Dusty Dune Galaxy

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Dusty Dune Galaxy
Dusty Dune Galaxy.png
Area Bedroom
How to unlock Get 29 stars
Comet(s) Speedy Comet
Purple Comet
Mission(s) Soaring on the Desert Winds
Blasting through the Sand
Sunbaked Sand Castle
Sandblast Speed Run
Purple Coins in the Desert
Bullet Bill on Your Back
Treasure of the Pyramid
Stars StarStarStarSpeedy Comet StarPurple Comet StarSecret StarGreen Comet Star
Galaxy icon The Starting Planet, a Disk Planet, two Pyramid Planets, two Cacti Planets, and several floating rocks

The Dusty Dune Galaxy (also called Dusty Desert[1]) is a desert-themed galaxy in the Wii game Super Mario Galaxy. It is inhabited by many creatures, such as Cluckbooms, Dry Bones, Pokeys and Bone Twisters, and has many obstacles, such as large seas of sand, floating sand structures, cacti planets and pyramid-styled planets. This galaxy is tied with the Battlerock Galaxy for the most number of Power Stars in the game, with a total of seven. Along with the Melty Molten Galaxy, this is the only galaxy to play the hurry theme in a non-comet mission.


NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all names are unofficial.

Starting Planet[edit]

The tower on the planet.
The Starting Planet

This is a very large quicksand planet with several pyramids, stone platforms, many tornadoes, and a few huge dark sand pits. On one side of the planet, there is a very tall tower with a waterfall of sand pouring down the side. Mario must scale this tower to get to the Power Star for the mission Soaring on the Desert Winds. There is also an underground tunnel with Piranha Plants that are hanging upside down, Thwomps, currents of sand that can force the player back, and a large boulder that can be destroyed by Fire Mario. This tunnel is the only way between the beginning and the tower. It is possible to defeat the Piranha Plants that are hanging upside down by stepping on them. This can be done by jumping and aiming carefully for their necks.

Ring Planet[edit]

The Ring Planet

This planet is a small stone ring surrounded by four small platforms. Four boulders can be found rolling around the ring. On the underside of the largest platform is a Hungry Luma and a few Crystals with Coins and Star Bits. A Rainbow Star can be found on the underside of the middle platform, and a Life Mushroom can be found on the underside of a smaller platform. If the Hungry Luma is fed, it will transform into the Pyramid Planet.

Speedy Sand Planets[edit]

Mario on the third Speedy Sand Planet.
Mario on the first Speedy Sand Planet.
Mario on the third Speedy Sand Planet.
Mario on the second Speedy Sand Planet.
Mario on the third Speedy Sand Planet.
Mario on the third Speedy Sand Planet.

These three stone planets each consist of stone boulders connected by fast sand currents that move Mario when he stands in them. The first planet is shaped like a slightly curved tube, the second is a ring, and the third is a sphere. On the second planet, there are five blue Star Chips that Mario must collect in order to progress. There is a Warp Pipe on the surface of the third planet that leads to the interior and a shortcut to the Maze Planet.

Maze Planet[edit]

The Maze Planet.

This planet is a disk of quicksand with a two-sided maze. One side is tan and the other is gray. This planet features tornadoes, Dry Bones, a Thwomp, and a reversible tower that must be used for the mission Blasting through the Sand and its Speed Run. This is also the planet on which the mission Purple Coins in the Desert takes place. Captain Toad and the Toad Brigade can be found scattered around this planet during the purple coin mission.

Disk Planets[edit]

The Disk Planets.

There are two disk planets. One has a rising and sinking tower on one side and a sinking glass tower on the other side. The other disk has a rising and sinking tower with a Bullet Bill blaster on one side while the other side is barren with falling blocks.

Sand Tide Planet[edit]

Mario on the Sand Tide Planet.

This planet is a small planet with several cones on it. The planet also expands and shrinks slowly. This planet has many Crabbers, a giant prickly plant, and several coconuts. A stump with three coins above it is revealed when the sand lowers. There is another stump on this planet that when pounded, will cause music notes to appear. If all the music notes are collected, a Sling Star will appear taking the player to one of the disk planets. This is necessary to complete to get the hidden star, Bullet Bill on Your Back.

Pokey Planets[edit]

Pokey Planets.

These are two small planets with a Pokeynut on the northern one and tons of coconuts on the southern one. The player needs to defeat the Pokeynut by spinning to throw the coconuts found on the planet. Then, a Launch Star will appear, taking Mario to the next planet.

Pyramid Planets[edit]

The accessible Pyramid Planet.

There are two double-sided pyramid planets. One is not accessible and not solid, while the other is after Mario feeds a Hungry Luma with twenty Star Bits. On the inside of the accessible side lies a maze of rising and falling sand that Mario can access when he enters a Warp Pipe (although it'll close once Mario makes his way inside, trapping him in there until the mission is completed). Here, Mario must find five Silver Stars, which will make a Green Star appear. This planet can only be accessed after feeding the Hungry Luma. The player can raise or lower the sand by stepping on some green platforms found in the area. The player must collect all the Silver Stars without being crushed. Once all the Silver Stars are collected, most of the sand will drain out of the pyramid, and the Green Star will reveal itself.

Cacti Planets[edit]

Six Cacti Planets

There are large cacti that can be seen, but are not solid or accessible.



Level Image Summary
Soaring on the Desert Winds SMG Dusty Dune Tornado.png This mission's objective is to use tornadoes to reach the top of a structure.
Blasting through the Sand Dusty Dune Galaxy This mission's objective is to navigate stone platforms in quicksand.
Sunbaked Sand Castle Dry Bones found in Dusty Dune Galaxy. This mission's objective is to navigate a large castle.
Sandblast Speed Run Dusty Dune Galaxy This mission's objective is to do a speedrun of the Blasting through the Sand mission.
Purple Coins in the Desert Dusty Dune Galaxy This mission's objective is to collect all the Purple Coins.
Bullet Bill on Your Back Mario guides a Bullet Bill to a cage This mission's objective is to utilize Bullet Bills to destroy cages.
Treasure of the Pyramid Mario has two Silver Stars in Dusty Dune Galaxy This mission's objective is to collect Silver Stars.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サンドアイランドギャラクシー
Sando Airando Gyarakushī
Sand Island Galaxy
Chinese 沙丘银河
Shāqiū yínhé
Sand Dune Galaxy
French (NOE) Ile sablonneuse Sandy Island
German Sandinsel-Galaxie Sand-Island Galaxy
Italian Galassia Sabbie Mobili Quicksand Galaxy
Korean 샌드 아일랜드 갤럭시
Saendeu Aillaendeu Gaelleoksi
Sand Island Galaxy
Spanish (NOA) Galaxia del Desierto Desert Galaxy
Spanish (NOE) Galaxia Desierto Desert Galaxy


The hacked Launch Star.
  • On the first speed planet, if the player backflips into the right place, they will be pulled down by gravity and into the sand that causes Mario to lose a life.[citation needed]
  • If the player goes into first-person view on a certain spot on the sinking tower planet, the player can see a Launch Star hovering between two pyramids. It can only be used by a flying hack. If the player does use it, it will lead back to the sinking tower planet.[2]
    • There is also a second unused Launch Star floating in mid-air that is visible in the first mission. This star takes players to the final planet in the second mission.[3]
  • The portion of Dusty Dune Galaxy's theme right before it loops sounds similar to the Coin Heaven theme from Super Mario Bros. 3.


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