Grave Tusk

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Grave Tusk
Artwork of Grave Tusk from Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
Species Tusk
First appearance Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (2004)
Latest appearance New Play Control! Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (2008)

Grave Tusk is the second Tusk in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. It is the ruler of the Grape Kingdom in the GameCube version. In the New Play Control! version, it is the ruler of the Cherry Kingdom.

It appears as a large, robotic elephant, colored brown, with red eyes and darker brown tusks.

Grave Tusk is fought much the same way Turret Tusk and Torch Tusk are fought. At first, it has the same attacks as Turret Tusk, but after enough damage is done to it, it gains a laser attack. The only way to dodge this attack is to get into a corner that the laser will not hit. Again, Donkey Kong must throw Blood Pines at him to reveal and attack its heart. Grave Tusk is fought in a desert area.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キクゾウ
Kiku Zō
Portmanteau of「聞く」(kiku, to hear) and「象」(, elephant); also possibly a pun on「きくぞう」(Kikuzō, Japanese masculine given name)

French Barry Laid
From "barrir" (to trumpet) and "laid" (ugly)
Italian Robofante 3.1
Robo-(ele)phant 3.1


  • The textures of Grave Tusk and Torch Tusk are internally swapped, suggesting they were meant to be encountered in opposite order.