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This article is about the fruit in the Mario franchise. For the antagonist in Princess Peach: Showtime!, see Grape (character).
Grapes from Yoshi's Story
First appearance Super Mario Bros. Print World (1991)
Latest appearance Mario Party Superstars (2021)
“You can squeeze grapes for juice, get oil from the seeds, or even eat them raw. Isn't that astonishing? That makes grapes a prime candidate for most well-rounded player of the fruit world.”
Monita, Nintendo Land

Grapes are fruits sometimes found in the Super Mario franchise.


Super Mario Bros. Print World

A page border from Super Mario Bros. Print World

Grapes first appear in Super Mario Bros. Print World as one of the selectable borders.

Yoshi franchise


NES (left), Game Boy (right)
NES (left), Game Boy (right)
NES (left), Game Boy (right)

Grapes reappear in Yoshi, after the player clears levels 14 and 15 of the B-Type game, awarding the player 700 points.

Yoshi's Story

Sprite of Grapes from Yoshi's Story

Grapes appear in Yoshi's Story as one of the fruit the Yoshis have to eat to clear a level. Grapes are the favorite fruit of both Blue Yoshi and Light Blue Yoshi.

Yoshi Touch & Go

Grapes in Yoshi Touch & Go give Yoshi ten eggs when eaten.

Mario's Time Machine

SNES (left), PC (in Athens, center), and PC (in Alexandria, right)
SNES (left), PC (in Athens, center), and PC (in Alexandria, right)
SNES (left), PC (in Athens, center), and PC (in Alexandria, right)
SNES (left), PC (in Athens, center), and PC (in Alexandria, right)

In Mario's Time Machine, Mario receives a bunch of grapes from Aristotle after traveling back in time to Athens, who offers them as "food for the body" in contrast to the food for the mind that is philosophy. They can be given to a nearby councilman, who is interested in talking more about Plato but has a dry throat. Once he is given the grapes, he thanks Dionysus for the gift and eats it before continuing to talk about Plato.

Later, in ancient Alexandria, Mario receives some grapes from one of Cleopatra's maids after he gives her the Wooden Snake from the guard in love with her (in the SNES version, the Grapes instead appear in Mario's inventory during an unrelated dialogue with the previous guard; this is a glitch, as the maid's dialog still indicates that she gives Mario the Grapes despite not doing so). The maid is overjoyed to receive the snake, and tells Mario that Julius Caesar can be won over by giving him grapes. Mario does just that, which motivates Caesar to answer questions about the Staff in Mario's possession.

Donkey Kong franchise

A Grape (Lanky Kong's ammo) in Donkey Kong 64.

Grapes appear in Donkey Kong 64 as the ammo for Lanky Kong's Grape Shooter. They also appear in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat as the goal fruit at the end of every level in the Grape Kingdom.

Mario Party series

Mario Party 2

Grapes Honeycomb Havoc MP2.png

In Mario Party 2, grapes can be seen in Honeycomb Havoc.

Mario Party 4

In Mario Party 4, grapes appear in the Bowser minigame Fruits of Doom as one of the potential fruits on Bowser's list.

Nintendo Land

In Nintendo Land, grapes are one of the types of fruit that can appear in Yoshi's Fruit Cart. It can also be one of the prizes received from the Coin Game.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ぶどう
Spanish (NOA) Uva Grape
Spanish (NOE) Mora