Mario, Yoshi, Kirby & More vs ⁉️

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Mario, Yoshi, Kirby & More vs ⁉️
MYKMvs thumbnail.jpg
Platform(s) YouTube
Upload date(s) July 1, 2023 (Play Nintendo[1])
ESRB:ESRB's E rating symbol - Everyone
to Everyone 10+

"Mario, Yoshi, Kirby & More vs ⁉️" (formatted as "Mario, Yoshi, Kirby & More VS ⁉️") is the fifth episode of Baddies & Battles and seventh episode of Compilation Videos for Kids, released on Play Nintendo's official YouTube channel. This episode is a compilation of 4 previous episodes:


Image Episode Timestamp Narrator's comment
MYKMvs image 2.jpg
"Mario, Kirby & Pokémon Trainer Face Huge Challenges" 0:28 Okay, back to our Baddies & Battles. Let's see our first one!
MYKMvs image 3.jpg
"Mario, Pokémon Trainer, Link & Yoshi vs Tiny Encounters!" 4:18 Next, let's see something totally different!
MYKMvs image 4.jpg
"Mario and Yoshi vs Koopa Baddies! Who Will Win?" 7:48 But what's up next?
MYKMvs image 5.jpg
"Mario, Kirby, & Luigi... vs. Who?" 10:24 That was a lot of Koopa characters! Now let's move on to Epic Boss Battles!

Video description[edit]

Watch heroes like Mario, Kirby, Yoshi, and Luigi–and even adventurous Pokémon Trainers–encounter all sorts of enemies and wild Pokémon in this compilation from the Baddies and Battles series. From big bosses to the small foes, join the fun across a variety of Nintendo Switch games!