Mario Myths with Mr Miyamoto

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Mario Myths with Mr Miyamoto
YouTube thumbnail of Mario Myths with Mr Miyamoto
The video thumbnail of the NintendoAU upload
Platform(s) YouTube
Upload date(s) September 10, 2015 (Nintendo UK[1])
September 11, 2015 (NintendoAU[2])

"Mario Myths with Mr Miyamoto" is a video posted on Nintendo's British and Australian YouTube accounts in September 2015 to promote the release of Super Mario Maker. It features Shigeru Miyamoto answering various (occasionally tongue-in-cheek) questions about the Super Mario franchise.

Questions/answers summary[edit]

Is Mario named after former Nintendo of America warehouse landlord Mario Segale?

  • Yes.

Is the Mario shown on the original Super Mario Bros. packaging about to lose a life?

  • No.

Would you let Dr. Mario operate on you?

  • No! (Miyamoto gestures frantically to indicate this.)

Was Super Mario Bros. 3 all just a performance?

  • Yes.

When Bob-ombs perish, do they turn into Boos?

  • No.

Do you know who Bowser Jr.'s mother is?

  • Miyamoto nods and then points to himself.

Does Mario break blocks with his fist?

  • Yes. (Miyamoto raises his fist to demonstrate.)

Are any of your courses featured in Super Mario Maker?

  • Miyamoto shakes his head and says, "I'm not in there, but I will definitely post something."

Video description[edit]

There are so many myths about Mario… Mr Miyamoto reveals the truth.



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