Bullet Candy

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Bullet Candy
Bullet Candy

The Bullet Candy is a blue Candy in Mario Party 8. This item has a picture of a Bullet Bill on the wrapper, and when a character uses it, their torso becomes the back part of a rocket, somewhat like a Bullet Bill, and they are allowed to hit three Dice Blocks. However, unlike with Thrice Candy, there is no coin bonus for rolling the same number three times. As the player moves along the board as a "Bullet" character, they steal one Star from any opponents they run into. This Candy is found only on Bowser's Warped Orbit, and it is worth 15 or 20 coins if bought at a Candy Shop but can sometimes cost only 10 coins. It can be obtained for free via Shy Guy's Space Buffet.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キラーキャンディ
Bullet Bill Candy
French (NOA) Bonbon Balle Bullet Candy
Italian Caramella Proiettile Bullet Candy
Spanish (NOA) Caramelo Bala Bullet Candy
Spanish (NOE) Caramelo Balamelo Balamelo (from bala, "bullet") Candy