Cherry Lake

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Cherry Lake
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Mario using the Cutout technique to access the red Mini Paint Star
How to access Obtain the red Mini Paint Star from Ruddy Road
Paint Stars MiniRedPaintStarIcon.pngMiniBluePaintStarIcon.png
Colorless spots 31
Things PMCS FanThing.png
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Cherry Lake is a location from Paper Mario: Color Splash. The path leading here is unlocked after getting the red Mini Paint Star from Ruddy Road, and unlocks paths leading to The Crimson Tower and Bloo Bay Beach. The Fan Thing can be found here, along with the Justice Toad.

This is where Huey teaches Mario the Cutout technique and about wringing out Things.


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When first entering the level, a cutscene plays and shows a Toad grabbing on to a large bucket full of red paint. The Toad then falls off the bucket shortly after, with Huey suggesting to go help the Toad. Mario tries to open the entrance gate, but fails. This is when Huey explains the Cutout Technique. After opening the gate, Mario is properly introduced to Cherry Lake. As expected, this level is full of water, bridges and watermills, with various flowers and trees as decoration. Early on, Mario runs into a Shy Guy being bullied by a Shy Guy 4-Stack into joining their stack. The 4-Stack pushes him into the water, making him a Soggy Guy. The 4-Stack engages battle, but Mario defeats them. After hammering the Soggy Guy off a watermill, he rewards Mario with an extra card slot, only to be able to test it with a duo of Shy Guy 4-Stacks. Later into the level, Mario finds the Toad, apparently stuck in a tree and being pushed by the strong wind created by the Fan. After stopping the fan and helping the Toad get off the the tree, the Toad (now calling himself "Justice Toad") asks for Mario's help. He asks Mario to get him his "super" clothes and his journal. However, the player can neglect the task, instead going directly for the red Mini Paint Star.

If the player chooses to help him, he returns the favor and helps Mario obtain the blue Mini Paint Star, which was previously out of reach.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アカミル
Akamiru Mizūmi
Redmill Lake
Spanish Lago Cereza Cherry Lake
French Lac Cerise Cherry Lake
Dutch Kersenmeer Cherry Lake
German Morellensee Morello Lake. "Morello" is a species of sour cherries. Also resembles "Forellensee" ( Trout lake)
Portuguese (NOE) Lago Cereja Cherry Lake
Russian Вишневое озеро
Vishnevoye ozero
Cherry Lake


  • Hitting the water wheels with Mario's hammer will cause the wheel to spin faster.