Fluzzard gliding

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A screenshot of  Mario riding Fluzzard through the Wild Glide Galaxy.
Mario and Fluzzard gliding in the Wild Glide Galaxy
“C'mon! C'mon! I'll teach you to glide! Will you fly with Fluzzard?!”
Jibberjay, Super Mario Galaxy 2

Fluzzard gliding is a minigame found in Super Mario Galaxy 2. The minigame centers around a large bird named Fluzzard that Mario (or Luigi) must ride. There are two galaxies with this minigame: the Wild Glide Galaxy and Fleet Glide Galaxy. Both galaxies consist of an elaborate obstacle course that Mario and Fluzzard must glide through. Both courses have a slight downward slant so that Fluzzard can nose-dive throughout the course. If they hit an object, the duo will lose one wedge of health. If they directly crash into a wall, Mario will instantly lose a life. At the end of the course, there is a large sun-shaped gate that acts as a finish line.

Fluzzard gliding is controlled by tilting Wii Remote. For the neutral position, the player must point Wii Remote at the screen and keep it level. The player can tilt Wii Remote upward to make Fluzzard slowly ascend but lose speed. The player can tilt Wii Remote downward to make Fluzzard do a nosedive and gain speed. The player can tilt Wii Remote to the side to steer Fluzzard. The Nunchuk is not used for this minigame.

Mario and Fluzzard encounter many objects throughout the course. There are five gates that Mario and Fluzzard can fly through. If Mario and Fluzzard pass through all five gates, the cage holding the Comet Medal will open, allowing Mario and Fluzzard to obtain the Comet Medal. There are also many balloons littered throughout the course, and they will give Mario Star Bits if popped. Large enemies also appear throughout the course, such as Thwomps, Undergrunt Gunners, Magmaarghs in lava, and Banzai Bills. There are also Life Mushrooms, 1-Up Mushrooms, and even coins floating in bubbles that will heal Mario and Fluzzard if they get hurt. When the galaxy is under the effect of the Green Comet, there is also a Green Star hidden somewhere in the course.

Mario racing the Black Jibberjay

There are two varieties of this minigame: a solo race against the clock and a race with the Black Jibberjay. The solo race is always the first mission in the galaxy. After Mario completes the solo race, Mailtoad receives a letter from the Black Jibberjay saying that there is a race. The second mission for the galaxy, which is the race, opens up. This time, Mario and Fluzzard start the course alongside the Black Jibberjay. Depending on the galaxy, this race either features four other Jibberjays or is solo. The level is the same, but Mario and Fluzzard can now bump into a Jibberjay. If Mario comes in first place, the Black Jibberjay will give up a Power Star.