Peach Kingdom

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Donkey Kong Jungle Beat kingdom
Peach Kingdom
The Peach Kingdom's icon from Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
Barrel J Barrel (GameCube)
B Barrel (Wii)
Crest(s) 14
Level(s) Arctic Plunge
Ancient Foundry
Ruler Torch Tusk (GameCube)
Bloat-Hog (Wii)
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The Peach Kingdom is the tenth kingdom in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. In the original version of the game, it is the second kingdom linked to the J Barrel and can be accessed by completing all the kingdoms linked to the K Barrel and collecting fourteen or more Crests. In the New Play Control! version, it is the first kingdom linked to the B Barrel and is accessed by completing the Cherry Kingdom. The Peach Kingdom is the dominion of Torch Tusk in the Nintendo GameCube version of the game, but is instead the dominion of Bloat-Hog in the New Play Control! version. At the end of every level, Donkey Kong eats a giant peach.


Level Preview Description
Arctic Plunge Arctic Plunge.png Arctic Plunge is the first area of the Peach Kingdom. The level takes place on and underneath a large iceberg. Under the iceberg is a body of water, which Donkey Kong has to swim through for most of the level. Although level takes place in a cold area, Donkey Kong is not harmed by the coldness of the water, and can easily swim around the many enemies in the water, including the Jelly Fish and Pea Jelly Fish midway through the level. Other enemies include a Rolling Frog and a Tar Fish, who must be defeat for the ape to progress. Because the level is mostly submerged, Donkey Kong does not encounter many obstacles to interact with in it, other than some Helper Monkeys and a crack in the ice that can be opened. At the end of the level, Hoofer appears near a straight path, and Donkey Kong can ride him to finish off the level and play through a bonus game.
Ancient Foundry Ancient Foundry.png Ancient Foundry is the second area of the Peach Kingdom. This level contains lava and fire bubbles which can cause Donkey Kong to lose beats if he comes into contact with them. The main obstacle in the level, however, is its many large, round, moving platforms, each which have a small gap in them for the ape to head into to travel over lava. A Dragon Pipe also appears here as a minor obstacle to take the ape to different areas, and a Helper Monkey also appears here. The level features three mini-bosses: A Big Bee, a Tar Man, and a Gōrumondo.
VS. Torch Tusk
(GameCube version)
Torch Tusk.png In the GameCube version, Donkey Kong faces Torch Tusk. He looks exactly like the others, more specifically Grave Tusk. He is fought in a volcano-like setting. Torch Tusk, at the beginning, attacks by using the other Tusks' attacks (Turret Tusk's triple fire attack and Grave Tusk's laser attack). After half its health is lost, Torch Tusk begins to attack by shooting four consecutive flaming cannonballs. After he is defeated, Torch Tusk slightly falls apart and deactivates.
VS. Bloat-Hog
(New Play Control! version)
Bloat-Hog.png In the New Play Control! version, Donkey Kong faces Bloat-Hog. Bloat Hog looks like the other Hogs, but with red skin and a black Mohawk, and is fought on a cliff side and bridge near a waterfall. He fights by using the other Hogs attacks. When it is half defeated, Bloat-Hog gains the ability to mentally create and fire bursts of electricity. When he is defeated, Bloat-Hog will fall over, unconscious.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese モモ王国
Momo Ōkoku
Peach Kingdom