Mario, Bowser & Friends in Mushroom Kingdom Games! Compilation

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Mario, Bowser & Friends in Mushroom Kingdom Games! Compilation
MTC compilation image 1.jpg
Platform(s) YouTube
Upload date(s) June 17, 2023 (Play Nintendo[1])
ESRB:E - Everyone
to Everyone 10+

"Mario, Bowser & Friends in Mushroom Kingdom Games! Compilation" (formatted as "Mario, Bowser & Friends in Mushroom Kingdom Games! 🤩 Compilation") is the eleventh episode of Meet the Characters! and the sixth episode of Compilation Videos for Kids, released on Play Nintendo's official YouTube channel. This episode is a compilation of 5 previous episodes:


Image Episode Timestamp Narrator's comment
MTC compilation image 2.jpg
"Meet Mario: Hero of the Mushroom Kingdom!" 0:23 You can jump around the video to see certain characters, but right now I'll start with the popular mustachioed hero.
MTC compilation image 3.jpg
"Meet Luigi: Mario’s Brother and Nervous Hero" 5:53 But you know who else is a hero? It's Mario's brother!
MTC compilation image 4.jpg
"Meet Princess Peach: Ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom" 9:49 Now let's see who's next. It's Mario's friend!
MTC compilation image 5.jpg
"Games With Toads: Mario’s Loyal Friends!" 13:24 Well that was fun, wasn't it? Now let's learn all about a group of loyal helpers.
MTC compilation image 6.jpg
"Meet Bowser: Mushroom Kingdom's Biggest Baddie" 16:39 Next up is someone a lot bigger and badder than the Toads.

Video description[edit]

Learn about Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, the Toads, and Bowser across different games for the Nintendo Switch. These characters are heroes, helpers, and troublemakers—but they’re all fun in their own way. Would you save the day as Mario? Put on a brave face with Luigi? Or maybe you’d adventure as Princess Peach, solve puzzles with Captain Toad and Toadette... you might even want to compete in a race as Bowser! Find out all the things you can do as each character, plus play counting activities, seek and finds, and other fun things while you watch!