Finding Luigi - Legend of Parkour

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Finding Luigi - Legend of Parkour
The thumbnail of the video Finding Luigi - Legend of Parkour.
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Platform(s) YouTube
Upload date(s) August 26, 2013 (Nintendo of America[1])

Finding Luigi - Legend of Parkour is a 2013 video produced by Nintendo of America as viral marketing for New Super Luigi U. Framed as a mockumentary, Finding Luigi - Legend of Parkour stars two documentary makers as they try to find the whereabouts of Luigi, a legendary parkour artist who retired from public view. It was uploaded on August 26, 2013.

The video features cameos from a large number of internet celebrities as well as actual parkour athletes. It is also unscripted, and the majority of what is said in the video is improvised.[2]


The video starts with a montage of interviewees sharing anecdotes and praise of Luigi's parkour skills. Luigi "L Man" was an extremely skilled parkour artist who coined several risky moves such as the Green Missile and Cyclone. Despite his popularity, he suddenly and mysteriously retired from the parkour scene. He used to form a crew with the Toad Twins after "his brother went away", but now he only performs with Nabbit.

Two men watch the nearly-completed cut of the documentary, after which their boss reminds them that they must get an interview with Luigi. Retracing through their footage, they find a hint from the Toad Twins: "you find Nabbit, you'll find Luigi".

The pair drives around town and stumble upon Nabbit. The pair run after him to ask where to find Luigi, but he easily escapes them using his parkour skills. Exhausted, the duo see a Hot Dog on a Stick stand and decide to go there, saying they might as well "make a documentary on hot dogs on a stick".

The video ends with the pair eating hot dogs on a stick in a park, failing to notice Luigi is performing acrobatics behind them.

Video description[edit]

There was no one like him. In the early days, Parkour was just a pastime. But Luigi...The L Man...he made it into a discipline. He could jump higher. He could jump farther. He was everywhere. And then he was gone. He just slid off the map. And went underground.

Finding Luigi documents Luigi's legendary rise to fame in Parkour and his sudden disappearance from the sport. Highlighting the L-Man's signature moves and incredible mechanics, and featuring testimonials from some of Luigi's closest friends and Parkour colleagues, Luigi takes the stage without Mario. This is one story you won't want to miss!

References to other media[edit]

  • Super Smash Bros. series: The Green Missile and Luigi Cyclone are named and shown as some of Luigi's parkour maneuvers.
  • New Super Luigi U: The video was made to promote the game, and it features all of its player characters. The "parkour" theme is a humorous metaphor for the game's more difficult and speedrunning-oriented level design.