Iguanagon's Realm

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Iguanagon's Realm
Iguanagon's Realm.png
Level code 11-1
World Melon Kingdom
Game Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
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Iguanagon's Realm is the twenty-first level of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat and the first area of the Melon Kingdom. It takes place mostly in an icy, flat cavern. This is the second level after Silver Snow Peak to be traversed entirely while riding on Hoofer, and it features some areas that require a high speed to be jumped to. Blood Pines litter the ground and are used to defeat the enemies in this level, including the giant amphibian-like foe, Iguanagon, who makes his second appearance here. It takes ten hits to defeat, and doing so awards Donkey Kong with 100 beats. Like most ice-themed levels, Donkey Kong does not need to bite into the giant fruit at the end of the level to move on, and can instead simply touch it to finish the level. When the fruit is touched, Hoofer takes Donkey Kong to a bonus game.

Level layout[edit]

This level starts out with Donkey Kong riding on Hoofer. The wildebeest makes his way over the flat, icy pathway into some icicles, which contain bananas. Pineapple bombs are located farther ahead of here, and many Mini Slump Birds begin to ambush Donkey Kong. The straight pathway through the levels continues very far ahead of this area, and while Hoofer runs across the path, Donkey Kong has no choice but to attack the many foes above him. Eventually, Hoofer runs over a small bump in the path, which can send him to some more bananas with a well-timed jump. More bumps are located farther ahead, as well as some large Snow Moles who stick their heads out of cracks in the ground. A Gold Mini Slump Bird also flies above the ape as he continues on his Jungle Buddy. After a group of three Snow Moles are passed, a giant cave is entered, and Iguanagon rushes through the background, then onto the top of the cave. Donkey Kong can optionally fight this giant foe with pineapple bombs as he meets some more vulture foes, including another rare Gold Mini Slump Bird.

After treading over the flat and icy surface of the stage, Hoofer and Donkey Kong make their way to another large bump, which can help them reach some more bananas and jump over the two Snow Moles. As Hoofer runs farther into the stage, he comes up to a floating platform, which can be jumped on to reach some bananas. A small passage is also under this platform, but taking this route does not give any bananas. Another platform is just ahead of here, but it can only be reached by jumping from the first platform. Under the second platform are many large, Snow Moles. After passing the fourth of these enemies, Iguanagon appears again. As Donkey Kong tries to fight this enemy, more Mini Slump Birds appear. If he manages to pass them all, he is soon sent down a large slope on Hoofer. The slope flattens out at its center, where some bananas can be found. Farther ahead is a giant melon. After touching it, Donkey Kong and Hoofer play a bonus game where they must jump off a ramp and gain as much distance as possible to acquire beats.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カメオンの
Kameon no Su
Iguanagon's Nest