Helibird Dash

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Helibird Dash
Helibird Dash.png
Level code 14-1 (GameCube)
13-1 (Wii)
World Lychee Kingdom (GameCube)
Pear Kingdom (Wii)
Game Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
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Helibird Dash is the twenty-eighth level of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat first area of the Lychee Kingdom in the original GameCube version of the game. In the New Play Control! version, this level was moved to the Pear Kingdom, switching places with Deep Sea Sprint, making it the twenty-sixth level instead. This level takes place inside a giant hollow vine and is relatively short. It is conceptually very similar to Chopperbird Race and shares its background music. Donkey Kong has to race four Helibirds to the finish line with his own Helibird. The level features no enemies and few obstacles, and the ape must simply move his Helibird through the narrow pathways quickly. However, small, pink flowers are located throughout the whole level, and the ape must try to come near them, as they produce heavy winds that can push the Helibirds forward faster. At the end of the level, Donkey Kong can bite into a giant lychee to head to the next level, Lava Cavern (Clock Tower in New Play Control! version).

Winning the race is not necessary to complete the level, however, completing the race before Donkey Kong's opponents can help him gain more beats and, as a result, earn more crests. Losing to all four Helibirds causes him to earn no beats, while coming in third place in the race gives him 100 bonus beats. 300 beats are awarded if Donkey Kong achieves second place, and first place gives him 500.

Level layout[edit]

The level begins at the bottom of a large vine's interior. A Helibird waits on a small tree near Donkey Kong, and four more Helibirds fly above it. If Donkey Kong flies his Helibird towards the opponents, the race begins. The track starts out with a straight pathway stretching to the north. The path then curves to the right to some pink, air blowing flowers. Two Helibirds are located in their nests at the bottom of this area. The flowers can push the Helibirds up to a wide, open area full of many small platforms. A Helibird waits on each of these platforms to help Donkey Kong if he loses his current Helibird, and wind currents are placed around the perimeter of the area. The currents are able to push the Helibirds towards a wide pathway, which is full of several twists and turns. A few Helibirds wait in their nests on these curves. The path soon widens to show a few more flowers that produce wind currents. Helper Monkeys also cheer for the racers in this area on the ground, and the slanted pathway soon turns to the north, where there is a white line stretching across the area. Once Donkey Kong crosses it, the race ends, and he is able to fly his Helibird to the lychee growing at the top of the vine above him. Biting into this fruit ends the level.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヘリバードレース
Heri Bādo Dai Rēsu
Great Helibird Race