Ghost T.

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Ghost T.
Ghost T.
Species Toad/Ghost
First appearance Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
“So you've found me. Well, as you see, I'm a ghost. I'm cursed to haunt this place. A blanket? Well, yes, the conductor did leave one here. He didn't realize that I'm a ghost. A yummy, sticky threat? No, I left no such thing. I can't even hold physical objects like pen and paper. What? You just want the blanket, then? Well, I'll tell you where it is if you do something for me. What do you say?”
Ghost T., Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Ghost T. is a deceased Toad in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door who had passed away on the Excess Express many years before the game's setting and now exists in limbo between this world and the next. He resides in Cabin 004, which is a reference to how in Chinese and Japanese, the word for "four" (; Rōmaji: shi, Pinyin: ) sounds similar to the word for "death" (; Rōmaji: shi, Pinyin: ), making it an unlucky number. His name is a pun on "ghosty", the diminutive form of "ghost".


“All I need is......YOOOOOUR LIIIIFE!!! ...No, just kidding... Actually… I passed away in this cabin many years ago… But I think my luggage is still in my baggage car here… Inside my bag is a diary I kept since my earliest childhood days… And my fear that someone would find and read it has kept me tied to this world! I can't leave this room, so can you please find it and bring it here? If you do that, I'll show you where the blanket is.”
Ghost T., Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Ghost T. is encountered when Mario accepts a side-quest on the Excess Express. The conductor will state something about a "person with no ticket" on board holding onto some blanket, and tasks Mario with finding the blanket. Mario must enter Cabin 004 and use Vivian's Veil move to hide in order for Ghost T. to appear after a moment. He will show them the blanket, but demands an exchange for it: he left his Diary in the baggage car and does not want anybody except himself to read it, and this quandary is the reason for him lingering on the train after an unspecified death.

Ghost T. specifically warns Mario not to read the diary, or else he will suffer a cursed fate. If Mario does open it, he will be warned three times not to read it. Should he ignore all the warnings, Mario will only be able to read the first couple of lines before Ghost T. appears from the Diary, yells at Mario for his ignorance, and a Dizzy Dial animation plays as he forces an automatic Game Over. If Mario returns the diary, Ghost T. explains that if he had read it, he would have become a ghost himself. After his diary is returned, Ghost T. hands Mario the blanket to hand to the conductor. Also, a column of light shines on Ghost T. as begins to ascend into the next world, but he then stops halfway for he decides to stay in the earthly realm, having grown fond of the wallpaper of his train cabin.

Later, Ghost T. sends an e-mail to Mario. He does so by possessing the conductor of the Excess Express, as according to him he cannot hold physical objects, although this is actually contradicted by the fact that he interacts with both the blanket and the diary earlier on. Also, despite originally claiming that he could not leave his room, he somehow managed to leave a note on Rogueport's bulletin board, possibly by possessing the conductor (or someone else) yet again.

Along with Heff T., Ghost T. stays on the Excess Express for the remainder of the game.


An attached image of Ghost T. from the Mailbox SP in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
Attached image

Oooo hooo hooo hooo! Long time, no spook! It is I, the spirit from the Excess


I bet you're wondering how an ethereal being like myself can type an e-mail...well, I actually possessed the train conductor to do it! Ooo hoo hoo hoo hoo! Don't worry, though! He's doing just fine!

I think maybe I'll do my new diary like this...E-mail's convenient, you know? And leaving a record of my afterlife is cool, in a spiritual sense, I mean...

So...good luck with your quest. It's not yet time for you to come over to my side. But whenever you do, I'll welcome you. Ooo hoo hoo hoo hoo! Farewell!

Ghost T., from Room 4


  • "That's Ghost T. He's pretty lighthearted for a ghost... But still... A ghost is a ghost!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ユーレイ
From「幽霊」(yūrei, ghost)

French Fantôme de la 4
Spectre de la cabine 4
Cabin 4's ghost
Specter of Cabin 4
German Geis T.
Pun on geist
Italian Fantasma
Fantasma dello scompartimento nº4
Cabin 4's ghost
Spanish T. Asusto
Pun on "te asusto" (I scare you)