Bubbler (object)

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A bubbler in the Lake Kingdom

Bubblers,[1] also known as air bubblers,[2] are objects that appear in Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and Super Mario Odyssey. Bubblers create air bubbles, which can be used to replenish Mario's oxygen meter, and can be found underwater in water-themed areas.

In Super Mario Galaxy, bubblers first appear in the Beach Bowl Galaxy and later appear in the Buoy Base Galaxy, Drip Drop Galaxy, Bonefin Galaxy, and Deep Dark Galaxy. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, they first appear in the Cosmic Cove Galaxy and later appear in the Starshine Beach Galaxy and one section of the Battle Belt Galaxy. In Super Mario Odyssey, a bubbler first appears in the Lake Kingdom, where it creates bubbles in the underwater tunnel that leads to the lake, and bubblers later appear commonly in the Seaside Kingdom.


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