Cherry Lake

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Cherry Lake
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Mario using the Cutout technique to access the red Mini Paint Star
How to access Obtain the red Mini Paint Star from Ruddy Road
Paint Stars MiniRedPaintStarIcon.pngMiniBluePaintStarIcon.png
Colorless spots 31
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“Mmm, do you feel that breeze blowing in from the lake? It sure is pleasant...”
Huey, Paper Mario: Color Splash

Cherry Lake is a location from Paper Mario: Color Splash. The path leading here is unlocked after getting the red Mini Paint Star from Ruddy Road, and unlocks paths leading to The Crimson Tower and Bloo Bay Beach. The Fan Thing can be found here, along with Justice Toad.

This is where Huey teaches Mario the Cutout technique and about wringing out Things.


Shortly after Mario and Huey arrive, an airship with a bucket of paint flies by. A Toad falls off, and Huey tells Mario that they should check on him. A gate is blocked off with Bowser Tape on the opposite side, and Huey teaches Mario the Cutout technique so that they can pass. Mario is able to bypass the gate and peel off the tape.

Shortly past the gate is a Shy Guy 4-Stack harassing a single Shy Guy. The Shy Guy runs away and the 4-Stack attacks Mario. The single Shy Guy gets caught in a waterwheel and becomes a Soggy Guy, rewarding Mario with an extra card slot before falling into the water. Two more Shy Guy 4-Stacks appear and battle Mario. Once Mario has defeated them, he can progress and collect a Toad's shoes, which are sticking out of a bush.

A two-layer structure with a waterwheel blocking it has two paths. If Mario enters while the exit is facing up, he can hit a ? Block for a KO Hammer. By entering when the exit is facing east, he can hammer a tree with a Toad's pants in them. Going right, Huey sees a Toad hanging on to a tree. A strong breeze blows Shy Guys in Mario's path and prevents him from exiting the area. Mario must go to a mountain and use Cutout to cross it, then squeeze the Fan Thing causing the breeze. He can continue right, fighting Soggy Guys that jump out of the water, and arrive at a waterwheel that has a Blue Slurp Guy sucking the color from the water. He must cross a dry area and battle the Slurp Guy.

By repainting the stream of water, the dried-up area is filled with water. Mario can cross a path now that a plank of wood is floating on the water, and can pull a Toad's vest from between two planks and collect it. Huey notices a blue Mini Paint Star, but it is too far to reach. He directs Mario to go back to the Toad in the tree. Once the Fan is removed, Mario can cross and hammer the Toad down, who is naked. He claims that he is "Justice Toad" and that he will help Mario once he gets all his clothes back. After Mario gives Justice Toad his shoes, pants, and vest, he says that he feels like he is "missing something." Mario must go to Inner Cherry Lake, located north of Justice Toad. There, he finds Pry Guy, a Shy Guy reading Justice Toad's journal. Once defeated, Mario can give the journal to Justice Toad.

Justice Toad is ready, and Huey asks him for help with the Mini Paint Star. He agrees, and at first, his powers do not work. Mario and Huey are about to leave when a key pops out of Justice Toad's head and he is able to levitate the Paint Star to be over solid ground. Huey thanks him and Justice Toad says that he will stay by the waterwheel until Mario needs his help again. By collecting the Mini Paint Star, Mario gains access to Bloo Bay Beach.

Later, after visiting The Crimson Tower, Mario must revisit Cherry Lake and ask Justice Toad for help with the gate. He agrees, and leaves the waterwheel.

Alternatively, Mario can go through Inner Cherry Lake and through various waterwheels. One waterwheel must be hammered to create an opening. After this, Mario must wait until a waterwheel aligns with two planks, then use Cutout to cross it. He can then collect the red Mini Paint Star, which opens a path to The Crimson Tower.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アカミル
Akamiru Mizūmi
Redmill Lake
Spanish Lago Cereza Cherry Lake
French Lac Cerise Cherry Lake
Dutch Kersenmeer Cherry Lake
German Morellensee Morello Lake. "Morello" is a species of sour cherries. Also resembles "Forellensee" (trout lake)
Portuguese (NOE) Lago Cereja Cherry Lake
Russian Вишневое озеро
Vishnevoye ozero
Cherry Lake


  • Hitting the water wheels with Mario's hammer will cause the wheel to spin faster.