Legendary captain

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Legendary captain
Legendary Captain sprite from Paper Mario: Color Splash.
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)
“You done messed up now, boy! There's no fury like hungry-captain fury!”
Legendary captain, Paper Mario: Color Splash

The legendary captain is a pirate Toad that appears in Paper Mario: Color Splash. He is a yellow Toad, and he wears a pirate hat and wields a large cutlass. He is said by the Violet Passage captain's crew to be the "greatest captain who's ever lived," and that all other captains admire him.

The legendary captain was the first pirate captain to ever reach Fortune Island, though only his ship returned. His ship was claimed by the Violet Passage captain and his crew when it came back. The legendary captain's journal was found on the ship, though the first five pages that told how to cross the Lost Sea were missing.

When Mario and the Violet Passage captain head to Fortune Island after finding the five journal entries, Mario finds the legendary captain cooking on a Charcoal Grill in the parallel world. When Mario squeezes the grill, the legendary captain becomes angry and begins to follow Mario around. He will follow Mario back into the normal world, where he meets the Violet Passage captain. The Violet Passage captain recognizes him as the legendary captain, and they begin talking to each other. The legendary captain reveals that he had lost his memory and does not remember why he is on the island.

When Mario defeats Wendy O. Koopa, the legendary captain, who has regained his memory, says that the treasure on Fortune Island had been claimed before he even reached the island. The Violet Passage captain becomes very sad when he learns that the treasure is gone, but the legendary captain tells him that he will teach him to be like him.

The legendary captain is seen again during the "Prismatic Rhapsody" dance, posing next to the other captain. If Mario returns to Fortune Island after collecting the Big Paint Star, the legendary captain can be seen training the Violet Passage captain on the beach.


  • "Ahoy! Were you drawn here by this oh-so-delicious aroma? Well, keep yer boots on—it'll be ready in a minute!"
  • "I said keep yer boots on! It'll be done when it's done!"
  • "How dare you wring out my grill! It was almost medium rare, too... You done messed up now, boy! There's no fury like hungry-captain fury! I'm gonna follow you around all passive-aggressively until you're mildly annoyed!"
  • "There's no fury like hungry-captain fury! You annoyed yet, boy?!"
  • "I'd been sittin' there savoring that sweet smoky scent for hours... and you had to go and ruin it! So I'm gonna stick to you like a bad rash until you make it up to me somehow."
  • "Is that another Toad over there? It's been so long since I've seen another Toad, I almost forgot what we look like."
  • "Oi, Toad! Come over here! I don't have any barbecue to offer you on account o' this plumber guy here, but..."
  • "That's right, bub. I have absolutely no idea why I'm on this here island. By the way, I really like your garb, but...it looks a little familiar. Are you copying me, mate?"
  • "Meeting another Toad after such a long time is a breath o' fresh air. So while I haven't FORGOTTEN about the grill incident, I'll let it go fer now."
  • "Yes...about that. As I discovered long ago, the treasure of Fortune Island has already been claimed."
  • "Yeah...I remember everything. I crossed the Lost Sea...and the Violet Isles. I came alone to this island. Sure, I opened up a few treasure chests here and there, but most of 'em were empty."
  • "Aye, but the only REAL treasure in my view was that lovely grill. I conked my noggin pretty bad while explorin' that funny parallel world. Totally knocked myself out. And when I came to, I was there in the parallel world, just fryin' up some fish. Anyway, the fish was pretty good. Nothing like a li'l amnesia to work up the ol' appetite, lemme tell ya!"
  • "Don't get down in the mouth now!"
  • "The sea is wide! The world is wide! There are incredible, undiscovered treasures waiting to be plundered! Go get yer hands salty in the sea, mate. You'll make a fine legend yet. C'mon. I'll show ya."
  • "Look, bub. If I'm going to teach you how to be a legendary captain, you're going to have to drop the terrible pirate accent."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 伝説の船長
Densetsu no Senchō
Legendary Captain
French (NOE) Capitaine légendaire Legendary Captain
Italian Ammiraglio leggendario Legendary Admiral
Portuguese Capitão Lendário Legendary Captain