Pea Frog

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Pea Frog
First appearance Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (2004)
Latest appearance New Play Control! Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (2008)
Parent species Rolling Frog

Pea Frogs[1] are frog-like enemies in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. They are found in the Banana Kingdom's level Jungle Deeps, and Pear Kingdom's Clock Tower where they constantly hop around throughout the levels. They can also harm Donkey Kong if he makes contact with them which causes him to lose a beat (heart in the Wii version). Donkey Kong can immobilize a Pea Frog by using his Sound Wave Attack to cause them to inflate. If this move isn't repeated on them, the Pea Frog will return to their original size. Donkey Kong can either defeat the Pea Frog with a Ground Pound or by stunning them three times. Once one is defeated, three Bananas will be received.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese プチガエル[2]
Puchi Gaeru
From 「プチ」 puchi (petit) and 「カエル」 kaeru (frog).


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