Shai Guyz

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Shai Guyz
The Golden Coliseum
First appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)
Member species
Shy Guys
“My guys are pumped and ready to fight. Just look at 'em! I want you cheering as hard as you can for the Shai Guyz. Got it?”
Snifit, Paper Mario: Color Splash

The Shai Guyz are a group of colorful Shy Guys in Paper Mario: Color Splash. They are found within Dressing Room 1 in the basement of The Golden Coliseum. They are seen fighting each other in pairs while reciting their title. A pink Snifit watching over them, who appears to be their coach, requests Mario root for them in their performance.

A Goomba and a Koopa Troopa can be seen eavesdropping below the window as Mario is exploring behind these rooms. The shouts of the Shai Guyz can also be heard nearby. The Goomba claims they were their very first fans and therefore the most important to them, while the Koopa Troopa tells Mario he is counting on them to perform well in the Battle Royal, claiming his self-esteem depends on it.

Another Goomba in the area claims he is spying on them for tips with his next battle, offering Mario to join him.

The Shai Guyz's manager rebrands their team multiple times after losing. First, he renames them to the Super Shai Guyz, then the Super Fly Shai Guyz. When these fail, he instead comes up with the name 2 Shy 4 U.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese イロいろヘイホーズ
Iro Iro Heihōzu
Iro Iro Shy Guys
French Maskottes Portmanteau of "Maskass" (Shy Guy) and "Mascotte" (Mascot)
Italian TXS Probably standing for "Tipi X Sempre" ([Shy] Guys 4 Ever)
Spanish (NOA) Tipoz Tímidoz
Tipoz Timidízimoz
Tipoz Zupertímidoz
Tanta Timidez
"Tipos Timidos", Spanish for "Shy Guys", spelled with a Z

"Super Shy Guyz"
"So Much Shyness", spelled with a Z
Spanish (NOE) That Street Guys That Street Guys