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“You mean I used to be a robot? I'm not?”
Madzilla, "Dadzilla"

Madzilla is a fictional monster who stars in his own movie series, which are filmed in Hollywood.

In The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episode "Dadzilla", Kootie Pie and Big Mouth, upon arriving in Hollywood, think that Madzilla is their real father, due to the way that Bowser treated Kootie Pie earlier on. The two Koopalings use their magic wands to bring a mechanical Madzilla to life. Confused upon being brought to life, Madzilla is tricked by Big Mouth and Kootie Pie into thinking that they are his long lost children, and they tell him what parents are "supposed" to do. At first, Madzilla is not evil, and only wishes the best for his "children", such as stealing a car and towing them around Hollywood.

Eventually, Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool and Toad catch on to the two Koopaling's plans, and come to stop it. Using a Fire Flower, Mario becomes Fire Mario, but is unable to stop Madzilla before losing his powers. Madzilla manages to lock the heroes up in a props warehouse, and allows Big Mouth and Kootie Pie to get their own clawprints in the Walk of Fame.

Mario and his friends then build their own robot out of spare parts in the warehouse to play the role of Madzilla's Mom. In the interim, Madzilla is told to steal the Hollywood Bowl so that Big Mouth and Kootie Pie can perform their own concert. After the concert receives a poor reception from the public, Madzilla picks up several innocent people, whom he threatens to toss in the Pacific Ocean. Before he can do so, Madzilla meets up with Mario's robot, which he believes is his mother. While controlling Madzilla's Mom, Mario tricks Madzilla's "children" into fleeing by insisting that everyone in their family must take naps so that they will be rested to do their chores. Not wanting to stick around, Big Mouth and Kootie Pie run back home.

Afterwards, Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad explain everything to Madzilla, and allow him to live in Giant Land, to which he happily accepts, especially once he finds out that the Koopalings would no longer bother him.


  • While Madzilla's movies are filmed in Hollywood, the movies that Madzilla's movies are based on (Godzilla) are filmed by Toho in Japan.