Spirit Tree

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Spirit Tree
Spirit Tree.png
Level code 5-2
World Strawberry Kingdom
Game Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
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Spirit Tree is the tenth level of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat and the second area of the Strawberry Kingdom. Donkey Kong has to climb inside this large tree. The tree's interior consists of many vines, Banandelions, and Helper Monkeys, which can be combined with the ape's Wall Jump abilities to score many beats. Near the end of the stage, Helibirds carry Donkey Kong through the rest of the level. While in flight, a plant shoots bananas at Donkey Kong, allowing him to increase his beat count. After completing this level, Donkey Kong fights Mo-Hog (or Fleet Roc in the New Play Control! version).

Level layout[edit]

The level begins with Donkey Kong falling inside of the tree. He can make Blooms, which form together to create a star, appear by sending a sound wave around the area. There is a narrow passage near here, which the big ape can run through to find two walls above him. He must wall jump up the walls, taking him to some Banana Bunches. There is another narrow passage near here, and it is occupied by a few Mini-Igas. In a much wider area outside of this passage, there is a Kiba Pig Poppo, who is running in Donkey Kong's path. It can either be defeated, or simply jumped over. Farther into the level are a few long vines, which Donkey Kong can swing on to reach a high ledge and a Banandelion. Below the vines are some enemies who jump onto the ape to attack him. The Kong can defeat them all at once to find many bananas to clap-grab. The Banandelion on the high ledge near these foes flings Donkey Kong to an upwards passage, which the ape must wall jump up to reach another ledge with a Helper Monkey. This monkey can throw him over a wall and into a gap.

At the bottom of this gap is a tightrope to break Donkey Kong's fall, and also to bounce him onto a Banandelion. This flower sends him to another set of walls, which must be wall jumped up for the Kong to progress. A Helper Monkey waits nearby to throw Donkey Kong to some more helpers and many Blooms. The third Helper Monkey in this group throws him to a vine, which he can swing on to cross a gap. There is a Banandelion on the other side of this gap, and it flings him to a Helibird on a higher area. The Helibird must carry the ape up the remaining part of the level, where it travels through a wide pathway. A few Banana Bunches are on the way to the end of the stage, as well as a few Mini-Igas. Many Blooms can also be found above the second Helibird in the level, who waits in its nest to take Donkey Kong upwards if he falls off his current buddy. At the highest point of the tree's interior are some uncommon plants that shoot bananas at Donkey Kong. He can collect these to gain beats, and then direct his Helibird to the right, where the way outside of the tree is. Once out of the Spirit Tree, Donkey Kong comes close to a giant strawberry, which he must bite into to finish the level.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 大神木だいしんぼく
Dai Shinboku
Great Holy Tree