Rolling in the Clouds

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Rolling in the Clouds
Rolling in the Clouds
Location Rolling Green Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Rolling in the Clouds is the only mission of the Rolling Green Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. The mission's objective is to roll the Rolling Ball to the end of the course.


The player starts on a small platform with the Rolling Ball and a hole that will launch Mario up to a higher platform with coins, Goombas, and Micro Goombas. At the end of that platform is a hole that will lead to a set of rails, causing the Rolling Ball to roll down them and to the next planet. The planet has many holes, coins, and Goombas and touching the ? Coins will cause trails of Star Bits to appear. Across a stone bridge is a split path: the right has many flower hills that will affect the way the ball rolls, and the left has a narrow path with a ? Coin that will cause Star Bits to appear. The hole at the end of the split platform will launch Mario to the goal, and placing the Rolling Ball in the final hole will cause it to explode, allowing the player to collect the Power Star within.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タマコロの不思議ふしぎたび
Tamakoro no fushigina tabi
The Wonderful Adventures of the Rolling Ball
Chinese 星星球的奇妙之旅
Xīngxīng qiú de qímiào zhī lǚ
Wonderful Trip of the Rolling Ball
French (NOA) L'Étrange Voyage à Travers les Nuages The Strange Journey through the Clouds
French (NOE) L'étrange voyage de la boule étoilée The Strange Journey of the Star Ball
German Wundersame Reise des Sternenballs Wonderous Travel of the Star Ball
Italian Viaggio Misterioso con l'Astrosfera Mysterious Journey with the Star Ball
Korean 스타볼 타고 신기한 여행
Seuta bol Tago Singihan Yeohaeng
Wonderful Trip while riding the Star Ball
Spanish (NOA) Rodando a Través de las Nubes Shooting Through the Clouds
Spanish (NOE) Insólito viaje rueda, rueda, rueda... Unusual journey rolling, rolling, rolling...