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This article is about the series of locations in Paper Mario: Color Splash. For the Super Mario Maker level of the same name, see Parallel World (level).
Vortex Island
The first time Mario and Huey visit the parallel world.
“What?! A parallel world...identical in every way?! What are we waiting for, Mario? Let's go!”
Huey, Paper Mario: Color Splash

The parallel world is a dimension visited during Paper Mario: Color Splash. Like Subspace from Super Mario Bros. 2 and Flopside from Super Paper Mario, the terrain resembles a gloomier version of its counterpart world, including houses and most other structures. Across the Violet Isles are mysteriously humming pipes with an ornate, circular pattern beneath, which are used to traverse between the parallel and normal worlds. This design corresponds to the traits of each world: in the normal world the design resembles a sun with eight points which spins clockwise. In the parallel world, it resembles a partial eclipse or crescent moon, composed of two rings with offset centers that spin counterclockwise.

Pipe to parallel world pipe to normal world
The special pipes in the normal world (1) and parallel world (2)

Certain objects and features in the Violet Isles and parallel world are intrinsically linked. For example, stone posts in the one world will reflect the positions of wooden posts on the other side. Despite being described by various residents as identical to the world it mimics, there are various aspects which differ:

  • The oceans are replaced with dark clouds and humid air,[1] exposing the barren, rocky surface beneath.
  • Torches burn blue rather than the usual red.
  • Shadows are cast in the opposite direction compared to the normal world.
  • The peaceful residents are Shy Guys instead of Toads.
  • Bloopers and Swoops are replaced with Boos, Koopas become Dry Bones, and Fire Bros become Ice Bros.
  • During transitions, the screen fades to purple rather than the typical black.
  • Many sound effects undergo pitch distortion.
  • A distorted version of the music will play both on the field and in battles.



Audio.svg Island in Violet (Parallel) - Plays in the parallel world on Vortex Island and Lighthouse Island
File infoMedia:PMCS Island in Violet (Parallel).oga
Audio.svg Fortune Island (Parallel) - Plays in the parallel world on Fortune Island
File infoMedia:PMCS Fortune Island (Parallel).oga
Audio.svg Fight! (Parallel Mix) - Plays during battles in the parallel world
File infoMedia:PMCS Fight! (Parallel Mix).oga
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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウラのせかい
ura no sekai
flipside world

French monde parallèle
parallel world
German Revers-Welt
Reverse World; [Revers] also means "lapel," a pun on the inversion of and connection to the normal world
Italian mondo parallelo
parallel world
Portuguese mundo invertido
inverted world
Russian параллельный мир
parallelʹnyj mir
parallel world

Spanish mundo paralelo
parallel world



  1. ^ One of Huey's remarks about the parallel world at Vortex Island: "If you hang out laundry to dry in the parallel won't ever dry, will it? Because it's so wet and cloudy?"
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