Coal Guy

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Color Splash Enemy
Coal Guy
Location(s) Toad Trainworks, Sunset Express
Type Stack
HP 5
Attack 80
Defense 0
Strong Jump, Hammer
Weak Fire, Ice, POW Block
Moves Coal whack (80)
Paint Red, Blue
Cards Type



Usual: "Coal-hearted." ~ "You're on the naughty list!" ~ "Fossil fuel!" ~ "Keep those fireballs away from me!"

Coal Guys are a variant of Shy Guy that appear in Paper Mario: Color Splash. Coal Guys appear in stacks of five, and they hold a cube-shaped piece of coal. While they are holding the coal, Coal Guys are not affected by jump or hammer attacks. Battle Cards such as POW Blocks and Fire Flowers can be used to destroy the coal. They can get new coal if Mario takes to long to defeat them. Coal Guys attack by throwing their coal on Mario, which does large amounts of damage. Coal Guys are encountered in Toad Trainworks and Sunset Express. Coal Guys can be summoned by Larry Koopa to assist him in his battle against Mario.