Mega Kantera

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Not to be confused with Big Lantern Ghost.
Mega Kantera
Big Lantern Ghost YNI.png
First appearance Yoshi's New Island (2014)
Variant of Lantern Ghost
Mega Guy

The Mega Kantera (メガカンテラ[1], "Mega Lantern") is a gigantic Lantern Ghost that appears in Yoshi's New Island. Only one Mega Kantera appears in the game, in the level Bandit Valley alongside a Tetu Kantera. Yoshi will lose Baby Mario off his back if he touches the Mega Kantera from the sides. If he jumps on the enemy, he will simply bounce on it. The Mega Kantera can be ingested and turned into a Mega Eggdozer, similarly to a Mega Guy. Another way to defeat the Mega Kantera is hitting it with the Metal Eggdozer produced from the nearby Tetu Kantera.


  • Shogakukan guide: 通常サイズより何倍も大きいカンテラくん。舌を伸ばしてボタンを連打すると、メガタマゴを作り出すことができる。上に乗って移動することも可能だ。[1] (A Lantern Ghost many times larger than its normal size. By stretching out your tongue and repeatedly pressing a button, you can create a Mega Eggdozer. It is also possible to move on top of the egg.)


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