Dash Yoshi

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Dash Yoshi
Artwork of Mario riding Dash Yoshi.
Used on Yoshi
Item needed Dash Pepper
Power(s) given Runs at speeds fast enough to climb up steep slopes, and to run on water.
First appearance Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)

Dash Yoshi is one of Yoshi's power-ups in Super Mario Galaxy 2.


Dash Yoshi running in the Hightail Falls Galaxy

Yoshi becomes Dash Yoshi whenever he eats a Dash Pepper. When that happens, he turns red and moves at a high speed. In this state, Yoshi can run up steep slopes and even run on water, but the effects are only temporary; when the music stops, so does Dash Yoshi.

Dash Yoshi can also use Launch Star and enter pipes. When he uses a Launch Star, his time limit for his Dash form will temporarily stop, and he will leave a red streak. However, when Dash Yoshi jumps, he stops moving at high speeds but will immediately resume running when he touches ground. If Dash Yoshi eats another Dash Pepper while in this form, his time will be extended. If Dash Yoshi hits an obstacle while running, he will return to normal speed while he rebounds but will continue running when he touches ground. It is harder to control Dash Yoshi when he is running, making it easy to accidentally swerve to an edge and fall into a bottomless pit or a black hole. Mario can also dismount from Dash Yoshi to stop the power-up and save himself from falling into a bottomless pit.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダッシュヨッシー
Dasshu Yosshī
Dash Yoshi
Chinese 衝刺耀西[1]
Chōngcì Yàoxī
Dash Yoshi
French Yoshi Turbo Turbo Yoshi
Italian Yoshi Scatto Dash Yoshi
Spanish Yoshi Veloz Fast Yoshi


  • Although Dash Yoshi resembles an Orange Yoshi, the official website says that Dash Yoshi is a "bright red" Yoshi.[2]


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