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Chestnut WL3.png
First appearance Wario Land 3 (2000)

Chestnuts are Goomba-like creatures from Wario Land 3. They resemble the edible portion of a real-life chestnut. Much like Goombas of the 2D platforming games, they always face the screen, with their walking animation being a mirrored image. They also pop out of large spiked chestnut shells, like Prickly Goombas. However, they emerge on their own accord instead of waiting to be burnt.

They only appear during the battle against Wolfenboss. Wolfenboss will conjure up a shelled chestnut and drop it; once the creature itself emerges. It quickly paces back and forth. It deals no damage to Wario, but is capable of pushing Wario in its fast march which can knock him into one of Wolfenboss's projectiles. Wario must Dash Attack into it, sending it flying. It will ricochet off of the walls while moving upward and hit Wolfenboss if aimed right. Wario must hit 3 of them into Wolfenboss to defeat him, but as the fight continues, the shelled Chestnuts will bounce around before being ready to emerge. If Wario touches one of the spiky shells, he will become Puffy Wario.

Chestnuts cannot be stomped unlike Goombas, but they can be Ground Pounded. However, doing so does no damage to Wolfenboss and thus serves no purpose.