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This article is about the 2023 animated film. For the 1993 live-action film, see Super Mario Bros. (film).
The Super Mario Bros. Movie
SMB FinalMontage1Sht2 RGB 1.jpg
General information
Director(s) Aaron Horvath
Michael Jelenic
Writer(s) Matthew Fogel
Voice actor(s) Chris Pratt
Anya Taylor-Joy
Charlie Day
Jack Black
Keegan-Michael Key
Seth Rogen
Fred Armisen
Kevin Michael Richardson
Sebastian Maniscalco
Juliet Jelenic
Scott Menville
Khary Payton
Eric Bauza
Charles Martinet
Jessica DiCicco
Rino Romano
John DiMaggio
Composer(s) Brian Tyler
Country of origin United States of America
Original language English
Rating PG[1]
Executive producer(s) Brett Hoffman
Bill Ryan
Yusuke Beppu
Producer(s) Chris Meledandri
Shigeru Miyamoto
Editor(s) Eric Osmond
Production location(s) Illumination Studios Paris
Production company Universal Pictures
Cinematography Lorenzo Veracini
James Williams
Runtime 92 minutes[2]
Budget $100 million[3]
Distributor(s) Universal Pictures
Release date April 5, 2023 (United States,[4] Canada,[5] Central America, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil,[6] Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela,[7] Ireland,[8] United Kingdom,[9] Iceland,[10] Norway,[11] Sweden,[12] Netherlands,[13] Belgium,[14] France,[15] Luxembourg,[16] Germany,[17] Austria,[18] Switzerland,[19] Italy,[20] Malta,[21] Spain,[22] Portugal,[23] North Macedonia,[24] Ukraine,[25] China,[26] Hong Kong,[27] Taiwan,[28] Thailand,[29] Indonesia,[30] Australia,[31] New Zealand[32])

April 6, 2023 (Finland,[33] Denmark,[34] Czech Republic,[35] Slovakia,[36] Hungary,[37] Slovenia,[38] Croatia,[39] Serbia,[40] Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, Greece,[41] Cyprus,[42] Israel,[43] Armenia,[44] Georgia,[45] Kazakhstan,[46] Singapore[47])
April 7, 2023 (Estonia,[48] Latvia,[49] Lithuania,[50] Romania,[51] Bulgaria,[52] India,[53] Vietnam,[54] Mongolia,[55] South Africa,[56] Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Namibia, Nigeria,[57] Eswatini, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe)
April 14, 2023 (Türkiye[58])
April 19, 2023 (Egypt,[59] Philippines[60])
April 20, 2023 (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates,[59] Lebanon,[61] Malaysia[62])
April 26, 2023 (South Korea[63])
April 28, 2023 (Japan)
May 26, 2023 (Poland[64])

Box office $1.357 billion[65]

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is an animated movie produced by Nintendo in collaboration with Universal Pictures and Illumination, co-produced by Super Mario franchise creator Shigeru Miyamoto and Illumination co-founder Chris Meledandri. It was first announced during a financial briefing on January 31, 2018, and was released on April 5, 2023 in North America and many other regions, on April 28, 2023 in Japan, and on various other dates in April in other parts of the world (May 26, 2023 in the case of Poland).[4][66] It is the third feature film to be based on Super Mario, following the Japan-only animated film Super Mario Bros.: Peach-hime Kyūshutsu Dai Sakusen! (1986) and the largely unsuccessful Super Mario Bros. live-action film (1993). In the film, Mario and Luigi, two struggling plumbers, work underground in Brooklyn to fix a water main, but they end up being separated after being sucked into the Warp Zone[67] via a mysterious pipe, with Mario ending up in the Mushroom Kingdom while Luigi ends up in the Dark Lands. Mario then teams up with Princess Peach and Toad, and the three of them go on an adventure to stop Bowser from taking over the world and rescue Luigi from him.[68]

A teaser trailer for the film was broadcasted in the form of a Nintendo Direct presentation online and at New York Comic Con on October 6, 2022 at 16:00 ET.[69][70][71] A second trailer was released in a dedicated Nintendo Direct on November 29, 2022 at 17:00 ET.[72] An official clip and commercial were revealed at The Game Awards 2022.[73] A third Nintendo Direct featuring the film's final trailer premiered on March 9, 2023 at 17:00 ET, one day before Mario Day in western countries like the United States and on Mario Day in eastern countries like Japan.[74]

The film has received mixed reviews from critics, but has been received more positively by general audiences. It has been a major commercial success, setting numerous box office records for animated features within several countries and grossing over $1 billion USD.[75] Additionally, the movie holds the record for being the highest-grossing video game film adaptation of all time.[76]


Bowser stealing the Penguins' Star
A triumphant Bowser with the penguins' Super Star

The evil Koopa king Bowser, accompanied by his assistant Kamek and the rest of his army, invades the Snow Kingdom using his massive castle ship. The penguin inhabitants, led by their brave king, fight to defend their home by throwing snowballs, but their attacks are ineffective against Bowser, leading to them being easily defeated and captured. Bowser then burns their palace down with his fire breath and steals their most prized possession, a powerful Super Star.

Meanwhile, in New York City, the Italian-American brothers Mario and Luigi have started Super Mario Bros. Plumbing, a small plumbing business servicing the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens. At the Punch-Out Pizzeria, the brothers proudly watch the commercial for the business that they spent their life savings to produce, but they then encounter their antagonistic former boss Spike, who derides them for leaving him to start their own business. Undeterred, Mario and Luigi go to do their first plumbing job at a Brooklyn couple's house, but due to the interference of the couple's dog Francis, this ends in the destruction of their bathroom. The brothers return home for a meal with their family, most of whom mock their plumbing business and commercial, with only their mother being supportive of them. Mario becomes disheartened after being criticized by his father, but after he and Luigi see a newscast reporting about a significant leak in manholes throughout the Brooklyn streets, Mario promptly sees this as an opportunity for them to prove themselves. They go to fix the broken water main, only to crash through a brick wall.

Wide shot of a warp zone.
Mario and Luigi get transported to the Warp Zone

While exploring the sewers, they arrive in a large room filled with pipes and investigate a large green one, which sucks them into the Warp Zone. There, the two brothers are separated, with each one going through a different Warp Pipe. Mario ends up in a forest filled with large mushrooms, where he meets with the adventurous Toad, who informs him that he has arrived in the Mushroom Kingdom and that his brother has landed in the Dark Lands, which are under the control of the evil Bowser. Toad then decides to bring Mario to the kingdom's ruler, Princess Peach, who he believes can help Mario save Luigi. Meanwhile, Luigi briefly searches for Mario in the Dark Lands, where he is chased by a swarm of Dry Bones and tries to escape by hiding in an abandoned castle, only to end up being captured by a group of Shy Guys led by a Snifit.

Toad and Mario traverse the kingdom's town and reach Peach's Castle. When the Toad guards outside the door refuse to let them in, Toad distracts them to let Mario sneak in, but he is then chased by the other guards. In the throne room, Princess Peach holds a council with many Toads, where the Toad General describes Bowser's recent actions and that he is headed towards the Mushroom Kingdom, claiming that his possession of the Super Star makes their destruction inevitable. The princess, however, refuses to give up and reveals her plan to defeat Bowser by traveling to the Jungle Kingdom to form an alliance with the Kongs, despite the fact that their king usually declines alliances. The princess and Mario meet shortly afterward, with the former being surprised to encounter another human. After hearing Mario's plight and seeing how determined he is to save his brother, Peach tests his skill with a training course full of obstacles and agrees to take him with her if he can finish it. After demonstrating her own skills, she then explains that he can clear the course using power-ups such as Super Mushrooms, which make Mario bigger and stronger (which he reluctantly agrees to do despite his hatred of mushrooms). Mario fails to complete the course on many attempts, but eventually comes close enough that Peach takes him along anyway.

Meanwhile, Bowser holds a banquet for the Koopa Troop in his throne room in celebration of their recent conquest and seizing of the Super Star. During this, Bowser reveals to the soldiers in attendance that he is deeply infatuated with Princess Peach, and that his motive for acquiring the Star was to impress her and ask for her hand in marriage, much to their confusion. He then states that if she refuses, he will use the Super Star to demolish her kingdom, to the elation of everyone in his army. During this time, Luigi is taken into a balloon by the Shy Guys that captured him, where he recalls a moment in his and Mario's infancy when Mario stood up to protect his brother from a bully who was abusing him.

Mario, Princess Peach and Toad, determined, look out from atop the High Cliffs.
Mario, Peach, and Toad on their journey

In the morning, Mario and Peach begin their journey to the Jungle Kingdom, with Toad joining as well due to his desire to protect the princess. Together, they travel through several locales, such as the Bob-omb Battlefield, the Waterfall Area, the Desert Area, Yoshi's Island, and the High Cliffs, on their way to the Jungle Kingdom. At one point in their trek, the trio sets up camp in the Fire Flower Fields, where Peach shares her backstory: she first arrived in the Mushroom Kingdom by walking through a Warp Pipe as a baby, then was taken in by the Toads and eventually crowned as their princess once she was ready. However, she has no memory of anything before her arrival in the Mushroom Kingdom, including where she was originally from. This leads Mario to speculate that Peach may be from the same world as him, to which Peach remarks that the universe is large and contains many galaxies.

Meanwhile, Bowser plays on his piano, singing a song expressing his obsessive love for Peach, before Kamek interrupts him to inform him about Mario and his association with Peach. This causes Bowser to see Mario as a potential rival for the princess's affection. When Luigi is brought before Bowser, the Koopa king interrogates him about Mario. Luigi resists at first, but eventually admits his relation to Mario after Bowser loses his patience and begins pulling on his mustache. Luigi is then placed in a cage above a pit of lava, where others, such as the penguins and a demented Lumalee, have also been caged.

Upon arriving at the Jungle Kingdom, the heroes are transported to the palace by a Kong driving a kart. At the palace, Peach consults the Kongs' king, Cranky Kong, and asks for his Kong army to support them in fighting Bowser. He initially refuses to join Peach's cause, but when Mario stands up to him, he agrees to help on the condition that Mario defeats his son Donkey Kong in a duel at the Great Ring of Kong, which Mario accepts despite Peach's disapproval. During the fight, Mario initially struggles against Donkey Kong's immense strength, so he attempts to use power-ups from the several Question Blocks set around the arena to gain an advantage. However, he accidentally eats a blue mushroom under the assumption that it was a Super Mushroom and is shrunken down and flicked away by Donkey Kong. He then tries to use a Fire Flower, but Donkey Kong snuffs it out. Mario continues to get pummeled, but remains persistent. Peach then encourages him to hit another block, which contains a Super Bell that turns him into Cat Mario. With his new speed, agility, and claws, Mario is able to dodge all of Donkey Kong's attacks and scratch him until he is ultimately defeated, at which point Cranky Kong reluctantly agrees to assist the heroes.

Donkey Kong pins Mario.
Mario being easily overpowered by Donkey Kong

At Donkey Kong's home, Peach congratulates Mario for his tenacity, while Donkey Kong is frustrated with Mario and claims to have let him win. Cranky suggests that they use karts to quickly return to the Mushroom Kingdom via a shortcut so that they can ambush Bowser and his forces during their attack. In a large garage, Mario, Peach, and Toad each create their own karts, and they drive alongside the Kongs back to the Mushroom Kingdom through a secret passage that leads to Rainbow Road. On the way back, Peach begins questioning Mario about the world he originates from and decides to visit Brooklyn sometime.

Rainbow Road in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Mario driving on Rainbow Road

Meanwhile, Bowser is practicing his marriage proposal to Peach, with Kamek taking her place. However, they are interrupted by the Koopa General, who has discovered the heroes' plan and reports it to Bowser. At this, Bowser decides to have his army use karts of their own to ambush the heroes as they traverse Rainbow Road, with the Koopa General himself chasing Mario with a bulldozer. During the chase, Mario's kart is destroyed, but he manages to hijack another while Peach saves Toad from falling off the road. After losing his second kart, Mario then moves to Donkey Kong's kart, and DK fires one of his kart's Rocket Barrels to explode on the bulldozer. Infuriated, the Koopa General locks himself in his winged, spiky Blue Shell and crashes into Mario and Donkey Kong, destroying the latter's kart and a part of the road. The two plummet to the ocean below, much to Peach, Toad, and Cranky's despair, and all of the Kongs besides Donkey Kong are captured and sent to Bowser's dungeons. After landing in the ocean, Mario saves Donkey Kong from drowning, but both are then devoured whole by a large Maw-Ray.

Peach and Toad manage to make it back to the Mushroom Kingdom, where Peach warns the citizens of Bowser's imminent arrival. She orders the Toads in the town and the castle to evacuate while she holds off Bowser, but Toad decides to stay at the princess's side instead of leaving, wanting to stay true to his desire to protect her. Bowser then arrives in the Mushroom Kingdom aboard his ship and finally proposes to marry Peach. She initially rejects him, but after he has Kamek torture Toad, she reluctantly agrees to the marriage on the condition that Bowser does not harm her subjects. Kamek then informs all of Bowser's prisoners that they are "invited" to Bowser and Peach's royal wedding to be ritualistically sacrificed, much to their horror (and Lumalee's delight). Meanwhile, Mario and Donkey Kong, trapped inside the Maw-Ray's stomach, despair over their situation. After attempting to bond over their issues with their respective fathers, an argument ensues and Donkey Kong begins thrashing around the stomach, causing the Maw-Ray to burp and allowing them to find Donkey Kong's ruined kart. They then use its last Rocket Barrel to escape the Maw-Ray's stomach and fly back to the Mushroom Kingdom, hurrying to Peach and Bowser's wedding.

Tanooki Mario rescues Luigi in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
Mario and Luigi reunite

At the wedding, Bowser reveals that he intends to execute all of his prisoners by burning them in lava in Peach's honor. However, Peach punches out Kamek and reveals an Ice Flower that Toad smuggled into her bouquet, with which she freezes Bowser and the winch lowering the prisoners before holding down his army. During this, Mario and Donkey Kong arrive, but they are then shot down by a Bullet Bill, forcing them to fight through Bowser's minions in the town. Mario uses a Super Mushroom while Donkey Kong uses a Fire Flower, but both end up losing their power-ups in the fight. Mario then finds a Super Leaf, allowing him to fly up to Bowser's ship as Tanooki Mario. While fighting at the wedding, Peach uses a spear to light King Bob-omb's fuse, causing him to explode - the explosion blows her back and causes her to lose her ice power before she could re-freeze the winch, with Luigi's cage touching the lava and having its bottom part burned off. However, before the prisoners can be burned, Donkey Kong arrives and manages to stop the winch with his own strength, making Cranky proud. Luigi then falls out of his cage towards the lava, but Mario saves him with his flight, and the two rejoice at being reunited.

Banzai Bill in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
A livid Bomber Bill after Tanooki Mario smacks its eye with his tail

Enraged, Bowser frees himself from the ice and orders for a Bomber Bill to be launched to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom. The Bomber Bill is fired, but before it can hit Peach's Castle, Mario manages to knock it off course by hitting one of its eyes with his suit's tail. Angered by this, the Bomber Bill chases Mario instead, and he leads it through the forest and into the pipe through which he first entered the Mushroom Kingdom. However, when the Bomber Bill explodes in the Warp Zone, this causes everyone and everything in the surrounding area to be sucked into the pipe and transported to Brooklyn, with Bowser's ship bursting out and landing in the middle of the street, much to the shock of Spike and other citizens.

Invincible Mario and Luigi as seen in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Mario and Luigi powered up by the Super Star

The Super Star lands in front of Mario, but a furious Bowser stops him from getting it and pummels him while blaming him for his wedding being ruined. The discouraged Mario ends up hiding in the Punch-Out Pizzeria as Bowser taunts him, and despite their best efforts to stop them, Peach and Donkey Kong are both overpowered by Bowser and his army. However, after seeing a damaged television play the Super Mario Bros. Plumbing commercial, Mario regains his resolve and stands up to Bowser, stopping him from killing Donkey Kong. Peach then manages to kick the Super Star away from Bowser, allowing Mario to go after it. Bowser tries to incinerate him with his fire breath, but Luigi defends him with a manhole cover, allowing them both to obtain the Star and become invincible just in time.

Using the Star's powers, the Mario brothers work together to defeat Bowser and his entire army. Upon his defeat, Bowser is force-fed a blue mushroom by Peach and shrunk to miniature size, allowing Toad to imprison him in a jar. In the end, the Mario brothers and their new friends from the Mushroom Kingdom are celebrated and hailed as heroes by the residents of Brooklyn, including Spike and the brothers' parents, with the father now proud of the brothers' heroics. The story concludes with the brothers taking up residence in the Mushroom Kingdom and relocating their plumbing business there.

Mario and Luigi posing together upon being hailed as heroes by the residents of Brooklyn and their new friends from the Mushroom Kingdom after their defeat of Bowser and the Koopa Troop.
The Mario brothers, delighted at the entirety of Brooklyn cheering for them

Before the credits begin, Lumalee appears and tells the audience that since the film is over, all that is left is them and the "infinite void", before cheerfully playing the Super Mario Bros. Ground Theme on a saxophone to start off the end credits music.

In a mid-credits scene, Bowser is shown singing another verse of his love song while imprisoned in a cage in Peach's Castle, but a Toad guard interrupts and silences him, closing the door on him as he complains. In a post-credits scene, a Yoshi's Egg that was originally given as a wedding gift for Bowser and Peach is seen in the Brooklyn sewers. The egg suddenly begins to hatch as the film cuts to black, followed by a shout of "Yoshi!" being heard.

Cast list

Main article: List of The Super Mario Bros. Movie voice actors




Main characters

Name Description
The protagonist of the film, a brave Italian-American plumber from Brooklyn who is trying to prove himself capable of making his town safe. He travels to the Mushroom Kingdom when accessing a mysterious pipe in Brooklyn's underground sewers.
Princess Peach from The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Princess Peach
This strong-willed leader is the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and protector of the Toads. She helps Mario in his quest to save Luigi and the kingdom from the clutches of Bowser.
Luigi artwork for The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Mario's cowardly younger brother who gets separated from Mario in the Warp Zone and ends up in the Dark Lands, where he is later captured by the Koopas.
Scan of Bowser cardboard toy, from French Happy Meal promotion for The Super Mario Bros. Movie
The film's antagonist, the brute and powerful King of the Koopas who plans to ask Peach's hand in marriage, and rule the world with the power of the Super Star he stole.
Toad from The Super Mario Bros. Movie
A brave, little Mushroom Kingdom citizen who helps Mario and Peach in their quest.
Scan of Donkey Kong cardboard toy, from French Happy Meal promotion for The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Donkey Kong
The Jungle Kingdom prince and champion. He is a self-absorbed, egocentric gorilla; constantly disappointing and shameful in his father's eyes.
Cranky Kong in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Cranky Kong
Donkey Kong's father and the stubborn king of the Jungle Kingdom.
The official Kamek artwork from The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Bowser's second-in-command and a powerful Magikoopa who always tries to make his king happy.
Screenshot of Foreman Spike from The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Chief of the Wrecking Crew company and Mario and Luigi's former boss. He is bitter about their resignation from his company, constantly belittling or bullying them.

Other characters

Name Description
Aunt Marie.png
Aunt Marie
Mario and Luigi's aunt, present at the family dinner, where she scolds Uncle Arthur.
Baby Luigi from The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Baby Luigi
Younger version of Luigi. He was bullied at preschool and relied on Mario to protect him.
Baby Mario from The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Baby Mario
Younger version of Mario. Since childhood, he has always been protective of his brother.
Baby Peach from The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Baby Peach
Younger version of Peach. Was found by the Toads near a Warp Pipe.
The couple from Brooklyn applauding Mario and Luigi's victory.
Brooklyn couple
Mario and Luigi's first-ever clients and Francis' owners.
Chanterelle in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
A purple Toad who lives in the Mushroom Kingdom.
Diddy, Dixie and Chunky Kong reacting to Cat Mario
Dixie Kong, Diddy Kong, and Chunky Kong
Fans of Donkey Kong, present during the duel between Mario and Donkey Kong at the Great Ring of Kong. Cranky Kong personally tells Diddy Kong to be quiet prior to the match due to his excessive cheering for Donkey Kong.
the driver in his kart
A Kong who takes Mario, Peach, and Toad to Cranky Kong's lair on his kart.
Francis (The Super Mario Bros. Movie)
The Brooklyn couple's pet dog. He attacks the Mario brothers in the bathroom after Luigi stepped on his bone-snack, breaking it.
Funky Kong TSMBM
Funky Kong
One of the members of the Kong army. He is seen for a brief moment driving on Rainbow Road behind Donkey Kong. He also appears surfing in a picture in the hut where Cranky Kong describes the plan to drive to Rainbow Road.
Giuseppe from The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
A middle-aged Italian man who compliments the Mario for their Italian accents in their commercial. Uses Mario's game voice provided by Charles Martinet.
Kiddy Kong TSMBM
Kiddy Kong
One of the members of the Kong army.
A nihilistic Luma trapped in Bowser's dungeons. He has a very dark and twisted personality.
Papa Mario in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Mario and Luigi's father
Mario and Luigi's father, who is not convinced by Mario's career path.
Mama Mario in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Mario and Luigi's grandfather
Mario and Luigi's grandfather.
Mama Mario in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Mario and Luigi's mother
Mario and Luigi's mother, who is the only one in the family who supports the brothers' business.
Mario and Luigi's niece TSMBM.png
Mario and Luigi's niece
Mario and Luigi's niece, present at the family dinner. She is constantly on her phone.
Mayor Pauline in a TV news interview.
The mayor of New York City who tries to reassure the citizens about Brooklyn's flooding problem.
Scan of penguin king cardboard toy, from French Happy Meal promotion for The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Penguin King
The Snow Kingdom's king who bravely tries to protect the Super Star from Bowser, but he is ultimately imprisoned by the Koopas alongside his subjects.
Swanky Kong in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Swanky Kong
One of the Kongs from the Jungle Kingdom.
TSMBM Toad General.png
Toad General
The leader of the Toad council.
Poster Which contain Toadette and two other Toad.
A female Toad seen on a band poster.
Uncle Arthur.png
Uncle Arthur
Mario and Luigi's paternal uncle. He makes fun of Mario and Luigi's career choice, getting scolded by Aunt Marie at the family dinner.
TSMBM Uncle Tony.png
Uncle Tony
Mario and Luigi's paternal uncle. He makes fun of Mario and Luigi's career choice at the family dinner.
Yoshi's Egg cracking in the post-credits scene of The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
Alluded to in the post-credit scene. A green Yoshi whose egg was presented as a wedding gift to Bowser and Peach and ended up in New York's pipe system, where it hatches.


Name Description
Humans in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
The main habitants of Earth, none of them appear to be also present in the Mushroom Kingdom world, except for Peach (and, later, Mario and Luigi).
Kongs in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Kongs are primates that inhabit the Jungle Kingdom, led by Cranky Kong. They ally with the Mushroom Kingdom after Mario defeats Donkey Kong in a duel, but end up captured by Bowser's forces.
Penguins army
Penguins are arctic birds that inhabit the Snow Kingdom, led by the Penguin King. While they put up a defense when Bowser attacks, they are easily overwhelmed and imprisoned.
Stone-Eye TSMBM
Stone-Eyes are moai-like statues seen for a brief moment in the Desert Area.
Peach's Toad subjects acting cute.
Toads are mushroom-shaped creatures that inhabit the Mushroom Kingdom, ruled by Princess Peach.
Colored Yoshis in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
Yoshis are dinosaur-like creatures that inhabit Yoshi's Island. They make a brief appearance during a traveling montage, while one can be heard in the film's post-credits scene.

Bowser's army

Image/name Description
A bob bomb in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
Some Koopa Troopas are seen irresponsibly playing with one at the rave in Bowser's Castle. Other Bob-ombs are by used the Koopas during the Rainbow Road ambush.
Banzai Bill in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Bomber Bill
A Bomber Bill is used by Bowser to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom. Tanooki Mario leads it into the same Warp Pipe that he emerged from at the beginning of the film, where it explodes inside of the Warp Zone, causing a massive interdimensional collapse that pulls elements of the Mushroom Kingdom into Brooklyn.
A bullet bill in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
Bullet Bill
Koopa Troopas fire Bullet Bills from Bill Blasters, which home in on their intended targets and explode on contact.
Buzzy Beetle from The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Buzzy Beetle
Buzzy Beetles are members of Bowser's army. They briefly appear among the Koopas, with Bill Blasters on their shells, during the assault at the Snow Kingdom, in the rave, and in the final battle.
A chain chomp in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
Chain Chomp
A loose Chain Chomp can briefly be seen during the final battle, lunging at Mario.
Luigi running from a horde of Dry Bones.
Dry Bones
Dry Bones are skeletal Koopa Troopas that inhabit the Dark Lands. They are introduced chasing Luigi when he enters the Dark Lands in a zombie-like manner. Bowser is shown turning a Koopa into a Dry Bones by blasting him with fire.
Goombas in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Goombas appear as troops in Bowser's army. Some Goombas are also shown as captives alongside the Penguin King, Penguins, a Lumalee, and Luigi.
A goomba tower in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
Goomba Tower
An unstable Goomba Tower is briefly seen during the rave scene, just about to fall down. Another more stable Goomba Tower is seen in one of the movie promos, chasing Toad after he stops one Goomba.
Hammer Bro TSMBM
Hammer Bro
Hammer Bros appear as some of the main troops in Bowser's army.
Screenshot of King Bob-omb from The Super Mario Bros. Movie
King Bob-omb
King Bob-omb appears as one of the guests at Bowser and Peach's wedding. During the battle, Peach ignites his fuse, causing him to panic, only to sigh and concede to his fate.
King Boo attending Bowser's wedding in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
King Boo
King Boo appears as one of the guests at Bowser and Peach's wedding.
Koopa Paratroopas in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Koopa Paratroopa
Koopa Paratroopas appear as some of the main troops in Bowser's army. A blue-colored, spiny-shelled Paratroopa, known as the Koopa General, is featured as the captain of the Koopa Troop.
Koopa Troopas in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Koopa Troopa
Green, Red, Blue, and Yellow Koopa Troopas are the main troops in Bowser's army, frequently appearing with various weapons and gear.
Piranha Plant in TSMBM.png
Piranha Plant
Piranha Plants are living carnivorous plants that hide inside pipes. One of them attempts to eat Invincible Mario and Invincible Luigi, only for it to spit them out.
Shy Guys in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Shy Guy
Shy Guys appear in the Dark Lands, where they capture Luigi after he hides from the horde of Dry Bones inside an abandoned castle.
Snifit in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
A Snifit appears alongside the Shy Guys, who presents a captured Luigi to Bowser.
Spinies in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Spiny Shell[90]
Spiny Shells appear as troops in Bowser's army. Bowser is shown to not be familiar with the Spiny Shells' name, much to their disappointment.
Sledge Bro as seen in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Sledge Bro
Sledge Bros appear as members of Bowser's army. One attempts to hit Invincible Mario with his hammer, only for it to be destroyed.

Mushroom Kingdom wildlife

Image/name Description
Bat in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Bats appear in the Dark Lands, where they frighten Luigi by flying out of a dead tree when he shines his flashlight at it.
Biddybud in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Biddybuds are ladybug-like creatures that inhabit the Mushroom Forest.
Blooper in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Bloopers are squid-like creatures that live in the ocean. One is swallowed by the Maw-Ray that consumed Mario and Donkey Kong.
A close up on the Toad Town fish store
Blooper Baby, Jellybeam, Spiny Cheep Cheep, Urchin
Alongside Cheep Cheeps, these aquatic creatures appears on the sign and merchandise of a fish shop in Toad Town.
Bramball in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Bramballs appear as inhabitants of the Mushroom Forest. When Mario enters the forest, one walks over him, causing him to nervously greet it as it walks by him.
A butterfly in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Butterflies are flying insects seen in the Mushroom Forest. Mario lands next to one when he first enters the forest.
Baby Peach and the Toads fishing a Cheep Cheep.
Cheep Cheep
Cheep Cheeps are fish that live in the ocean between the kingdoms and are capable of jumping large heights. Some Cheep Cheeps are seen in plastic bags carried by Toads.
Two little bird in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Little bird
Little birds appear in the Mushroom Forest.
Maw-Ray in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
A large Maw-Ray consumes Mario and Donkey Kong after they plummet from Rainbow Road, but they manage to escape it by using a Rocket Barrel.



Image/name Transformation Description
Artwork of a Super Mushroom for The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Super Mushroom
Super Mario in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
Super Mario
When Mario consumes a Super Mushroom, he grows larger and transforms into Super Mario. Mario initially expresses distaste towards eating mushrooms, including Super Mushrooms when he is first introduced to them at the Training Course; however, he grows to appreciate Super Mushrooms as the film progresses.
TSMBM Fire Flower.png
Fire Flower
Fire Peach as seen in The Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer
Donkey Kong's Fire form from The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Fire Peach and Fire Donkey Kong
Peach transforms into Fire Peach after touching a Fire Flower while Donkey Kong transforms into a fire version of himself after crushing a Fire Flower between his palms. The Fire Flower grants the ability to shoot fireballs, which are used to ignite a campfire and defeat enemies in the film. A field of Fire Flowers also appears in the film and an individual Fire Flower is blown out and rendered useless by Donkey Kong during his duel with Mario.
TSMBM Star.png
Super Star
Invincible Mario and Luigi as seen in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Invincible Mario and Invincible Luigi
At the beginning of the film, Bowser, with his Koopa Troop, steals a Super Star from the Snow Kingdom to later use to propose to Peach. At the end of the film, the Super Star is transported to Brooklyn through the Warp Zone. There, Bowser fails to retrieve the Super Star from Mario and Luigi, who simultaneously use the power-up to become invincible and defeat Bowser. Under the effects of the Super Star, Mario and Luigi gain increased speed, improved fighting skills, and the ability to blast away oncoming hazards.
Super Leaf in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
Super Leaf
Tanooki Mario as seen in The Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer
Tanooki Mario
During his ascent towards Bowser's lair, Mario grabs a Super Leaf, transforming him into Tanooki Mario. In this form, Mario gains access to continual flight and a tail whip. Tanooki Mario uses his tail whip against the Bomber Bill's left eye to divert its attention from Peach's Castle and subsequently leads it on a high-speed chase, flying through the Mushroom Kingdom.
Artwork of a Mini Mushroom for The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Blue mushroom
Mini Mario as seen in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Mini Bowser as seen in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Mini Mario and Mini Bowser
The blue mushroom first appears during Mario's duel with Donkey Kong where it transforms Mario into Mini Mario, a minuscule form of himself. Mini Mario is easily overwhelmed by Donkey Kong and is quickly reverted to normal Mario after taking damage. At the end of the film, Bowser is shrunken after being force fed a blue mushroom. Both the shrunken Bowser and Mini Mario have high-pitched voices.
Artwork of a Ice Flower for The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Ice Flower
Ice Peach as seen in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Ice Peach
Toad conceals an Ice Flower within a bouquet of flowers which Peach later uses to transform into Ice Peach during Bowser's wedding. The Ice Flower grants her the ability to freeze enemies and hazards by shooting ice balls. However, while most of the enemies at the wedding are subdued by Ice Peach, Bowser and the chain holding Bowser's prisoners are only temporarily frozen.
N/A Cat Mario posing in the Colosseum.
Cat Mario
During Mario's duel with Donkey Kong, Mario transforms into Cat Mario, though this occurs off-screen and he is not seen collecting a power-up to take this form. As Cat Mario, he is able to dodge attacks more easily as well as pounce and swipe at Donkey Kong and ultimately defeat him.

Other objects

Image/name Description
Ball and Chain TSMBM
Ball and chain
Enormous ball and chains appear as the anchors for Bowser's Castle.
Barrel TSMBM
Two barrels are smashed by Donkey Kong during his introduction in the Great Ring of Kong; he later attempts to throw some at Mario during their battle. Barrels are also seen near and within the antique store, with one being used to hold antiques.
Banana in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.Banana Bunch in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
Bananas are consumed by the Kongs, who also use them to fuel the Jungle Kingdom's karts. The driver, who drives Mario and company to Cranky Kong's lair, consumes a banana and tosses the slippery peel, causing havoc on the road behind him. Cranky Kong is seen eating bananas from a banana bunch during Donkey Kong's duel with Mario. A banana bunch is also seen hanging from a fruit cart in the Mushroom Kingdom, specifically Toad Town.
Pineapple TSMBMWatermelon TSMBM
A pineapple and watermelons can be seen in a fruit cart along with bananas while Toad is escorting Mario through Toad Town.
Mario pressing down on a trampoline in a commercial for a The Super Mario Bros. Movie Happy Meal promotion from McDonald's
A trampoline is a component of the Training Course and is used to bounce over Spike Traps. Mario also bounces off a trampoline to reach a Question Block in a McDonald's commercial.
Artwork of a Coin for The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Coins are seen in the Mushroom Kingdom, being collected from Coin Blocks by Toads. When Toad clears a path for Mario through a crowd of Toads, he accidentally knocks a coin from the hands of a Green Toad. Mario mistakenly hands the dropped coin to a nearby Red Toad. Coins appear to be a form of currency, as indicated by signs displaying prices in the antique store.
1-Up Mushroom in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
1-Up Mushroom
1-Up Mushrooms only appear in promotional artwork for the movie.
Goal Pole in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
Goal Pole
A physical Goal Pole is used to mark the end of the Training Course. Additionally, Mario slides down Castle Burger's signpost like a Goal Pole, and Baby Luigi is seen holding a small, toy flagpole during a flashback.
Artwork of a Green Shell for The Super Mario Bros. MovieArtwork of a Red Shell for The Super Mario Bros. Movie
When disturbed, Koopa Troopas will retreat into their shells; in this form, they are easily knocked about and will rebound off surfaces and other objects at high speeds. For instance, during the ambush on Rainbow Road, Mario jumps on a green Koopa Troopa and causes it to retreat into its shell. Mario then throws the shell at an incoming kart, destroying the kart and causing the shell to fall off the road. They are also fired from the cannons of the Koopas Troop's karts.
Turnip in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
In an advertisement for the film, a turnip is thrown by Toad at a Goomba, who is unfazed.
Cactus TSMBM
Cactuses closely resembling their appearance in Super Mario Odyssey can be seen for a brief moment when Mario, Peach, and Toad are travelling through the Desert Area.
Bowser Statue in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
Bowser Statue
Bowser Statues adorn the interior of Bowser's Castle.
Fruit in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
Fruit (Yoshi food)
In an advertisement for the film, a fruit is thrown by Toad at a Goomba, who is unfazed. In the film, Mario takes a bite out of a fruit as he travels through Yoshi's Island, which draws the attention of a Pink Yoshi. Fruits also appear in the Mushroom Kingdom, and are toppled over as Toads attempt to evacuate the kingdom's town.
Yoshi's Egg cracking in the post-credits scene of The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
Yoshi's Egg
Yoshi's Egg appears in various locations, such as in the antique store in the second teaser poster and as a gift at Bowser's wedding ceremony. In the post-credits scene, Yoshi's Egg is revealed to have been transported to the Brooklyn sewer systems and hatches as Yoshi exclaims his own name and the screen cuts to black.
Large Snowball in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
Small, medium, and large sized Snowballs are formed from snow and thrown by the penguins in their battle against Bowser's army. The small and medium snowballs leave Bowser unfazed, while a large snowball, fired from a trebuchet, manages to topple over a single red Koopa Troopa.
Cannon in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
A cannon is passed by Mario, Peach, and Toad in Bob-omb Battlefield. A cannon is also seen atop a floating island in the second teaser poster.
Rocket Barrel in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
Rocket Barrel
Two Rocket Barrels appear as part of Donkey Kong's kart. One is used to destroy the Koopa General's kart on Rainbow Road. Mario and Donkey Kong later ride the other Rocket Barrel to escape a Maw-Ray; after running out of fuel, the Rocket Barrel is rolled at a group of enemies by Donkey Kong, defeating them.
Spike Ball TSMBM
Spike Ball
Spike Balls are seen as gifts on a table at Bowser's wedding ceremony.
Spiny Shell as seen in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Blue Shell
After his vehicle is destroyed by Mario and Donkey Kong on Rainbow Road, the Koopa General retreats into his Blue Shell, flies over to the pair, and detonates on their kart, destroying a segment of the road and causing the pair to fall into the sea below.
Wooden cutout in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
Wooden cutout
A wooden cutout of Bowser is a component of the Training Course and is broken by both Peach, who kicks it, and Mario, who punches it.
Coin pile in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
Coin pile
Short coin piles are seen being carried by several Toads, while a tall coin pile is seen sitting on a path in the Mushroom Kingdom. As Toads collect coins from Coin Blocks, they add to the heights of their coin piles.
Glider TSMBM
The driver uses a glider from his kart to reach the Jungle Kingdom's castle.
Magic wand as seen in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Magic wand
Kamek uses a wand to telekinetically control objects, such as restraining prisoners or building a staircase.
Blocks and containers
Artwork of a ? Block for The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Question Block
Question Blocks contain power-ups, which are released when the block is hit with force.
Empty Block in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
Empty Block
Empty Blocks are Question Blocks that have had their power-up released.
Brick Block in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
Brick Block
Brick Blocks appear in the Mushroom Kingdom and can be broken when hit.
Coin Block from The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Coin Block
Coin Blocks appear in Toad Town, where Toads collect coins that pop out from above by hitting the block's underside.
Donut Block in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
Donut Block
Donut Blocks appear in the Training Course, where they turn red and collapse when stepped on.
Ice Block in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
Ice Block
An Ice Block is used by the penguins as the counterweight for a trebuchet in their battle against Bowser's army.
Flying ? Block in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
Flying Question Block
A single flying Question Block is seen floating high above the Mushroom Kingdom in the second teaser poster.
Rotating Block in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
Rotating Block
Rotating Blocks appear in the Training Course and light up when Peach and Mario wall jump off of them.
Treasure chest in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
Treasure chest
Treasure chests are seen being sold at the antique store as well as being used to hold antiques.
Transportation objects
Warp Pipe
Warp Pipe
Green Warp Pipes connect various locations to the Warp Zone. At the beginning of the film, Mario and Luigi stumble upon a green Warp Pipe in the Brooklyn sewers and are transported to the Mushroom Kingdom and the Dark Lands respectively. Later, a Bomber Bill and other objects from the Mushroom Kingdom are pulled into the same Warp Pipe that brought Mario to the Mushroom Kingdom. Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, and blue Warp Pipes are used by Toads to travel through the Mushroom Kingdom's town, and Mario uses them, with difficulty, to follow Toad. Warp Pipes also house Piranha Plants and mechanical Piranha Plants.
Clear Pipe in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
Clear Pipe
Several Clear Pipes are seen within the Mushroom Kingdom's town. Mario and Toad use a Clear Pipe as they make their way towards Peach's Castle; Toad effortlessly travels through the pipe while Mario repeatedly crashes into the Clear Pipe's inner walls.
The Super Mario Bros. Movie Rainbow Road Group poster.jpg
Karts are used to traverse long stretches of road in the Jungle Kingdom and on Rainbow Road, and can be augmented with various weapons such as Bill Blasters and Rocket Barrels.
Koopa Clown Cars TSMBM
Koopa Clown Car
Miniature versions of the Koopa Clown Car can be seen piloted by Koopa Troopas, equipped with several weapons such as metallic claws and cannons.
Shy Guy Balloon in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
Shy Guy balloon
A hot-air balloon in the shape of a Shy Guy's hood is used by Shy Guys to transport Luigi to Bowser's Castle.
Banzai Bill Cannon TSMBM
Banzai Bill Cannon
A cluster of Banzai Bill Cannons are situated at the end of the Training Course and shoot fake Bomber Bills. Additionally, the volcano atop Bowser's Castle serves as a cannon for the Bomber Bill seen during the film's climax.
Bill Blaster TSMBM
Bill Blaster
During the chase on Rainbow Road, Koopa Troopas attack Mario and co. using Bill Blasters mounted on their karts, which can be aimed towards their intended targets.
Cannonball TSMBM
Koopa Clown Cars fire cannonballs at Mario and Donkey Kong as they ascend Bowser's Castle. Donkey Kong is able to deflect them with the swipe of his arm.
Fire Bar TSMBM
Fire Bar
Dummy Fire Bars are obstacles within the Training Course.
Lava is seen below the prisoners in Bowser's Castle, where he plans to sacrifice them at his wedding with Peach.
Mushroom Platforms TSMBM
Mushroom Platform
Large mushrooms that grow in the Mushroom Forest.

Mushroom Platforms TSMBM.png
Mushroom Trampoline

Mario bounces off of two Mushroom Trampolines in Toad Town while fighting off Bowser's troops with Donkey Kong.
Mario swings on a few ropes during his battle with Donkey Kong in the Great Ring of Kong. Ropes can also be seen attatched to some of the Brick Blocks and Question Blocks in the arena.
Spike Trap TSMBM
Spikes appear in the Training Course, where they can be seen attatched to Empty Blocks and Brick Blocks.
Trees are large plants seen in forests and other environments. In Toad Town, trees resembling Super Bell trees from Super Mario 3D World can be seen.
Large bodies of water, such as oceans and lakes, surround the Mushroom Kingdom and nearby kingdoms.
Toad House TSMBM.png
Toad House
Houses in the Mushroom Kingdom, specifically Toad Town, that are shaped like mushrooms.
Castle as seen in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Castles are large fortified structures located in the Mushroom Kingdom, and other areas surrounding it. One is shown to be abandoned in the Dark Lands.


Image/name Description
The trademark move of Mario. He is able to jump higher after eating a red mushroom. Many other characters are seen using the jump move in the film as well.
Wall Jump TSMBM
Wall Jump
Peach and Mario wall jump off of Rotating Blocks in the Training Course.
Floating Jump TSMBM
Floating Jump
After Peach completes the Training Course, she floats down the top of the Goal Pole with her dress.
Punch in TSMBM.png
Mario punches a wooden cutout of Bowser in the Training Course, and attempts to punch Donkey Kong in their duel.
Kick as seen in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Mario kicks a Question Block to release a Fire Flower for Donkey Kong to use.
Ground Pound as seen in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Ground Pound
Mario ground pounds an area surrounded by Koopa Troopas, who retract into their shells upon impact.
Mario rolls in the Training Course after diving onto some Brick Blocks.
Roll Attack TSMBM
Roll Attack
During the battle between Donkey Kong and Mario in the Great Ring of Kong, Donkey Kong performs a roll attack in an attempt to hit Mario.
Mario vaults over Toad in the McDonald's Happy Meal commercial, closely resembling his vault move in Super Mario Run. In the film itself, Mario vaults over a construction worker during his freerun with Luigi in Brooklyn.
Mario stomps on enemies to defeat them. When Mario stomps on Koopa Troopas, they retract into their shells.
Mario dives under a dummy Piranha Plant in the Training Course, closely resembling to his dive in Super Mario 64.
Mario is seen dashing frequently throughout the film, but when invincible, his running speed, along with Luigi's, is greatly increased.
Mario rescuing DK TSMBM.png
After crashing into the ocean from Rainbow Road's destruction, Mario swims to save Donkey Kong from drowning.
Tanooki Mario as seen in The Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer
Mario is able to fly at high speeds with the Tanooki Suit.
Fire Breath as seen in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Fire Breath
Bowser uses his fire breath to melt the Snow Kingdom's castle. Later, he uses it to burn a Koopa Troopa, turning it into a Dry Bones. In the final battle against Mario and Luigi, Bowser attempts to attack the brothers with his fire breath, but Luigi blocks it with a manhole cover, and the two of them then grab the Super Star to become immune to it.
Kart Drift in TSMBM.png
Mario drifts several times on Rainbow Road, creating Mini-Turbos.
Mini-Turbo TSMBM
Mario uses a few Mini-Turbos after drifting to escape Koopa General's giant vehicle. The sparks appear in the same colors as they do in the Mario Kart series.
Drifting is activated after a kart hops.
Kart Anti-gravity TSMBM.png
Karts use anti-gravity to traverse roads on the underside and hover above water. Anti-gravity can be manually deactivated by pressing a button, shown when Peach deactivates it while on her bike.


Image/name Description
Wide shot of the Mushroom Kingdom.
Mushroom Kingdom
A kingdom consisting of grassy plains and large mushrooms, inhabited by Toads and ruled by Princess Peach.
Mario and Toad arrive at Peach's Castle
Peach's Castle
The center of the Mushroom Kingdom, home of Princess Peach and other higher-ranking Toads.
Toad Town as seen in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Toad Town
A town located in the Mushroom Kingdom, inhabited by the Toads.
Crazy Cap TSMBM
Crazy Cap
While Toad is escorting Mario through Toad Town, a building with a Crazy Cap sign and a purple mushroom roof design is briefly shown. This building is a reference to the Crazy Cap shop that appears in Super Mario Odyssey.
Mario Bros.' House as seen in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Mario Bros.' House
At the end of the film, Mario and Luigi move into the Mushroom Kingdom. Their house is located in Toad Town and resembles a Toad House.
The Jungle Kingdom
Jungle Kingdom
The island on which the Kongs reside, full of Aztec-like buildings and roads for their karts.
Dark Land as seen in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Dark Lands
A dark and dreary forest with lakes of lava, infested with bats and hostile Dry Bones.
Bowser's ship tsmbm.jpg
Bowser's Castle
An enormous mass of floating land used by the Koopa Troop to travel to other kingdoms. It houses Bowser's fortress and a dungeon inside a volcano.
The Snow Kingdom
Snow Kingdom
An icy kingdom with snowy mountains and a small citadel made of ice, inhabited by the Penguins and ruled by the Penguin King.
Wide shot of the Mushroom Land.
Mushroom Forest
A forest located on the outskirts of the Mushroom Kingdom, inhabited by wildlife. A pipe leading to the Warp Zone is located in the area.
Fire Princess Peach in the Fire Flower field.
Fire Flower Fields
A large field consisting of many growing Fire Flowers.
Rainbow Road in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Rainbow Road
A long stretch of multicolored road that leads to Bowser's Castle.
Desert Area
A vast desert consisting of floating inverted pyramids and Stone-Eyes.
Colored Yoshis in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
Yoshi's Island
A tropical island inhabited by Yoshis.
Bob-omb_Battlefield as seen in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Bob-omb Battlefield
A grassy plain with a cannon in the middle of it. It is briefly seen during the heroes' journey.
The Great Ring of Kong from The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Great Ring of Kong
A floating coliseum in the Jungle Kingdom where Mario battles Donkey Kong.
Wide shot of the Training Course.
Training Course
A giant obstacle course used to train Mario for battle against Bowser's army.
Mario learning how to use the Standard Kart.
Secret passage
A road in the Jungle Kingdom that functions as a shortcut to Rainbow Road.
Wide shot of Mario, Peach, and Toad in the cloudy mountain area.
High Cliffs
A group of mountains that reach above the clouds. The High Cliffs closely resemble Rock-Candy Mines.
Wide shot of a warp zone.
Warp Zone
A dimension that connects Brooklyn to the Mushroom Kingdom, the Dark Lands, and presumably other kingdoms.
View of Brooklyn in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Mario and Luigi's hometown, with a mysterious interdimensional pipe hidden in its underground sewers.


A poster for The Super Mario Bros. Movie featuring the originally targeted release date
Teaser poster of the film featuring its original release date.

Reports on the supposed existence of an animated Super Mario film circulated as early as November 24, 2014, following the Sony Pictures hack, when it was revealed in leaked emails sent by Avi Arad, Amy Pascal, Tom Rothman, and Michelle Raimo Kouyate that Sony Pictures Animation was trying to secure the film rights to Super Mario for years, though Arad has denied that such a deal was made.[91]

In November 2017, more reports about the film's existence began to arise.[92][93][94] Nintendo's then-president, Tatsumi Kimishima, stated in January 2018 that a deal had not been finalized, but that an announcement would come soon.[95] By the end of January 2018, Nintendo affirmed that the film would indeed be moving forward, having closed a deal with Illumination.[96] This marked Illumination's first film based on an existing intellectual property to not be an adaptation of a Dr. Seuss book.

Several days after the deal was made, Shigeru Miyamoto explained why Illumination was chosen for the project over other animation companies, saying he had been interested in producing an animated film for quite some time and, contrary to popular belief, making a movie and making a game are completely different procedures. Miyamoto wanted someone with experience in the film industry to co-produce the film, and after talking with numerous directors and producers, he was introduced to Illumination through Universal Parks & Resorts, with whom Nintendo was making a theme park. Miyamoto also stated that when he began talks with Chris Meledandri, the latter read numerous interviews about him and felt that they had a similar approach in creation. Miyamoto described Meledandri as having experience in the field of animation beyond Illumination, having been executive producer of Ice Age and other animated projects for 20th Century Fox, as well as being "extremely cost-conscious and time-conscious in his quest to make successful movies." Miyamoto also mentioned that Nintendo and Illumination had mutually agreed to call the deal off if neither company could come up with an interesting premise, but also noted that the screenplay had been hashed out a number of times and discussions were in progression, hoping to provide more information once the schedule had been ironed out.[97] Miyamoto would later state in early 2020 that the idea for the film came from bringing Nintendo's legacy content to services such as the Virtual Console; such transitions took time for the company, and Miyamoto viewed that as an opportunity to develop Nintendo's content business even further by combining its long-beloved software with video assets.[98]

On November 6, 2018, Meledandri said that he was glad the 1993 film Super Mario Bros. was not well-received, citing the primary reason being that the producers did not involve Nintendo, whereas Illumination was "embracing" Miyamoto and keeping him "front and center" in the film's creation. He said that Illumination's Super Mario film was in "priority development," and hoped that it would be released by 2022. Meledandri also noted that developing a Super Mario film is "an ambitious task," citing the challenge of adding depth to Super Mario that would simultaneously compromise generations of fans and feel organic to its iconography as well as supporting a three-act structure.[99][100] By February 1, 2019, production of the film had formally begun;[101] according to Nintendo, the funds for the production process were being jointly supplied by it and Universal.[102]

Before details on the film's cast were formally announced, Sebastian Maniscalco offhandedly mentioned in a YouTube podcast uploaded on August 5, 2021 that he would be voicing the character Spike from the 1985 game Wrecking Crew in the movie, who would be portrayed as the "boss" of Mario and Luigi.[103]

The September 23, 2021 Nintendo Direct presentation featured an appearance from Shigeru Miyamoto, in which he announced the movie as being scheduled for release in the 2022 holiday season (with a planned release date of December 21, 2022 in North America) and revealed its English cast list.[104] On the same day, the press release announced Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic as directors, with Matthew Fogel writing the screenplay.[105] On April 25, 2022, a post on Nintendo of America's Twitter account announced that the movie's release would be delayed to spring 2023 and revealed the North American and Japanese release dates.[66]

On October 28, Khary Payton, who voices the Penguin King, described Chris Pratt’s voice for Mario at the time as a “New York, Italian guy” and similar to the “Sopranos”.[106] However, Pratt stated that the accent was rejected during production for sounding too similar to the character Tony Soprano.[107]

On January 26, 2022, Charlie Day revealed that he was recording his lines for the movie, plot details were being hidden from him, and he knew nothing about the film.[108] Day stated that his original voice for Luigi was similar to the New York mobster-themed film Goodfellas, but the directors wanted "less Goodfellas". Day responded to the change saying, “Alright! I think you’re wrong, but fine!”[107] Day later expressed interest in doing a Luigi's Mansion spin-off film in an interview on February 18, 2022.[109]

Ed Skudder, the creator of animated series Dick Figures and Unikitty!, revealed himself to be the head of story for the film on his LinkedIn profile.[110]

In The Super Mario Bros. Movie Direct on October 6, 2022, it was announced that Brian Tyler would compose the score for the film, which includes themes from the Super Mario games, in collaboration with game composer Koji Kondo.[71]

Prior to its release, The Super Mario Bros. Movie was revealed to have some short songs. On October 6, 2022, Jack Black announced that Bowser would have a "musical side" in the film,[111] and on October 12, 2022, Keegan-Michael Key revealed to Variety that he improvised a song as Toad, calling it "an absolute blast".[112]

On February 28, 2023, it was announced on the movie's social media accounts that the release date for the film would be moved to April 5, 2023 in the United States and more than 60 other countries, two days ahead of the initial release date.[4]

On March 23, 2023, it was announced that press screenings of the movie had officially begun.[113]

Following the film's release, concept art for the film was leaked online on April 22, 2023.[114] The various art shows some characters, such as Toadsworth and Toadette, who were considered to appear, while others showed more of the Snow Kingdom and its land suggesting it would play a bigger role in the story, as well as some power-ups that did not make it into the final film.[115]

One month after the film's release, in an interview with Jérémie Covillault, the French voice actor of Bowser,[116] at Metz'torii, a French event, when asked when the sequel would release, he responded that he did not know, but claimed that there would be a trilogy.[117]

Deleted scenes

On August 1, 2023, senior animator August Clermont uploaded a compilation of clips to Vimeo. The first clip is a deleted scene that took place during the battle in Brooklyn. It shows Invincible Mario performing a Super Jump Punch against Koopa Troopas.[118]

On September 18, 2023, two more scenes surfaced.[119] The earlier scene takes place after Mario and Luigi smash through the brick wall while trying to fix the water main. It is part of a longer conversation but the clip does not include its beginning. The later scene takes place right after Peach's remarks on the vastness of the universe. In that clip, Mario invites Peach to visit Brooklyn.[120] This presumably is the setup for Peach's decision to visit Brooklyn in the Rainbow Road scene.

Foreign translations

In addition to English, the movie has dubs in the following languages:

Additionally, there is a version of the movie in English with Japanese subtitles.[156] The movie is also available in English as an option in many other territories where English is not a native language, with locally translated subtitles.[citation needed] Nintendo made several script changes for the Japanese dub which affected how the characters are portrayed in motivations and temperament.[157][158]


Main article: The Super Mario Bros. Movie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

A soundtrack album for the film was released by Back Lot Music (Universal Pictures' in-house record label) digitally and iam8bit physically.[159] The album features 37 tracks, all of which were composed by Brian Tyler with original Nintendo themes by Koji Kondo, with the exceptions of "Peaches", which was co-written and performed by Jack Black,[160] and the "Mario Brothers Rap", which was originally composed by Shuki Levy and Haim Saban and covered by Ali Dee. The album is available to stream on Spotify[161] and Apple Music.[162]

The film also features several licensed songs which are not in the soundtrack album, including two songs from games in the Super Mario franchise. Below is a list of these songs, in the order they appear in the film:[163]

Title Artist(s) Notes
Battle Without Honor or Humanity Tomoyasu Hotei Plays when the penguins engage in combat.
No Sleep till Brooklyn Beastie Boys Plays when the Mario brothers are navigating Brooklyn to reach their customers' house.
L'Amour Est Un Oiseau Rebelle (Habanera) from Carmen Anita Rachvelishvili with Giacomo Sagripanti and Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale della RAI Plays when the brothers' encounter with Francis goes awry.
Holding Out for a Hero Bonnie Tyler (re-recorded with additional production by Harvey Mason Jr.)[164] Plays during the montage of Mario's attempts at completing the Training Course.
Attack! Fury Bowser Daisuke Matsuoka and James Phillipsen (uncredited)[165]
(from Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury)
Plays when Bowser rallies his army on his ship.
Take on Me a-ha Plays when a Kong rides the heroes through the Jungle Kingdom on a kart.
DK Rap Grant Kirkhope,[166] George Andreas, and Chris Sutherland[167](uncredited)
(from Donkey Kong 64)[168]
Plays when Donkey Kong is introduced in the Great Ring of Kong.
Thunderstruck AC/DC Plays when the heroes prepare their karts.
Wedding March Felix Mendelssohn (uncredited) Plays at Bowser and Peach's wedding. This song is not listed in the credits.
Mr. Blue Sky Electric Light Orchestra Plays at the end of the film.


Main article: List of The Super Mario Bros. Movie staff

The movie was directed by Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic with Pierre Leduc and Fabien Polack serving as the co-directors. Several employees from Nintendo were involved in the production, including Shigehisa Nakaue, Mahito Yokota, and Takumi Kawagoe. Kawagoe is credited in several games such as Luigi's Mansion and Mario Super Sluggers in roles relating to cinematics.



Main article: Happy Meal § The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Happy Meal toys in a The Super Mario Bros. Movie promotion at McDonald's
Lineup of toys from a McDonald's Japan commercial

On October 6, 2022, a McDonald's Happy Meal promotion with toys based on The Super Mario Bros. Movie was leaked.[169] In December 2022, McDonald's launched the promotion and released two distinct lines of toys, each one in a specific set of countries that differs from the other's.

Prior to March 9, 2023
After March 9, 2023
The top of the website before and after its redesign

A promotional website with the URL "" went live in February 2023. It acts as the official website of the fictional Super Mario Bros. Plumbing service operated by Mario and Luigi in the movie.[170] The site's home page opens with a statement that Super Mario Bros. Plumbing is family-owned and operated, followed by the tagline "Fixing pipes is our game!" and an embed of a YouTube commercial for the service. On March 9, 2023, the page was redesigned with additional content.[171] On June 9, 2023, the page was updated again in conjunction with the film's home video release.[172] As of October 2023, the site has gone offline and now redirects to the movie's official website.[173] The page continues with the following sections:

  • About Us: Features an overview of Super Mario Bros. Plumbing signed by Mario and Luigi. In it, the brothers introduce themselves enthusiastically, stating that they "aim to one-up the competition with [their] expert white-glove service". Additionally, they claim to have opened the service because they "were tired of dealing with spiky bosses", a nod to Spike and inadvertent foreshadowing of their encounter with Bowser in the movie.
  • Testimonials: Features nine written reviews of Super Mario Bros. Plumbing by former customers. Three of them, penned by users SpikeIsCool (Spike), BrKLnCouple, and dunnadunnadunna, are negative, with the first calling the brothers disloyal and subpar (though later updating his review to one and a half stars after the brothers saved Brooklyn), the second stating that "SMBP left my house an absolute MESS!", although conceding that their dog "absolutely loved" Mario and Luigi, and the third stating that they did not hear from the brothers after they went underground. The other six reviews are positive and praise the brothers for their service. One review is written by the brothers' mother, under the username "BrosMom", who describes them in an affectionate light and notes that they treated her "like family". Another review by a user named "Pipe_Dreamz" praises their "amazing looking water," referencing MARIO WiiU, a Miiverse user known for constantly praising the water effects in various Wii U games.[174] A positive review was left by someone with the username "", a reference to "Jumpman", what Mario was called in instructions for the arcade version of Donkey Kong. On April 3, 2023, a testimonial by a user named "CollegeHoopsters" was added whose message contains a video link.[175] In the video, several college basketball players endorse the business, including Cavinder Twins, RJ Davis, Armando Bacot, Jared McCain, Sedona Prince, Meechie Johnson, Caleb Love, Paige Bueckers, Gradey Dick, and Hansel Enmanuel (referred to as "Emmanuel" in the video).
  • Careers: A listing of various job positions at Super Mario Bros. Plumbing, namely dispatcher, bookkeeper, marketing manager, and driver.
  • Service Area: A graphic of the two regions of New York the business operates in, Brooklyn and Queens. The user must first solve a fake CAPTCHA to access this section.
  • Van Tour: The actual tour of the Super Mario Bros. Plumbing van. This section is not present on the website outside of the United States and was eventually removed from the website after June 9, 2023. The van visited the following locations at these times:
    • Austin, Texas: March 10
    • New York, New York: March 10, March 30
    • Boston, Massachusetts: March 24-26
    • Los Angeles, California: April 1
    • San Francisco, California: March 20-24
  • Live Chat: A chatbot where the user can ask and respond with pre-written messages.

The website has various links and graphics the user can interact with.

  • In the website's header, the "Call or Text Us At 929-55-MARIO" tag plays the Nintendo GameCube start-up jingle when clicked on. By calling the provided number, Luigi tells the caller to text the same number for service and to visit the website. Texting the number causes Super Mario Bros. Plumbing to give the option to sign up for updates on the film; if the texter sends "ON THE DOUBLE" after signing up, it causes Super Mario Bros. Plumbing to send their business card. Booking an appointment leads to the movie's Fandango page or the official website in other regions. If a text is sent containing one of the available careers in the message, the business responds by saying that the texter got their chosen career and sending an image relating to that career.
  • In the opening section, when clicked on, the "Certified Super!" seal of approval plays an enhanced version of the power-up sound effect from Super Mario Bros.; the "As seen on TV" sign plays the race countdown sound effect from Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe; and the manhole under the Super Mario Bros. Plumbing van used to lead the user to a poster of The Super Mario Bros. Movie featuring Bowser and Kamek overlooking the Koopa Troop. After the site's update, it leads to a link to the final trailer.
  • In the "About Us" section, when clicked on, the "24/7 Emergency Services!" sign plays the jumping sound effect from Super Mario Bros., immediately followed by the same sound effect slowed down.
  • In the "Testimonials" section, when clicked on, the invalid file icon leads to a 404 error page showing three Warp Pipes. Each pipe plays a different enhanced version of the pipe entrance sound heard in the Super Mario games; clicking on the middle pipe, right pipe, and left pipe in that order causes the page to play an arrangement of the Ground Theme from Super Mario Bros. Clicking on the middle pipe, left pipe, and right pipe in that order makes Mario jump out of the middle pipe and plays the Underground Theme. Inspecting the website's console output after visiting the 404 error page shows an ASCII version of a Lumalee.
  • In the "Careers" section, when clicked on, the "Apply Now" button used to lead the user to a web page informing them that the application process is still being worked on prior to the site's redesign. After the redesign, the button leads to a clickable list of jobs. Clicking on any of them leads back to the main page.
  • In the "Service Area" section, failing the CAPTCHA plays the sound of Bowser breathing fire while completing it plays the item roulette sound from Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Clicking the Brooklyn portion of the map plays audio from the Donkey Kong arcade game while clicking the Queens portion plays audio from the Family Computer Disk System version of Kid Icarus. Booking an appointment leads to the movie's Fandango page or the official website in other regions.
  • A "Key to the City" button added on June 9, 2023 brings up a memo from Mayor Pauline of a celebration to be held honoring the brothers on June 13, 2023 while triggering the "Superstars" track from the film's score.

The website, outside of its real life legal notice, is shown as copyrighted in 2023 and built by Mario and Luigi. Since the redesign, attempting to access the site with the address from non-English speaking countries will automatically redirect the user to their local equivalent.

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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese[176] -
Chinese[177] -
French (NOA)[178] Plomberie means "plumbing".
French (NOE)[179] Plomberie means "plumbing".
Klempner means "plumber".
Italian[182] Idraulica means "plumbing".
Korean[183] -
Portuguese (NOA)[184] Encanadores means "plumbers".
Spanish (NOA)[185] Plomeria means "plumbing".
Spanish (NOE)[186] Fontaneros means "plumbers".

Brazilian carnival

A group promoting The Super Mario Bros. Movie at the Bahian Carnival in Salvador, Brazil
The trio elétrico with posters of the film at the carnival

On February 18, 2023, Bloco Happy, one of the carnival blocks in Salvador, Brazil promoted the film by giving The Super Mario Bros. Movie-branded Mario and Luigi caps and inflatable tubes. A trio elétrico decorated with posters of the film was also present.[187][188]

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Social Show

On March 1, 2023, a contest by Universal Pictures Italy, entitled "Super Mario Bros. Il Film Social Show" (The Super Mario Bros. Movie Social Show), began.[189] To enter, participants had to upload a photo or video showing their passion for the franchise on the contest's website at, or post the content on Instagram or TikTok with a mention to Universal Pictures Italy's account and the hashtag #mammamiachemario. The first prize was an invitation for two people to a fan screening of the film on April 5, 2023 in Rome, while the second prize were two tickets for the Romics convention which took place from March 30 to April 2, 2023. Merchandise promoting the film could also be won. The contest ended on March 23, 2023 and the winners were decided on March 24, 2023.[189]

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Giveaway

On March 8, 2023, a giveaway sponsored by Amazon began.[190] To enter, participants must go to the giveaway's webpage, press on the Question Block, and fill in the form. Completing the form shows a clip from the movie. For each day that the promotion is active, entrants can redeem one more chance to win a prize. 50 grand prize winners were given two tickets to Universal Studios Hollywood, ten first prize winners were given a 50 dollar Amazon gift card, and 20 second prize winners were given the "7-inch Feature Bowser with Fire Breathing Effects". The giveaway ended on April 30, 2023 with the winners listed here.

Fandango The Super Mario Bros. Movie Sweepstakes

On March 9, 2023, a sweepstakes sponsored by Fandango began.[191] To enter, a participant had to purchase a ticket to The Super Mario Bros. Movie using Fandango's website or fill in the form at Doing either of these actions gave one sweepstakes entry; up to ten entries could be obtained per person. The prize of the sweepstakes was four tickets to the Los Angeles premiere of the movie, a round airline trip to and from Los Angeles, a 500 USD check, and two nights at a hotel. The sweepstakes ended on March 24, 2023.

Princess Peach's Radical Saturday

A life-size kart displayed in Villa-Lobos State Park, in São Paulo, Brazil to promote The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
A life-size kart displayed at the Princess Peach's Radical Saturday event

On March 11, 2023, an event sponsored by Universal Pictures in Brazil took place in Villa-Lobos State Park, in São Paulo, to promote the film. The event, entitled "sábado radical da Princesa Peach" (Princess Peach's Radical Saturday), featured the Brazilian skateboarder Karen Jonz and a life-size replica of Mario's kart for attendees to take a picture with.[192][193]


Main article: Lush
Promo image for the Lush x The Super Mario Bros. Movie promotion
Products in the Lush × The Super Mario Bros. Movie collection

On March 24, 2023, a collection of skin care products promoting the film, labeled Lush × The Super Mario Bros. Movie, was released by Lush.

Lollapalooza Brazil

The 2023 edition of the Lollapalooza festival in Brazil, which took place on March 24–26, featured a promotion of the movie sponsored by Universal Pictures. Once again, the life-size replica of Mario's kart was displayed, among other attractions, such as a Piranha Plant and a Question Block.[194][195]

Early viewing contest in Portugal

From March 24 to March 29, 2023, a contest was held in Portugal for an early screening. Winners were allowed to watch the film one night ahead of the general release in Lisbon and Matosinhos at 7 PM on April 4, 2023. To enter, contestants had to like PressStart gaming outlet's and Universal Pictures Portugal's Instagram feeds and share them with two friends.[196]


The Super Mario Bros. Movie
The Super Mario Bros. Movie Official Storybook
The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Mario's Big Adventure
The Super Mario Bros. Movie
The Super Mario Bros. Movie Official Activity Book
The Super Mario Bros. Movie
A Hero Like No Other

The following books (except for A Hero Like No Other) released simultaneously on April 11, 2023 to promote the movie. Random House is listed as the publisher for all four of the following titles. Every book except The Super Mario Bros. Movie Official Activity Book omits the entire third act, and as such, has received negative feedback on online listings.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Official Storybook

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Official Storybook is a 32-page hardcover picture book written by Michael Moccio.[197]

Mario's Big Adventure

Mario's Big Adventure is a full color paperback 24-page entry into Random House's Step Into Reading series, aimed at younger children.[198] It is written by Mary Man-Kong. The book's reading level is listed at a level 3 "Reading On Your Own", aimed at a kindergarten level.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Official Activity Book

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Official Activity Book is a full color 48-paged paperback book written by Michael Moccio.[199] The book contains mazes, word searches, removable cardstock characters and a background to create a playset, and other various activities.

A Hero Like No Other

A Hero Like No Other is a 24 page full color paperback storybook that retells and follows the events from the film.[200] It was released on June 27, 2023.


Cast and crew of The Super Mario Bros. Movie at the premiere in Los Angeles. From left to right: Sebastian Maniscalco, Jack Black, Seth Rogen, Charlie Day, Anya Taylor-Joy, producer Chris Meledandri, Chris Pratt, and Super Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto.

The film had its premiere on April 1, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. Much of the cast and crew were present including Chris Pratt, Charlie Day, Anya Taylor-Joy, Jack Black, Seth Rogen, and Sebastian Maniscalco.[201] The red carpet itself featured a mushroom theme to it,[202] some of the cast wore outfits corresponding to the characters they voice, and the life size Super Mario Bros. Plumbing van was also shown, being driven by Pratt with Day as a passenger.[203]

Box office

Prior to the movie's release, it was initially projected to gross at least $85 to $90 million in the domestic box office over the opening 5-day period - a projection that is considered to be on the conservative side.[204] Later, projections were increased to $125 million in the domestic box office and $225 million in the worldwide box office over the same period.[205][206] On opening day, the movie grossed $66.4 million worldwide, surpassing the lifetime global box office gross of Super Mario Bros..[65]

The film has set several box office records:


In an interview with the New York Times, an Universal executive disclosed that the movie had generated more than $75 million in revenues on Premium Video On-Demand (PVOD) platforms in its first three weeks.[212]

Critical reception

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has received mixed reviews from film critics. It has been praised for its visuals, score, and faithfulness to the video games, while the screenplay and plot have received criticism.[213] Some critics have found the plot to be lacking in substance and sidelined in favor of the amount of fan service. Jack Black's performance has additionally been a subject of praise, though the reception to some elements of the voice acting was mixed, specifically Chris Pratt's performance.

Audience reviews were strikingly more positive, acclaiming the film for the same reasons as the critics, but some have criticized the pacing and the film's short length.

John Leguizamo, who portrayed Luigi in the live-action film, criticized The Super Mario Bros. Movie for a lack of Latin representation in its cast (despite Anya Taylor-Joy and Fred Armisen having Latin heritage), and stated that he did not intend to watch the animated film.[214]

Cinemascore A
Rotten Tomatoes 59%
"While it's nowhere near as thrilling as turtle tipping your way to 128 lives, The Super Mario Bros. Movie is a colorful -- albeit thinly plotted -- animated adventure that has about as many Nintendos as Nintendon'ts."
Metacritic 46

Home release

On May 16, 2023, the film was released digitally on several streaming services.[215][216] On June 13, 2023, it was officially released on DVD, Blu-Ray, and 4K Ultra HD, with the 4K version also being sold as a SteelBook depicting a red mushroom on the front and as a limited collectable Super Star tin.[217] It contains bonus content such as interviews, a music video, and a documentary. In Australia, the film released in retail stores on July 5, 2023, with the SteelBook version being made exclusive to JB Hi-Fi stores.[218] The film was released for streaming and home media in Japan on September 6, 2023.[219]

Awards and acknowledgements

The Super Mario Bros. Movie was nominated for "Best Adaptation" at The Game Awards 2023.[220] It ultimately lost to The Last of Us.[221]


In a financial briefing held on November 8, 2023,[222] Nintendo reported that The Super Mario Bros. Movie positively impacted the performance of various Super Mario–related products. The following phenomena are directly attributed to the movie's success:

The relevant data was collected from April (the month the movie premiered in theatres) through September 2023.[222]

References to other media

  • Nintendo: Three roads shown in Queens on the map in the Super Mario Bros. Plumbing commercial, located where Cross Island Parkway, Northern Boulevard, and Linden Boulevard would be in real life, are respectively named 1889th Street, Hanafuda Avenue, and Luck Cards Street; the first is a reference to the company's founding date, while the other two refer to its origins as a hanafuda card company. The back of a Nintendo hanafuda card is seen plastered on a wall in Brooklyn. A pennant in the Mario Bros.'s apartment reads "Slugger Mate", another name for the Ultra Machine. A sticker of Nintendo's logo is on the side of Mario's TV.
  • Game & Watch series: Two signs at a truck and a construction site respectively depict Game & Watch characters using a bucket and shovel. The character holding the bucket specifically references Oil Panic.
  • Donkey Kong: Pauline appears as the mayor of New York City. Giuseppe resembles Mario's original design from the game and is seen playing the "Jump Man" arcade machine at Punch-Out Pizzeria, a game that directly parodies the original game in sounds, artwork, and level design. Cranky Kong's guards have hammers for weapons. In the Great Ring of Kong, the platform Mario and Donkey Kong stand on is a red girder. Barrels and blue ladders can also be seen in the same scene. The towels some of the Kongs in the audience have depict Donkey Kong's sprite from this game. As Mario beats Donkey Kong, a piano arrangement of the tune that plays when Donkey Kong climbs 25m is heard. The sound that plays when Donkey Kong obtains a Fire Flower is the same one that plays when a barrel is broken with a hammer in the NES version of the game. "Opening" is arranged in the track "Drivin' Me Bananas". Audio from this game is played on the Super Mario Bros. Plumbing website. Donkey Kong's design in the movie is slightly based on Miyamoto's design of Donkey Kong from this game.
  • Donkey Kong Jr.: Similarly to what happens in this game, Cranky Kong is locked up in a cage and is later rescued by his son.
  • Mario Bros.: The Mario Bros. go into a manhole and attempt to fix a big overflowing water main in the New York City sewers. They go even deeper into the sewer when both stumble upon a warp pipe that transports them to the Mushroom Kingdom. In the preceding newscast, scrolling text repeatedly mentions sightings of "giant underground crabs" in the area.
  • Tennis: The game's boxart is seen in a poster in Mario's room.
  • Duck Hunt: The ducks and environment from this game appear as paintings in Punch-Out Pizzeria, and a duck appears on a wooden sign in Brooklyn when the Mario Bros. run to the Brooklyn couple's building. A painting of the dog is briefly seen hanging in the Brooklyn couple's apartment, before the Mario Bros. enter the bathroom. While the Mario Bros. are navigating Brooklyn, a French restaurant in Brooklyn named Chasse au Canard, the French translation of the game's title, can be seen.
  • Golf: The game's boxart is seen in a poster in Mario's room.
  • Hogan's Alley: The game's title appears in the ticker text during the news broadcast.
  • Balloon Fight: Artwork of the Balloon Fighter appears as a sign in Brooklyn.
  • Ice Climber: A headline in the ticker text during the news broadcast reads, "Stolen vegetables recovered by ice climbers", referencing the Ice Climbers and the vegetables they collect. The Polar Bear appears on a poster in Mario's room and on one of the signs in Brooklyn.
  • Wrecking Crew: Foreman Spike appears in the film, with "Wrecking Crew"-branded work clothes.
  • Kung Fu: A poster featuring sprites from this game appears in Mario's room.
  • Excitebike: While the Mario Bros. are navigating the streets, a location, City Bike, is shown, with the motorcycle sprite from the game being used on the location's sign. An Excitebike-themed calendar also appears in the interior of Mario's House.
  • R.O.B. / Gyromite: At the end of the Super Mario Bros. Plumbing commercial, a market named Gyro Market is seen. The sign also has R.O.B.'s head at the center of it.
  • Nintendo Entertainment System: Mario owns the actual console and is seen playing Kid Icarus on it in the beginning of the film. The Toad at the antique store asks about an NES cartridge, to which the clerk tells them to blow into it, referencing a popular real-life method to make a cartridge work properly.
  • Super Mario Bros.: The sprites of Mario, Luigi, and a ? Block (albeit in their modern colors) are featured in Nintendo's opening title with the original Ground Theme and the "Course Clear" jingle playing. Various sound effects from this game are used in the score, and the Warp Pipe sound can be heard several times throughout the film. The table markers in Punch-Out Pizzeria resemble Goal Poles. The positioning of the building number, the crates and cans on the scaffolding, and the vent above them in the construction site Mario and Luigi run through resembles that of the first group of blocks encountered in World 1-1. After running through the construction site, Mario slides down Castle Burger's sign as if it was a Goal Pole, complete with the sound effect. The Castle Burger building resembles the fortress from this game. The hole Mario and Luigi make after crashing into the underground brick wall is in the shape of Small Mario's head. The mysterious pipe system in which Mario and Luigi find the Warp Pipe is in an area labeled as "Level 1-2". A screenshot of the exterior of a fortress can be seen inside the antique store, and a nearby barrel contains axes. The store's "open" sign is styled after this game's in-game logo. The mushroom retainers' quote, "Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle!", is referenced in the film by a blue Toad while trying to dissuade Mario from entering Peach's Castle. The bridge over a sea of jumping Cheep Cheeps that Mario, Princess Peach and Toad walk across is very similar to World 2-3 from this game. In Luigi's flashback, the flag Baby Luigi holds has the emblem of the Goal Pole flags. The Ground Theme, Underground Theme, Underwater Theme, Castle theme, Super Star theme, the "Ending" theme, "Hurry Up" jingle, "Lost a Life" jingle, and "Course Clear" fanfare are arranged in the film's score. One of the reviewers on the Super Mario Bros. Plumbing website is named "anothercaserole", a reference to the mushroom retainers' quote. Another Super Mario Bros. Plumbing reviewer is named "dunnadunnadunna", a vocal interpretation of the main melody of the Underground Theme.
  • Family Computer Disk System: A shop named "Disk-kun Hardware Co.", which features the character in its logo, appears in Brooklyn.
  • The Legend of Zelda series: On the map in the Super Mario Bros. Plumbing commercial, a road in Queens (which is actually supposed to be a block of the real-life Hollis Avenue) is named "Link Street", after the franchise's main character. Mario's father bears a strong resemblance to Talon, a Mario lookalike from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  • Metroid series: A headline in the news broadcast ticker text mentions FS-176, a solar system containing most of the planets in the Metroid games.
  • Pro Wrestling: The Video Wrestling Association is mentioned in the ticker text during the news broadcast. A poster featuring two wrestlers from the game, Starman and The Amazon, is seen in Mario's room.
  • Kid Icarus: Audio from the Family Computer Disk System version of the game is played on the Super Mario Bros. Plumbing website. Mario is seen playing the game in his room at the beginning of the film. The NES cartridge is seen during the credits.
  • Punch-Out!! series: On the map in the Super Mario Bros. Plumbing commercial, a location in Brooklyn named "Punch Out" is shown. A restaurant named Punch-Out Pizzeria appears in the film, with the logo harkening back to the NES Punch-Out!! logo. Pictures of various opponents from the franchise can also be seen in the restaurant. A billboard and a sign in Brooklyn reads Popinski, a reference to one of Little Mac's opponents, Soda Popinski. On the Brazilian and French versions of the Super Mario Bros. Plumbing website, one of the testimonials mentions eating mac and cheese at the restaurant, making reference to Little Mac himself. One of the responses to the 20 questions states the best side dish at Punch-Out Pizzeria is "The Little Mac n' Cheese."
  • Super Mario Bros.: Peach-hime Kyūshutsu Dai Sakusen!: The scene where Mario is playing with his NES is similar to the one in the 1986 film where he plays with a Famicom.
  • Super Mario Bros. 2: The design of the poster featuring Toadette is based on the title screen of this game. Magical Potions can be seen in the antique store. The opening notes of the "Ground Theme" are arranged in the credits theme, "Level Complete". After Peach shows Mario how to complete the Training Course, she floats down the Goal Post using her skirt, much like her special skill in the game.
  • Super Mario Bros. 3: The Brooklyn couple's house features a framed piece of artwork resembling the green triangular texture patterns used for hills in this game. Music Boxes, P Switches, P-Wings, Lakitu's Clouds, anchors, treasure chests as they appear in this game's Toad Houses, and a hammer can be seen in the antique store. On the back wall of the store is a picture of Princess Peach as she appears in this game's letters. When Mario runs from some Toad Guards in Peach's Castle, the sound he makes when skidding across the hallway is identical to the dashing sound from this game. The Tanooki Suit, which debuted in this game, also appears. The sign above the vertical lift Mario and Toad use resembles the world maps from this game. The Ground Theme, Athletic Theme, Toad House/P Switch music, Spade Panel minigame music, Airship Theme, and Hammer Bro mini-boss music are arranged in the film's score. The Koopa Troop's territory is the Dark Lands. The P-Meter sound effect and the drum sample are used in the track "Press Start". The piano Bowser plays has Ludwig von Koopa's name on it. The voxel map Peach uses makes the "world map start" sound effect when the Mushroom Kingdom forms.
  • The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!: The Mario Rap is used for the Super Mario Bros. Plumbing ad campaign. Two posters for the film use lyrics from the rap.
  • Dr. Mario series: One of the locations in Brooklyn is a doctor's office with a sign featuring the capsules from the series. "Chill" is arranged in the track "Fighting Tooth and Veil".
  • Super Mario World: The sound effect that plays when Magikoopas cast a spell is heard when Kamek teleports and creates stairs for Bowser in the Snow Kingdom. The game's coin sound effect plays when the first Toad hits a Coin Block when Mario and Toad first enter the Mushroom Kingdom. A Dragon Coin, ! Blocks, Power Balloons, keys, and Trampolines styled after the ones from this game can be spotted in the antique store. Cape Feathers appear in the teaser poster. The Super Mario Bros. Plumbing commercial in the film depicts the brothers wearing capes. The voxel map makes the Item Stock and Valley of Bowser thunder sound effects when the Jungle Kingdom and Dark Lands form, respectively. Rotating Blocks appear in the Training Course. The sound effect when an item emerges from a ? Block plays as the Training Course finishing assembling. The game's jump sound effect plays when Peach jumps off the final fake Bomber Bill. The map of Peach's Castle and its surrounding areas shown by Cranky Kong resembles the world map from this game. The Ground Theme, Athletic Theme, Ghost House theme, and Castle theme are arranged in the film's score. The sound effect of Yoshi spitting out an object is used in "Press Start".
  • F-Zero: A poster in Mario's room resembles the North American and European boxart of this game.
  • Mario Kart series: The opening logo for Illumination features a Minion in a kart at a starting line, with the letters of the logo lighting up similar to the countdown lights held by Lakitu from Mario Kart: Double Dash!! onwards (in order: "ILLU", "MINA", and "TION"). The Minion revs the engine before the second set of lights are lit, causing his kart to backfire, as a reference to failing a Rocket Start. The manual gears on the plumbing van end in 3, 2, and 1, a reference to the countdown when starting a race. A Lightning emblem appear on the gear stick of the kart of the Kong that drives Mario, Peach, and Toad to Cranky's temple. Rainbow Road appears, which Mario, Peach, Toad, and the Kongs drive karts on (or, in Peach and Cranky Kong's case, bikes). Mario's vehicle resembles a mix of the Standard Kart M and the Pipe Frame, Peach's vehicle resembles the Mach Bike, Toad's vehicle resembles the Tiny Titan, and one of the Koopa Troop's vehicles resembles the Bullet Bike. Additionally, Peach wears her biking outfit in the film. The Koopa General has a winged Spiny Shell, which he uses to blast Mario and Donkey Kong off of Rainbow Road, just like in these games.
  • Super Mario Kart: The title theme and the Rainbow Road theme are arranged in the track "Buckle Up".
  • Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins: During the evacuation of Toad Town, a crate can be seen holding stubby carrots with curved, flattened leaves, which resemble the Carrots from this game.
  • Super Mario Bros. (film): Some of the story is adapted from the original film, notably the brothers stumbling into the other world while dealing with a flood under Brooklyn and later returning during the final battle when the other world begins intruding upon it. Mario and Luigi are sometimes seen posing with a wrench and plunger respectively, similar to certain promotional images for the film.
  • Donkey Kong Country series: The Jungle Kingdom[223] is based on Donkey Kong Island. Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, and Swanky Kong appear in a brief cameo. During the fight in the Great Ring of Kong, Donkey Kong performs a Roll Attack. "DK Island Swing" is arranged in the tracks "Courting the Kongs" and "Drivin' Me Bananas", while "Theme" (the title theme), which in turn is an arrangement of "Opening" from Donkey Kong, is arranged in the latter.
  • Star Fox series: A model Arwing rests on top of Mario's television while he plays Kid Icarus.
  • Super Mario All-Stars: Various signs around the Mushroom Kingdom use sprites from this game. A barbershop in Brooklyn is styled after the game's version of Super Mario Bros. 3's N-Mark Spade Panel minigame.
  • Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island: Yoshi's Island appears on the model of the surrounding land masses in Peach's Castle, and it is briefly walked through on the way to the Jungle Kingdom.
  • Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars: The rendition of Bonus Level on the vinyl version of the movie soundtrack rearranges part of the song Hello, Happy Kingdom from this game.[224]
  • Nintendo 64: One of the islands in the map in Peach's Castle resembles a Nintendo 64 controller. On the Super Mario Bros. Plumbing website, one of the responses to the 20 questions reveals the business has serviced 64 clients before.
  • Super Mario 64: A cannon from this game appears. Butterflies in the Mushroom Forest resemble the butterflies from this game. Bob-omb Battlefield appears in the film. The sun floor pattern surrounding the map is similar to the floor pattern in the first floor of Peach's Castle. Mario goes in the Double Jump and Triple Jump poses while jumping off the fake Bomber Bills in the Training Course. King Bob-omb appears at Bowser and Peach's wedding. A Maw-Ray appears. During the fight with Donkey Kong against the Koopa Troop, he performs a Spin Jump after jumping off a mushroom. One of the attacks used by the Mario Bros. against Bowser in the final battle involves grabbing him by his tail, spinning him, and tossing him upwards, similar to the attack used to defeat Bowser from this game. The Main Theme and "Inside the Castle Walls" are arranged in the film's score. Bowser's laugh is used in "Press Start".
  • Wave Race 64: A headline in the ticker text during the news broadcast mentions "R. Hayami" winning a wave race despite his average stats, referencing Ryota Hayami and his stats in-game.
  • Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!: Swanky Kong is in his attire from this game.
  • Yoshi's Story: At the construction site are crates that have pictures of grapes and bananas on them which resemble their depictions from this game. Later, watermelons with zig-zag lines appear on a fruit stand, resembling the watermelons from this game.
  • Mario Party: Wario's Battle Canyon is arranged in the track "Blue Shelled."[225] On the Super Mario Bros. Plumbing website, one of the responses to the 20 questions states Mario loves to throw parties.
  • Donkey Kong 64: Part of the DK Rap is played when Donkey Kong is introduced. Chunky Kong also makes a small cameo in the film.
  • Super Smash Bros. series: During a fight with Donkey Kong and against a wooden cutout of Bowser, Mario does an overhand punch in midair, which resembles his forward aerial from Super Smash Bros. Melee onwards. When the Mario Bros. use this attack against Bowser in the final battle, it sends him downwards, referencing the move's meteor-smash qualities. Additionally, many of Donkey Kong's attacks during his fight with Mario resemble several of his attacks in the games, notably his forward smash and forward aerial. Luigi and Peach also use moves from this series.
  • Paper Mario: The Koopa Troopa rock band members with red and purple mohawks playing Fury Bowser's theme in the film wear spiked arm bands (with the latter wearing pointed sunglasses) like the Koopa Troopas in this game. Bowser's Castle is an enormous, floating vessel as in this game, complete with ball and chains and a figurehead depicting Bowser's face.
  • Super Mario 128: On the Super Mario Bros. Plumbing website, one of the responses to the 20 questions wishes that there were 128 Marios to answer all the calls during the winter months.
  • Nintendo GameCube: The console's startup jingle plays when clicking the phone icon on the Super Mario Bros. Plumbing website. It is also used in the film as Luigi's phone call ringtone.
  • Luigi's Mansion series: Luigi uses a flashlight and calls Mario's name in a similar fashion to this game series. In the Super Mario Bros. Plumbing voicemail, Luigi mentions (and puts emphasis on) a mansion when listing examples of residences customers may own. On the map shown in the Super Mario Bros. Plumbing commercial, a street in Queens (located where Farmers Boulevard would be in real life) is named "Mansion Street". Notes from the Main Theme are arranged in the track "The Darklands". On the Super Mario Bros. Plumbing website, one of the responses to the 20 questions states Luigi likes to vacuum.
  • Pikmin series: A statue of a Pikmin appears in the Brooklyn couple's residence.
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee: Bowser's back-up plan upon Peach rejecting him is to launch an explosive Bomber Bill onto the roof of her castle, like the stage from this game.
  • Super Mario Sunshine: While the Mario Bros. are attempting to drive their van, a travel agency called Super Sunshine Travel Agency, complete with a sign and decor featuring the "Sunshine" part of the logo, dolphins resembling Isle Delfino, and suns that resemble Mario's life meter can be seen. This is also one of the CAPTCHA images on the Super Mario Bros. Plumbing website. The shower bottles found in the Brooklyn couple's shower are from a brand called Shine.
  • Mario Kart: Double Dash!!: Asking about the business' background on the Super Mario Bros. Plumbing website informs the user that they specialize in their "patented Double Dash Drainage".
  • Mario Party 5: A Wiggler sound can be heard right before Mario meets Toad in the official teaser trailer, though the sound is very faint.
  • Mario Power Tennis: During the opening of the scene where Bowser rallies his troops, a background gag occurs where a Shy Guy takes off his mask and the surrounding enemies have horrified reactions, similar to the scene in this game where Luigi is spooked upon seeing what is under the Shy Guy's mask.
  • New Super Mario Bros. series: The "Super Mario Bros." part of the series' logo is used in the logo for Super Mario Bros. Plumbing. A "paah" and the P Switch music are incorporated in the track "Welcome to the Mushroom Kingdom". A fortress, as it appears in the series, can be seen in the background when Mario lands in the Mushroom Kingdom for the first time. The Mini Mushroom appears with its design and behavior carried over from the series, also making the same sound effect from the games when used. The sound that Yoshis make when stomping on enemies can be heard when Toad squashes a Goomba with his frying pan in an advertisement.[226]
  • Shaberu! DS Oryōri Navi: The chef from this game appears on the salt and pepper shakers in Punch-Out Pizzeria.[227]
  • Wii: The icon for the unknown caller on Luigi's phone resembles a faceless Mii.
  • Super Mario Galaxy: The husband of the Brooklyn couple is seen reading a book entitled "GALAXY", featuring the Gateway Galaxy's primary planet on the cover. A Lumalee makes an appearance and makes a Luma sound in the scene where he is introduced and before the credits. Bats from this game make an appearance. Mario's landing position in the Mushroom Forest mimics his position in the Mushroom Kingdom at the ending cutscene. The whistle heard in the Toad Brigade theme from this game is used in "Level Complete", as well as an arrangement of "Gusty Garden Galaxy". An arrangement of the Toad Brigade theme itself is used in the track "Strange New World", which plays when Toad is introduced in the film. An arrangement of Deep Dark Galaxy's music plays when Luigi is first seen in the Dark Lands. The track "King Bowser" is arranged in "Welcome to the Mushroom Kingdom".
  • New Super Mario Bros. Wii: The hills and Mushroom Platforms surrounding Peach's Castle resemble those from this game. Two Bramballs appear. This game's coin sound can be faintly heard when the second Toad hits a Coin Block during the scene where Mario and Toad first enter the Mushroom Kingdom. The sound effect of a Koopa Shell being kicked plays when one of the guard Toads kicks Mario and when Princess Peach Wall Jumps off blocks in the Training Course. During the scene where Donkey Kong and Mario defend the Mushroom Kingdom from the Koopa Troop, the power-up sound effect from this game plays when Mario eats a Super Mushroom. Multiple Koopa Clown Cars use cannons in their mouths to spit cannonballs, akin to the spiked bombs from this game. Kamek is shown dressed as Peach in a scene where Bowser is practicing his proposal to her. The Fire Flower bobs in promotional artwork as it does in this game. The Ice Flower also makes an appearance with the ability to freeze enemies. The Ghost House theme is arranged in the film's score.
  • Super Mario Galaxy 2: Bowser is shrunken to a small size after his defeat, much like his appearance during the credits of this game. A Dash Pepper icon appears on a bottle of hot sauce in Punch-Out Pizzeria on Foreman Spike's table.[228]
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns: A pair of Rocket Barrels, as originally seen in this game, appears as part of Donkey Kong's kart. Mario and Donkey Kong ride a Rocket Barrel to escape the Maw-Ray's mouth. This game's specific arrangement of "Opening" from Donkey Kong and "Theme" from Donkey Kong Country, used on the title screen, is rearranged in "Drivin' Me Bananas". Rambi's emblem from this game can be seen on the kart of the Kong that drives Mario, Peach, and Toad to Cranky's temple. Donkey Kong additionally uses his blow move from this game to snuff out the Fire Flower during his battle in the Great Ring of Kong.
  • Super Mario 3D Land: A Boomerang Flower can be seen in the antique store. Biddybuds and little birds appear. One of the Mushroom Platforms in the second teaser poster is purple with magenta spots, just like the Poison Mushrooms in this game.
  • Mario Kart 7: Mario, Peach, and Toad arrive at Cranky's lair via a kart with a glider.[229] On the machine that builds vehicles are reels that resemble the vehicle parts menu.
  • New Super Mario Bros. U: Rocky peaks that resemble the formations seen at Rock-Candy Mines appear. Two Stone-Eyes appear in the background of the Sand Kingdom scene. The cliffs surrounding the bridge of jumping Cheep Cheeps that Mario, Princess Peach and Toad walk across resemble those in Sparkling Waters.
  • Mario Kart Arcade GP DX: In one of the posters, the pose Mario is in resembles a pose he takes in this game's key artwork.
  • Mario & Luigi: Dream Team: The last of the 20 Questions added with the SMBPlumbing website's third update references the title of this game, as Mario and Luigi explain that they never fight with each other, hence why they are referred to as "the dream team."
  • Super Mario 3D World: Toad and Mario travel through a Clear Pipe, which debuts in this game, to reach Peach's Castle. Mario briefly runs like how he does in this game after reaching the top of the construction site. Voxel Super Bells can be seen at the front of the antique store. Cat Mario appears during the fight with Donkey Kong. Some trees resemble those from this game. Diamond-patterned blocks from this game appear. Upon his defeat, Bowser is shrunken down and sealed inside a glass bottle, similar to his fate shown in the credits for this game.
  • Mario Kart 8 / Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: The countdown sound from this game is used for the Illumination logo. The logo of the news station uses the cloud from Mario Kart TV's logo. The menu music from this game is arranged in the track "Karts!" A design on the vehicle-building machine references the Wii U GamePad's functionality as a horn. The item roulette sound from the game is heard when the characters spin the rolls in the machine. Icons for the Biddybuggy, Standard Bike, Pipe Frame, Standard tire, Slim tire, Cyber Slick, Parachute glider, Super Glider, and MKTV Parafoil appear on the rolls. The sound of Toad's horn is directly from this game. The pattern at the end of the ramp that leads to Rainbow Road resembles a Dash Panel from this game. Anti-gravity is used in the Rainbow Road scene.
  • Super Mario Maker: The custom cursor on the Super Mario Bros. Plumbing website is the same as the one found in this game's Course Maker. Mario and Luigi's Mystery Mushroom costumes from this game appear for Nintendo's logo. During the attack at the Snow Kingdom, Buzzy Beetles can be briefly seen with Bill Blasters attached to their shells. Builder Toads can be seen when Toad and Mario travel across lifts. The Training Course is a reference to this game.[230]
  • Nintendo Switch: The left portion of the phone dock in the Mario Bros. apartment resembles a Neon Blue Joy-Con.
  • Super Mario Odyssey: A Crazy Cap store appears. Patches designed after the Fossil Falls, Tostarena, and Peach's Castle stickers from this game appear on Toad's backpack. The Desert Area visited in the film is the Sand Kingdom from this game. Also, Bowser and Peach are seen wearing the same wedding outfits that originated from this game. As Bowser practices his proposal, he holds a bouquet of Piranha Plants. The Maw-Ray's design is the same from this game. A book named The Odyssey is seen. Figures of sheep from the game are seen on a shelf in the Mario Bros. apartment. Bowser's tailspin attack originated from this game. The music tracks "Fossil Falls" and "Mount Volbono: Town" are arranged in "Welcome to the Mushroom Kingdom" and "The Mushroom Council" respectively. On the Super Mario Bros. Plumbing website, a section of Mayor Pauline's memo reads "it's time to jump up in the air", referencing a lyric from "Jump Up, Super Star!"
  • Mario Tennis Aces: In the scene when Mario and Luigi greet their family, a photo of Mario in his tennis outfit and resembling artworkMedia:Mario - TennisAces.png from this game is seen.
  • Super Mario Maker 2: A Super Hammer appears on a sign at the construction site. In the film's final battle against Bowser, Invincible Luigi briefly uses a Dry Bones Shell as a shield.
  • Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury: Fury Bowser's theme plays when Bowser rallies his army for his plan to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom.

References in later media

Differences from the video games

Mario head smaller.png This section is a stub. You can help the Super Mario Wiki by expanding it.
  • The characters have various significant characterization differences compared to their original video game counterparts, most notably Mario, Princess Peach, Donkey Kong, and Lumalee.
  • The film uses a different origin story for Mario and Luigi from the one depicted in the Yoshi's Island series onwards, being Brooklyn natives like in early media predating the series, including the original Mario Bros. arcade game, the DIC cartoons, and the 1993 film.
  • Just like in the DIC cartoons and the 1993 film, Mario and Luigi have a Brooklyn accent, though they do use Italian accents in their plumbing commercial.
  • Peach is shown to have come to the Mushroom Kingdom as a baby, when the Toads found and raised her and later crowned her their princess, instead of being born into her position as implied by Super Mario Bros., Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, and Yoshi's Island DS.
  • Like in Super Mario Odyssey, Bowser plans a forced wedding to Peach, but unlike it, as Mario and Peach have not been established as love interests like in the games, Mario's motivations lie in saving Luigi instead of stopping Bowser from marrying Peach, and he does not attempt to directly stop the wedding nor propose marriage to Peach.
  • Koopa Troopas and Koopa Paratroopas wear helmets and carry weapons.
  • Several characters transfer between different karts that they drive/ride on during the Rainbow Road battle. Players are unable to hop from kart to kart in the games and are only able to use the one they have selected.
    • By extension, riders of karts are flung from their vehicles when they are crashed into.
  • Invincible Mario is able to destroy a Sledge Bro's hammer upon making contact with it.
  • When Mini Mario takes damage, he reverts to his normal form rather than being defeated.
  • Super Mushrooms and Mini Mushrooms are never referred to by their actual names, but generically as "red mushrooms" and "blue mushrooms" respectively; though the former power-up's Nintendo name is used in the bonus feature "The Super Mario Bros. Movie Field Guide" on the DVD release. The mushrooms also lack eyes when shown in the film, though they are depicted with eyes in promotional art and merchandise.
  • Spinies are depicted with visible mouths and teeth.
  • Tanooki Mario has indefinite flight capability rather than only being able to fly for a short amount of time (though Raccoon Mario can fly indefinitely in the games using a P-Wing, the movie has Mario use a standard Super Leaf to become Tanooki Mario as in games such as Super Mario 3D Land).
  • During the battle on Rainbow Road, a Koopa Troopa fires a Green Shell, which bounces off of and crashes multiple karts. In the Mario Kart series, Green Shells break after hitting a single kart.
  • While selecting a kart, tires, and glider in the kart workshop, the item roulette sound effect from throughout the Mario Kart series is heard. This is not the case when selecting kart parts in the games.
  • Coins in the film do not appear naturally floating throughout the Mushroom Kingdom like they do in the games. Instead, they are only seen obtainable by punching Coin Blocks located in Toad Town.
  • Ice Peach is capable of freezing Bowser, unlike in the games.
  • Bullet Bills are used as projectile weapons, fired from karts during the battle on Rainbow Road. In the Mario Kart series, they are not used as projectiles; instead, the player transforms into a Bullet Bill themselves.
  • The effects of the Super Star last longer.
  • Karts' anti-gravity feature can be manually activated or deactivated by the driver.
  • The Spiny Shell is known as the "Blue Shell", and due to belonging to the Koopa General, it does not attack whomever is in the lead (Peach and Toad) but instead attacks Mario and Donkey Kong.
  • A Banzai Bill is referred to as the "Bomber Bill".
  • Donkey Kong Island is a kingdom referred to as the Jungle Kingdom, ruled by Cranky Kong with Donkey Kong being the heir to the throne.
  • Donkey Kong is referred to as Cranky Kong's son, unlike in the games, where it has been stated that Donkey Kong is Cranky Kong's grandson.
  • A large number of bananas are fired out of a kart's cannon during the battle on Rainbow Road. In the games, bananas can be dropped as a single item, or three in the form of Triple Bananas.
  • A society of generic Kongs live in the Jungle Kingdom.
  • Fire Peach is not depicted with a ponytail.
  • Peach wears a helmet when riding her bike.
  • Cat Mario is depicted with visible claws.
  • Pauline acts as the mayor of New York City instead of New Donk City.
  • Spike wears an outfit not seen in prior media, wearing a cyan overshirt and cap, with the latter having "Wrecking Crew" text written upon it. He is also noticeably larger in build than Mario (Luigi describes him as "three times [Mario's] size"), unlike in Wrecking Crew, where their builds are quite similar.


Main article: List of The Super Mario Bros. Movie quotes
  • "I've finally found it. And now no one can stop me!!" - Bowser
  • "Mushroom Kingdom, here we come!" - Mario (teaser trailer only)
  • "Alright... Let's-a go." - Mario (official trailer only)
  • "Too much? It's-a perfect! Wahoo!" - Giuseppe
  • "There's no escape. The only hope is the sweet relief of death." - Lumalee
  • "Well well well, if it isn't Brooklyn's favorite failures... the stupid Mario Brothers!" - Spike
  • "Behold... The King of the Koopas!" - Kamek
  • "Ooh, fresh meat for the grinder!" - Lumalee
  • "There's a huge universe out there... with a lot of galaxies." - Princess Peach
  • "We found him in the Dark Lands." - Snifit
  • "Thank you for calling Super Mario Bros. Plumbing! It's-a me, Luigi! Ah, if you need service, please-uh text us the same number you just called! 929-55-MARIO! That's 929-556-2746! Message us about any issues wherever you live! House, condo... mansion? And we'll be sure to text you back right away, because at Super Mario Brothers Plumbing, we don't say, 'Let's-a wait'; we say, 'Let's-a go!' Oh, and uh, check out our website! We're still working on it, so.... more updates to come. Buh-bye!" - Luigi (Super Mario Bros. Plumbing voicemail)
  • "That is but a taste of our fury. Do you yield?" - Penguin King
  • "Now, that's a happy ending. Or is it? Because everything's over now. And all that's left is you and the infinite void. Kinda makes you wanna play saxophone huh?" - Lumalee
  • "You... can't escape ME! BLUE SHELL!!!" - Koopa General
  • "These are my boys!" - Mario and Luigi's father
  • "Nothing can hurt us, as long as we're together!" - The Mario brothers
  • "It's on like Donkey Kong!" - Donkey Kong


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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ザ・スーパーマリオブラザーズ・ムービー
Za Sūpā Mario Burazāzu Mūbī
The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Arabic سوبر ماريو بروس، الفيلم
Super Mario Bros. Al-Film
Super Mario Bros. The Movie
Armenian Սուպեր մարիո եղբայրները կինոյում
Super Mario yeghbayrnery kinoyum
Super Mario brothers in the cinema
Bosnian Super Mario braća film Super Mario brothers movie
Bulgarian Супер Марио Bros.: Филмът
Super Mario Bros.: Filmŭt
Super Mario Bros.: Movie
Catalan Super Mario Bros. La pel·lícula Super Mario Bros. The Movie
Chinese (Simplified) 超级马力欧兄弟大电影
Chāojí Mǎlìōu Xiōngdì Dà Diànyǐng
Super Mario Bros. The Movie
Chinese (Traditional) 超級瑪利歐兄弟電影版 (ROC)
Chāojí Mǎlìōu Xiōngdì Diànyǐng Bǎn
超級瑪利歐兄弟大電影 (Hong Kong)
Chāojí Mǎlìōu Xiōngdì Dà Diànyǐng
Super Mario Bros. Movie Edition

Super Mario Bros. The Movie
Croatian Super Mario Bros. film Super Mario Bros. movie
Czech Super Mario Bros. ve filmu Super Mario Bros. the movie
Danish Super Mario Bros. Filmen The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Dutch The Super Mario Bros. Movie -
Estonian Super Mario Bros. film Super Mario Bros. movie
Finnish The Super Mario Bros. Movie -
French Super Mario Bros. Le Film Super Mario Bros. The Movie
Georgian სუპერ მარიო ძმების ფილმი
Sup’er Mario dzmebis pilmi
Super Mario brothers movie
German Der Super Mario Bros. Film The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Greek Super Mario Bros. Η Ταινία
Super Mario Bros. I Tenía
Super Mario Bros. The Movie
Hebrew האחים סופר מריו הסרט
Ha'Hakhim Super Mario Ha'Seret
Super Mario Brothers The Movie
Hindi द सुपर मारियो ब्रदर्स मूवी
Da Supar Māriyo Bradars Mūvī
The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Hungarian Super Mario Bros.: A film Super Mario Bros.: The movie
Icelandic Super Mario Bros. bíómyndin The Super Mario Bros. movie
Indonesian The Super Mario Bros. Movie -
Italian Super Mario Bros. Il Film Super Mario Bros. The Movie
Korean 슈퍼 마리오 브라더스
Syupeo Malio Beuladeoseu
Super Mario Bros.
Latvian Super Mario brāļi: Filma Super Mario brothers: Movie
Lithuanian Broliai Super Mario. Filmas Super Mario brothers. Movie
Macedonian Супер Марио Браќа Филм
Super Mario braḱa film
Super Mario brothers movie
Malay The Super Mario Bros. Movie -
Norwegian Super Mario Bros. Filmen The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Polish Super Mario Bros. film Super Mario Bros. movie
Portuguese Super Mario Bros. O Filme Super Mario Bros. The Movie
Romanian Super Mario Bros.: Filmul Super Mario Bros.: The movie
Russian Братья Супер Марио в кино
Bratya Super Mario v kino
Super Mario brothers to the cinema
Serbian Super Mario braća film Super Mario brothers movie
Slovak Super Mario Bros. vo filme Super Mario Bros. the movie
Slovenian Brata Super Mario film Super Mario brothers movie
Spanish Super Mario Bros. La Película Super Mario Bros. The Movie
Swedish Super Mario Bros. Filmen Super Mario Bros. Movie
Thai เดอะ ซูเปอร์มาริโอบราเธอร์ส มูฟวี่
Dexa Sūpexr̒ Mārixo Brāṭhexr̒s̄ Mūfwī̀
The Super Mario Brothers Movie
Turkish Süper Mario Kardeşler Filmi Super Mario Brothers Movie
Ukrainian Брати Супер Маріо в кіно
Brati Super Mario v kino
Super Mario brothers to the cinema
Vietnamese Phim ảnh em Super Mario Super Mario to the cinema


  • The Universal Pictures logo in this film runs shorter than its usual appearances.
  • The Super Mario Bros. Plumbing commercial is presented in pillarboxed widescreen, and as the camera pans to show the Mario Bros., the aspect ratio widens to the cinematic anamorphic aspect ratio.
  • There is an error after Luigi inadvertently defeats a Dry Bones. As he says, "You just got-a Luigi'd!", the back locks in his hair suddenly snap into place.
    • Another error appears in the Training Course. When Mario starts it for the first time and runs over the Brick Blocks, in the background are some lines of Brick Blocks and Question Blocks, but they are absent when the camera shows the full jump.
  • Bowser is the only character to refer to Princess Peach in-film by her name, Toad is never referred to by name by any other character (though Peach does use the name a few times, it is only in reference to the Toad species), and Kamek is never referred to by name at all.

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