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Prince Mushroomkhamen, who bears a physical similarity to Mario

Prince Mushroomkhamen[1] (also spelled Prince Mushroom-khamen[2]) is a minor character who appears in The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episode titled "Mind Your Mummy Mommy, Mario".

Prince Mushroomkhamen was once the prince of Desert Land, but is now a mummy confined to a sarcophagus. His parents are Queen Mushroomkhamen and King Mushroomkhamen. As it so happens, Mario bears a great resemblance to Prince Mushroomkhamen. As the sarcophagus is never opened, the current, mummified state of Prince Mushroomkhamen is never actually seen.

The prince is stolen by Hip and Hop Koopa, which incites the rage of Queen Mushroomkhamen, who terrorizes Desert Land in a rage. She later sees Mario, mistakes him for her son, and forces him to take his place. In the end, the prince is found and returned to his mother by Princess Toadstool, Luigi, and Toad.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Pharaon Champignonkhamon[3]
Prince Champignonkhamon[4]
Pharaoh Mushroomkhamen. Pun of "Champignon" (mushroom) and "Tutânkhamon" (Tutankhamen)
Prince Mushroomkhamen
Italian Principe Fungankhamen
Prince Mushroomkhamen
Romanian Regele Ciupercamon
King Mushroomkhamen1

1 - Mistranslation in one Hip Koopa's lines at the beginning of the episode. Prince Mushroomkhamen is subsequently referred to as "prinț" ("prince") throughout the episode, though never by his full name again.


  • Prince Mushroomkhamen's name is a portmanteau of "mushroom" and the name "Tutankhamen"; King Tutankhamen was an Egyptian pharaoh whose ornate, solid-gold sarcophagus became famous in modern times ever since his discovery in 1923. Tutankoopa, a Koopa based on the same Egyptian Pharaoh, later appeared in Paper Mario.


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