifit, more commonly and informally known as Snifit, is a recurring character in the Paper Mario series. He is a particular Snifit with a distinctive pink bow tie. In Paper Mario: Sticker Star, he hosts Snifit or Whiffit down in Stump Glade to an audience of Snifits. He returns to reprise this role in Paper Mario: Color Splash for the revamped edition in Cobalt Base. As Snifit or Whiffit does not return in Paper Mario: The Origami King, being replaced by Shy Guys Finish Last, Emcee Shy Guy fulfills his role.


Paper Mario: Sticker Star[edit]

The original logo, featuring Snifit's image.

The host makes his debut in Paper Mario: Sticker Star with his signature role. He awaits Mario and Kersti down in Stump Glade. They are both surprised by the prospect of participating in a game show and accept Snifit's offer to compete. He enters in a platform attached to a long pole, which appears to be his method of advancing down floors. He has the classic persona of a game show host, boasting every challenge while questioning Mario's ability, as well as disregarding his interns. For each of the main challenges, he explains the concept and goal. As Mario advances through the challenges, Snifit becomes more impressed, giving him the prize in the end.

Secretly, in storage, Snifit offers Mario a chance to compete in the bonus round for a special prize. This time, Mario is able to accept or decline, though participating and clearing the bonus challenge scores him the prize. Due to the ability he has shown, Snifit insists Mario is part Snifit.

Snifit's likeness is included in the logo for Snifit or Whiffit.

Two of the questions asked during the true/false portion of the quiz involve the host. One of them claims the host's name is Snifit, which is true. The other claims his dinner the previous night was a delicious mushroom steak - this is also true.

Paper Mario: Color Splash[edit]

The new logo, also featuring Snifit.

The host makes a return in Paper Mario: Color Splash, as does Snifit or Whiffit, with new challenges and gimmicks. Due to the setup being a bit different, the host must explain the rules and goals for each challenge. He appears to recognize Mario from his last appearance as a contestant on the show. He congratulates Mario each time he passes a round before quickly moving on to the next round.

After Mario has cleared four rounds, he becomes qualified for the standard prize, and is asked if he wants to bail out. If Mario clears the bonus challenges, Snifit deems him a champion before signing off.

If Mario does not complete a round, a massive Urchin appears over his bubble, threatening to pop it and cause a Game Over if this continues. The host jokes it will wipe out his save file for good before assuring him it will merely require him to continue from his last save point, as is traditional.

If Mario is running low on paint, the host takes note of this, and offers to refill his counter for 100 coins.

Both the logo and backdrop for the game show now feature Snifit.

The Letter from Chest, found on Fortune Island, is written by the directors of Snifit or Whiffit, presumably including Host Snifit, who states the contents of the chest are being used for the grand prize for their show.


Paper Mario: Sticker Star[edit]

  • "So VERY sorry to keep you waiting! We've got a great show for you folks. That's right! It's time to play..."
  • "SNIFIT OR..."
  • "WHIFFIT!"
  • "Yes, we're back this week with another exciting episode of Snifit or Whiffit! I'm your host, Snifit."

Paper Mario: Color Splash[edit]

  • "I'm your host, Snifit."