Luigi under the Saucer

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Luigi under the Saucer
Luigi in a cage
Location Battlerock Galaxy
Mission # 7
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Luigi under the Saucer is the seventh mission of the Battlerock Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. The mission can only be done if Luigi has been rescued from the Ghostly Galaxy and Good Egg Galaxy, after which he will send a letter telling Mario where he is. Talking to Mailtoad will unlock the mission.


Luigi sends Mario a postcard pointing out he is in the Battlerock Galaxy
Luigi's letter.

This mission takes place during the first mission of the galaxy. Luigi is found on the underside of the UFO with the Power Star. The player has to guide a Bullet Bill to the bottom of the saucer and have it ram into the cage Luigi is in, which will shatter it. As thanks, Luigi will give the player one of the three Green Power Stars in the game.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 円盤下えんばんしたの ルイージ
Enban shita no Ruīji
Luigi under the Disc
Chinese 圆盘下的路易吉
Yuánpán xià de Lùyìjí
Luigi under the Saucer
French (NOA) Luigi sous la Soucoupe Luigi under the Saucer
French (NOE) Luigi sous la soucoupe Luigi under the saucer
German Luigi unter der Diskusscheibe Luigi under the Discus Disc
Italian Luigi sotto il Disco Luigi under the disc
Korean 원반 아래의 루이지
Wonban Arae ui Ruiji
Luigi under the Saucer
Spanish (NOA) Luigi Bajo el Platillo Luigi under the Saucer
Spanish (NOE) Luigi bajo el platillo Luigi under the Saucer