Vampire Wario

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Vampire Wario
Vampire Wario normal WL3.png
Used on Wario
Item needed Kobatto
Power(s) given Fly, reach otherwise unaccessable places
First appearance Wario Land 3 (2000)
Latest appearance Dr. Mario 64 (2001)
“When Wario touches a particular enemy, he turns into a vampire! Wah, hah, hah, HAH! As Vampire Wario, he can change to bat form or vampire form. Each form gives Wario different abilities! Press the B Button to transform. To get back to normal you must... hmm, what could this vampire's weakness be?”
Wario Land 3
Dr. Mario 64

Vampire Wario[1] is one of Wario's many transformations in the Wario Land series of games, appearing in Wario Land 3. In Wario Land 4, it is replaced by the similar Bat Wario.

It can be triggered by coming in contact with a Kobatto, causing Wario to become a vampire. He is then able to defeat any enemy upon contact which can be used to get foes blocking Wario's path such as Lumpy. By pressing B Button on the ground, he will switch between forms; the bat form is slower and can't walk, but is able to fly rather than jump. To turn into his normal self, he must touch a clove of garlic, go into a patch of light, or fall into a pool or droplet of water (similar to Zombie Wario). The patches of light become obstacles for Vampire Wario, as he must avoid them when he does not wish to resume his adventure in his normal state.

In Dr. Mario 64, if the player is playing as Dr. Mario, and has not lost at any point prior to Wario's second match in hard mode or greater, Wario will eat the Megavitamins and transform into a vampire. Defeating him in one battle will unlock Vampire Wario as a playable character. In VS mode, an AI Vampire Wario has the hardest level AI along with Metal Mario. Vampire Wario's losing animation has him transform into a bat.

Names in other languages[edit]

Artwork of the bat form
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドラキュラ[2]
Banpaia Wario
Dracula (Wario Land 3)

Vampire Wario (Nintendo Puzzle Collection)
Spanish Wario Vampiro[4] Vampire Wario
French Bat-Wario Bat Wario
Dutch Vampier Wario[5] Vampire Wario
German Fledermaus Bat
Italian Pipistrello Bat


  • Wario's vampire form is somewhat ironic because he eats garlic, a plant that is said to repel vampires. However, in the actual novel Dracula, garlic flowers are used to repel Dracula, not garlic heads, potentially lessening the irony.
  • The music heard while Wario sports his vampire form shares similar percussion and overall tone with the music that plays when inside Snide's HQ from Donkey Kong 64, although it is 8-bit because of the Game Boy Color hardware limitations.
  • When Wario uses the Vampire Candy in Mario Party 8, he resembles his vampire form from Wario Land 3.
  • While the form itself does not directly appear, Wario turns into a vampire upon successfully completing the microgame Wet Your Whistle on the highest difficulty in WarioWare Gold.


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