Violet Passage

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Violet Passage
Violet Passage from Paper Mario: Color Splash
Mario using the Fan Thing.
How to access Obtain the purple Mini Paint Star from Plum Park
Paint Stars Purple Mini Paint Star icon from the Paper Mario: Color Splash World Map
Colorless spots 10
Things Battery icon from Paper Mario: Color SplashCompass icon from Paper Mario: Color Splash
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“Pay close attention, Mario! I have a feeling you're going to have to master firing those cannons.”
Huey, Paper Mario: Color Splash

Violet Passage is a location from Paper Mario: Color Splash. The path leading here is unlocked after getting the purple Mini Paint Star from Plum Park, and unlocks a path leading to Vortex Island. The Battery and Compass Things can be found here in the hull of the ship.


When Mario first visits the level, he can talk to a Toad to learn that the ocean has been partially drained, and that pirate Shy Guys are attacking the boat. Huey narrowly dodges a cannonball, and another one destroys a blockade, allowing Mario to continue. Mario has to save the five yellow Rescue Squad members, numbered #6-#10, on and around the boat.

The first Toad is found running around with a barrel on his head, which Mario must break with his hammer. The second Toad is stuck upside down in a barrel and must be pulled out. When Mario boards the boat, he is attacked by four Shy Guys and two Spike Guys. At the front is two Shield Guys and two Slurp Guys, and defeating them allows Mario to repaint the third Rescue Squad member. Hammering the ship's mast frees the fourth member after Mario battles four Shy Guys and a Spike Guy. Two Shield Guys and two Slurp Guys are at the ship's back end, and Mario must defeat them. Before he can rescue the next Toad, a Black Shy Guy appears, who Mario must battle.

The Rescue Squad members go to Sacred Forest to help their captain. Three red Toads tell Mario and Huey about their captain, who is stranded in a colorless spot and surrounded by ocean. Huey suggests that Mario collect a Big Paint Star to repaint the ocean.

After Mario collects the blue Big Paint Star from Fort Cobalt, the ocean is repainted. If he boards the boat, Mario is welcomed by the three red Toads, as the captain appears from below deck. He explains that they will be sailing to the Violet Isles through the Lost Sea. Huey suggests that the isles could have Mini Paint Stars and urges Mario to help the boat set off.

Mario can enter the ship's cabin to collect five Journal Entries from a legendary captain. The Day 1 Journal Entry must be pulled from beneath a hanging picture. Day 2's entry is inside an unpainted treasure chest, along with Toad #1 of the blue Rescue Squad. Day 3's entry can be found by jumping off either the treasure chest or the barrel and onto a crate. The entry for Day 4 is under a crate. Finally, Day 5's entry is in a room to the right and Mario must open a compartment before he can get it. Additionally, the Battery Thing is standing upright next to multiple barrels, while the Compass Thing is next to a map in the other room.

With all the journal entries reclaimed, Mario can give them to the captain, who finds them to be clues for how to reach Fortune Island. After telling the captain he is ready to set sail, Mario must Cutout a large rock and insert the Fan Thing. While sailing, a Toad notifiers Mario and the captain about a leak in the boat. If Mario goes to check on it, he is given a Hammer Card by a Toad who is bailing out the water and can return back to the captain. As they enter the Lost Sea, Mario is taught how to use the cannons and steer the boat.

For the first trial, Mario must look for a Toad rock with closed eyes. Once past it, he must order the ship operator to turn left. For the second trial, Mario must shoot cannonballs at targets to earn at least 70 points: regular targets are worth five points, Cheep Cheeps are worth ten, and Bloopers are worth twenty. To pass the third trial, Mario must again operate the cannons to shoot the Toad rocks to find the angry one, then tell the helmsman to turn right. At the fourth trial, Mario must operate the right cannon to collect coins; he may also collect cards, break Brick Blocks, or hit POW Blocks to collect multiple coins at once. Mario must collect more than twenty-five coins; if he succeeds, then a trail of coins appears, twisting to the right, where Mario must order the ship operator to turn right to continue to follow the coin trail. If Mario fails any trial besides the fifth, he is forced to battle a random enemy before he can retry said trial.

The fifth trial takes place in a purple fog. First, Mario must use the right cannon to create a dent in a rock. Next, he has to go down and talk to the Toad, who has found a flag and goes to put it up. The dent and the flag form a shape that Mario can Cutout, then insert the Compass to lead the way. This illuminates the fog and forms an arrow leading to a purple Mini Paint Star, which takes Mario to Vortex Island.



Required Thing(s)[edit]

  • Fan (to provide wind to the ship)
  • Compass (to point the way to the Mini Paint Star)

Colorless spots[edit]

Violet Passage
In the first area, on a crate. Violet Passage
In the first area, on a crate. Violet Passage
In the first area, on a post. Violet Passage
In the first area, on the ground under a barrel. Violet Passage
In the first area, on the ground. This colorless spot is in the shape of a Blooper. Violet Passage
In the first area, on the piling. Violet Passage
In the first area, on a post. Violet Passage
In the first area, on a post. Violet Passage
In the first area, on the ocean. This colorless spot is repainted after getting the blue Big Paint Star. Violet Passage
Below deck, on the treasure chest. Violet Passage

? Blocks[edit]

A Blazehammer Card in Paper Mario: Color Splash.
Above the platform which needs to be painted on, found in the northwest of the area. First ? Block in Violet Passage of Paper Mario: Color Splash.
A Battle Card in Paper Mario: Color Splash
Hopslipper x2 (colorless)
In the middle of the wooden dock (end of the first part during the attack). Last ? Block in Violet Passage of Paper Mario: Color Splash.


Location Reward Hint Image
In the first area, on the rock. The Fan Thing must be inserted. Required for completion None Violet Passage
In the fifth trial, on the rock after the cannonball has been fired and the flag has been unrolled. The Compass Thing must be inserted. Required for completion None Violet Passage


Audio.svg Violet Passage - Plays at Violet Passage
File infoMedia:PMCS Violet Passage.oga
Audio.svg Get the Boat Back - Plays while the ship is hijacked
File infoMedia:PMCS Get the Boat Back.oga
Audio.svg To the Open Sea! - Plays while the ship sets sail
File infoMedia:PMCS To the Open Sea!.oga
Audio.svg Sailor's Song - Plays during the sailing cutscene
File infoMedia:PMCS Sailor's Song.oga
Audio.svg Thing: Battery - Plays while using the Battery Thing
File infoMedia:PMCS Thing Battery.oga
Audio.svg Thing: Compass - Plays while using the Compass Thing
File infoMedia:PMCS Thing Compass.oga
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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バイオ列島かいきょう
Baio Rettō Kaikyō
Pun on "violet" and「列島」(rettō, archipelago) +「かいきょう」(kaikyō, channel)

Dutch Straat van Purper
French Détroit Aubergine
Eggplant Strait
German Holunder-Passage
Italian Stretto violetto
Violet Strait
Portuguese Estreito Liláceo
Lilac Strait
Russian Лиловый пролив
Lilovyy proliv
Violet Strait

Spanish Paso Violeta
Violet Passage


  • The way Huey dodges the cannonball on the first visit to the Violet Passage is a parody of Neo dodging bullets in the film The Matrix.