Mushroom Nanny

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“You mustn't laugh at Toad. Without this money, we'd have to close the orphanage. You wouldn't have a home.”
Mushroom Nanny, "Tag Team Trouble"
The Mushroom Nanny receives a donation from Toad

The Mushroom Nanny is an elderly Mushroom lady who works at the Mushroom Kingdom Orphanage, looking after orphaned Mushroom children.

In The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episode "Tag Team Trouble", Toad must deliver a sack containing one million Gold Coins from Princess Toadstool to the Mushroom Orphanage, but he falls asleep after ringing the doorbell, as he is too tired to continue. The Mushroom Nanny, along with two kids, answer the door. Although the kids laugh at Toad for sleeping, the Mushroom Nanny reminds them that he is doing them a huge favor by bringing them the money that the orphanage needed. She then takes in the money without waking Toad.

Toad, after thinking his money is stolen, got himself another one million Gold Coins and donated it to the orphanage. The Nanny is not expecting another donation, but she is more than happy to accept the money. She then tells Toad to give Princess Toadstool "double thanks" for her "double generosity," and closes the door on him, just before he realizes the truth and faints.