The Emerald Circus

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The Emerald Circus
PMCS Lemmy circus.png
Lemmy Koopa, the boss of the Emerald Circus
How to access Obtain the green Mini Paint Star from Mossrock Theater
Paint Stars Green Big Paint Star.png
Things PMCS DiscoBallThing.png
Boss Lemmy Koopa
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“What's the deal with that rope hanging down? I have a sudden urge to boogie...”
Huey, Paper Mario: Color Splash

The Emerald Circus is a location found in Paper Mario: Color Splash. The path leading here is unlocked after getting the Green Mini Paint Star from Mossrock Theater, and will color in Luigi and his kart outside the map, after getting the Green Big Paint Star here. Lemmy Koopa is fought on top of the Big Top Tent, once the show is over. The Disco Ball Thing is found here.



Required Thing(s)[edit]

  • Disco Ball (used to distract Lemmy in battle)
  • Ice Pick (used to pop Lemmy's Wonder Ball once he is distracted)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミドゥーリサーカス
Midūri Saakusu
Midūri Circus, based on midori, meaning green
Spanish Circo Esmeralda Emerald Circus
French Cirque Émeraude Emerald Circus
Russian Изумрудный цирк
Izumrudnyy tsirk
Emerald Circus