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The Club Mario logo

During the summer of 1990, Club Mario replaced the Mario Bros. live-action segments of the The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! This series featured "extreme" Mario-obsessed teenagers goofing around, and in at least one episode, running around the DiC studios and harassing the show's executive producer Andy Heyward. Chris Coombs and Michael Rawlins played the hosts Tommy Treehugger and Co MC.

Theme song[edit]

Grab your board, hold on to your ha-at

Satellite surfin' is where it's at
At the Club
Club Mario
We're at the Club

Name any place that you wanna go-o
We'll take you there, oh don't you know
We're at the Club
Club Mario
Come join the Club

Club Mario


On the show, there were a few recurring segments. This is a list of some of them and what they were about.

Spaced Out Theater/Space Scout Theater[edit]

Spaced Out Theater was a show that Tommy Treehugger and Co M.C. would watch while satellite surfing. It was hosted by Princess Centauri, a green alien woman. This segment was an edited version of another show called "Photon"

Are You Bogus?[edit]

In Are You Bogus?, Tommy Treehugger and Co M.C. would interview someone and ask that person questions to see if they are who they say they are. If the person is fake, he or she would be considered "bogus" by Tommy and Co M.C. Sometimes the fake person would be a cast member such as "The Big Kid", who claimed to be Santa Claus, or a previous guest, the Prince of Cool, who claimed to be Julius Caesar. Occasionally the "bogus" accusation was unfounded, such as a claimant being Joe Piscopo. When Co M.C. and Tommy call "bogus", they realize too late that the real Joe Piscopo did indeed make an appearance.

Dr. Know-It-All[edit]

In Dr. Know-It-All, Tommy and Co M.C. ask a guy named "Dr. Know-It-All" a question. But when he tries to answer, they decide they don't want to hear his answer anymore, usually because his answers were off by miles. Sometimes Co M.C. or Tommy would bet Dr. Know-It-All would get a question wrong. Occasionally Dr. Know-it-All would get a question right, causing an argument between Tommy and Co M.C. Dr. Know-It-All was played by Kurt Weldon, a crew member who wrote several episodes of Mario cartoons, as well as its corresponding show Captain N: The Game Master.


All Club Mario music was composed by Eric Allaman.


  • On many video-on-demand services, the Club Mario segment is included for The Unzappables instead of its original live-action segment.
  • Although the segments were intended to replace the Mario and Luigi vignettes, DiC destroyed all tapes used for filming Club Mario. As a result, Club Mario is hard to find whereas the original Super Mario Bros. Super Show was released to DVD as those tapes were preserved in the DiC archives.


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