Sailor's Song

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The ship sails as the song plays.
“Avast! That be the best part of the song!”
Violet Passage captain, Paper Mario: Color Splash

"Sailor's Song" is a song in Paper Mario: Color Splash. Its lyrics are not sung aloud and instead appear as captions. The song plays at Violet Passage as Mario and Huey relax on the deck of the ship.

An arrangement of the Sailor's Song plays on Fortune Island, while part of it can be heard in the game's credits theme, "Prisma Splash!" This particular arrangement also plays when Mario, Olivia, and Professor Toad meet Captain T. Ode in Paper Mario: The Origami King. In the same game, a slowed-down arrangement plays on Bonehead Island.



Old Roger gets his jollies
On the boundless blue
From beyond the Lost Sea
Fortune beckons our crew
Fate lies on the horizon
We pay the ultimate price
There is but one path
A legend's sacrifice!


While the English version's lyrics rhyme, the Japanese lyrics match the rhythm of the song's vocals.

Japanese script Romanization Translation

どくろに かぜをうけ
あらなみ こえまくり
まよいの うみのはて
おたから めざします

かくごは できてるか
いのちも おしくない
ねがいは ただひとつ
でんせつ なりたいな

Dokuro ni kaze o uke
Aranami koemakuri
Mayoi no umi no hate
Otakara mezashimasu

Kakugo wa dekiteru ka
Inochi mo oshikunai
Negai wa tada hitotsu
Densetsu naritai na

Feel the wind in Old Roger
Persist through the stormy seas
I will head for the treasure
At the end of the Lost Sea

Are you prepared?
I would give up my life
I have only one desire:
I want to become a legend


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