Black Lava Bubble

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Color Splash enemy
Black Lava Bubble
A Black Lava Bubble in battle in Paper Mario: Color Splash
Location(s) Black Bowser's Castle
Type Normal
HP 24
Strong Jump
Weak None
Moves Body Attack (8, 8, 10, 12), Blowback Attack (24)
Enemy class ENEMY_FIRE
Card probability 3

A Lava Bubble card from Paper Mario: Color Splash



Dropped items
Hammer Scraps 100
Red paint 32
Yellow paint 0
Blue paint 0
Orange paint 11
Green paint 0
Purple paint 0

Black Lava Bubbles are enemies that appear in Paper Mario: Color Splash. They only appear in Black Bowser's Castle during the battle with Black Bowser, where they are formed from the black paint that drops from him and assist him in his battle against Mario and Huey. Depending on how much damage Black Bowser takes, the Black Lava Bubbles can vary in size when summoned. Only three can appear at the same time before they return to Black Bowser.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese くろバブル
Kuro Baburu
Black Lava Bubble
French (NOE) Bulle de lave noire Black lava bubble
German Schwarzer Hothead Black Lava Bubble
Italian Fiammetto nero Black Lava Bubble
Portuguese Bolha de Lava Preta Black Lava Bubble
Russian Чёрный пузырь лавы
Chernyy puzyr' lavy
Black Lava bubble
Spanish (NOA) burbuja de lava negra[sic] Black Lava Bubble