Violet Passage

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Violet Passage
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Mario using the Fan Thing.

How to access Obtain the purple Mini Paint Star from Plum Park
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“Pay close attention, Mario! I have a feeling you're going to have to master firing those cannons.”
Huey, Paper Mario: Color Splash

Violet Passage is a location from Paper Mario: Color Splash. The path leading here is unlocked after getting the Purple Mini Paint Star from Plum Park, and unlocks a path leading to Vortex Island. The Battery and Compass Things can be found here in the hull of the ship.


Upon first arrival of the area, Mario must battle many enemies and rescue the yellow Rescue Squad members from many Shy Guys. Mario does not return again until having collected the blue Big Paint Star.

Also inside the ship's hull are five journal entries from the Legendary Captain, each providing clues about how to reach the Violet Isles.

For the first trial, Mario must look for a Mushroom rock with closed eyes. Once past it, he must order the ship operator to turn left so that its port side continues to face that particular Mushroom rock.

For the second trial, Mario must operate the ship's cannons to shoot targets for a total of seventy points or more; regular targets are worth five points, Cheep Cheeps are worth ten, and Bloopers are worth twenty.

For the third trial, Mario must again operate the cannons to shoot the Mushroom rocks to find the angry one. Once found, he must immediately inform the ship operator to turn right so that the ship's starboard side continues to face the angry Mushroom rock.

For the fourth trial, Mario must operate the starboard cannon to collect coins; he may also collect cards or hit POW Blocks to collect multiple coins at once. Mario must collect more than twenty-five coins; if he succeeds, then a trail of coins appears, twisting to the right, where Mario must order the ship operator to turn right to continue to follow the coin trail.

For the fifth trial, Mario must use the starboard cannon to create a dent in the scenery, talk to the Toad in the ship's hull so that he will hoist a flag, then use Cutout to insert the Compass thing to lead the way to the Violet Isles.

If Mario fails any trial besides the fifth, he is forced to battle a random enemy before he can retry said trial.



Required Thing(s)[edit]

  • Fan (to provide wind to the ship)
  • Compass (to point the way to the Mini Paint Star)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バイオ列島 かいきょう
Baio Rettō Kaikyō
Vio Archipelago Channel, doubles as a pun on the English word バイオレット "violet"
Spanish Paso Violeta Violet Passage
French Détroit Aubergine Eggplant Strait
Russian Лиловый пролив
Lilovyy proliv
Violet Strait