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Gloat-Hog and Donkey Kong
Species Hog
First appearance Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (2004)
Latest appearance New Play Control! Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (2008)

Gloat-Hog is a member of the Hog species that Donkey Kong must fight in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. He is the ruler of the Pear Kingdom and also the last and strongest of the species to face.

Gloat-Hog appears as a pig-like bipedal creature with black skin, white eyes, and a grey Mohawk, hooves, and tusks.

His attacks consist of throwing fruit and durian in two different speeds. He also shoots balls of electricity at Donkey Kong, and can fly right toward him and slash. If Donkey Kong gets too close, Gloat-Hog will slash him. Donkey Kong must stop the fruit he throws in midair and then punch them back at Gloat-Hog. After taking some damage, Gloat-Hog will begin to move between platforms quickly.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゲルピー
Geru Pī
Geru Pig
French Pigarro Based on the Spanish conquistador Pizarro
Italian Paskal Probably based on Blaise Pascal