Know-it-All Toad (Paper Mario: Color Splash)

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Know-it-All Toad
Know-it-All Toad from Paper Mario: Color Splash
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)

The Know-it-All Toad is a Toad that appears in Paper Mario: Color Splash. He is very smart, and knows a lot about Things. He can be found in a trash can in the harbor district of Port Prisma. The Know-it-All Toad gives Mario hints about what Things will help him at the moment. Before Mario enters The Crimson Tower and when he gets a Game Over from a Koopaling's special move, Huey will tell Mario to speak with the Know-it-All Toad for guidance.


  • "You must seek a Thing that goes "plorp." You keep it in your bathroom, and you hope you never need it." (Plunger)
  • "You must seek a Thing that spins and blows a mighty wind near a beautiful lake." (Fan)
  • "You must seek a red Thing on a red road... It cools that which is hot." (Fire Extinguisher)
  • "You must seek a tart and tangy yellow Thing that took a tumble in the Indigo Underground." (Lemon)
  • "You must seek a fortunate feline Thing atop a tower." (Cat-o-Luck)
  • "You must seek a porky pink Thing tucked away near the professor's house." (Piggy Bank)
  • "You must seek an ancient Thing that has been recently uncovered at the excavation site." / "You must seek a formidable Thing that has been stolen and stowed away in the Golden Coliseum." (Bone)
  • "You must seek a sharp and pointy Thing that would make a rather scary weapon..." (Ice Pick)
  • "You must seek a Thing that has been mistaken for a weapon when in fact it merely opens delicious beverages." (Bottle Opener)
  • "You must seek three joyous, buoyant Things, floating in the space where the dancer's voice echoes." (Balloons)
  • "You must seek a Thing that pours flavored hot a park full of water." (Teapot)
  • "You must seek a leafy, nutritious Thing that grows in the ground with a white root." (Turnip)
  • "You must seek a Thing with a lens, which is given as a fabulous prize to those who play perfectly on a certain fabulous game show..." (Instant Camera)
  • "You must seek a round Thing that could be used to wash one's hands. Or dropped on a monster's head." (Basin)
  • "You must seek a Thing that holds electricity. Seek this Thing in a seafaring craft propelled by wind." (Battery)
  • "You must seek a Thing used for maritime navigation. In a conveyance used for maritime navigation." (Compass)
  • "You must seek a spongy Thing that is used to plug a sealed pipe to a parallel world." (Cork)
  • "You must seek a Thing that swirls soapy the bottom of a swirling sea." (Washing Machine)
  • "You must seek a fragile glass Thing that gives light to the darkness. At the top of a parallel tower." (Lightbulb)
  • "You must seek a Thing that adds flavor to all foods. It is found in a smoky room." (Salt and Pepper)
  • "You must seek a Thing used to bathe foods in flame. Seek it beyond the bottom of the bottomless treasure chest." (Charcoal Grill)
  • "You must seek a Thing that makes the small look big. Seek it inside the coolest part of the kitchen." (Magnifying Glass)
  • "You must seek a Thing that makes small voices big. Seek within a small room where mechanics meet." (Megaphone)
  • "You must seek a Thing that is full of hot wind. Seek inside a mountain, in a place filled with steam." (Hair Dryer)
  • "You must seek a steel-headed Thing for whacking other things. Seek within a world of square dots, in the shadow of three pipes." (Claw Hammer)
  • "You must seek a Thing that turns wind into music. Seek within a world of square dots, behind a black wall." (Recorder)
  • "You must seek a sparkly round Thing that can create a party out of thin air. Find it backstage at the big top." (Disco Ball)

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French (NOE) Toad érudit Erudite Toad
Italian Toad sapientone Wiseguy/Know-it-all Toad