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This article is about the dome seen in Super Mario Galaxy. For Luigi's home board in Mario Party, see Luigi's Engine Room. For the engine room in Starship Mario, see Starship Mario § Engine Room.
“It might get a little rough from here on out, but just do your best and you'll be OK!”
Gearmo, Super Mario Galaxy
Outside of the Engine Room
Engine Room.png
Inside the Engine Room.
SMG Engine Room Overview.png
The Engine Room galaxies.

The Engine Room is a dome in Super Mario Galaxy. It is the fifth accessible dome, and will be unlocked whenever Mario or Luigi recovers the Grand Star from Bowser's Dark Matter Plant.

From the exterior, the Engine Room looks simply like a large metal dome, while inside there are purple and blue pipes leading up from a steel mesh floor. A Gearmo patrols the room, although he serves no real significance. As with all domes, the Engine Room has a Pull Star in the center, which is used to access the dome's Galaxies. Mario does not need to enter the Engine Room in order to reach Bowser's Galaxy Reactor, as he can just collect the sixty Power Stars required to access it from previous galaxies.

The main boss of the Engine Room is a more powerful version of King Kaliente.


SMG Engine Room Dome Model.png
Galaxy Description Number of Star(s) Unlocking criterion
Gold Leaf Galaxy.png
Gold Leaf Galaxy
This Galaxy is essentially a mirror of the Honeyhive Galaxy, set in autumn and with minor changes. Bees, Star Bunnies, and Cataquacks can be found here, as well as the Undergrunt Gunner boss. Six Stars. Collect 34 Stars and finish Bowser's Dark Matter Plant.
Sea Slide Galaxy.png
Sea Slide Galaxy
This is a beach-themed Galaxy that consists of a ring of water encircling an oblong central planet. It is inhabited by penguins and the orca whale Guppy. Six Stars. Collect 36 Stars.
SMG Toy Time Galaxy.png
Toy Time Galaxy
This playroom-themed Galaxy has many colorful planets and gigantic toys, as well as sweets, as shown in its third mission. Gearmos can be found here. Six Stars. Collect 40 Stars.
Bonefin Galaxy.png
Bonefin Galaxy
This Galaxy consists of one planet that is a sphere of water surrounded by a black shell. It is home to Kingfin, a skeletal shark that is the Galaxy's boss. One Star. Collect 55 stars and finish Giant Eel Outbreak.
Bowser Jr. Lava Reactor.png
Bowser Jr.'s Lava Reactor
The Engine Room's boss battle takes place in this Galaxy. It contains a large planet made of lava, in which lives King Kaliente (summoned by Bowser Jr.), who the player must battle a second time. One Grand Star. Collect 45 Stars.
Sand Spiral Galaxy
This Hungry Luma Galaxy features a large tube-shaped planet full of flowing quicksand, which the player must choose either the Bee Mushroom or the Boo Mushroom to traverse. Behind it is a small, bright moon with platforms revolving swiftly around it. One Star. Complete Faster Than a Speeding Penguin, Luigi and the Haunted Mansion, and then feed the Hungry Luma 1000 Star Bits.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マシンルーム
Mashin rūmu
Machine room
Spanish Sala de Máquinas Machine room
Italian Sala Motori Machine room
Korean 머신룸
Meosin rum
Machine room
Chinese 机械屋
Jīxiè Wū
Machine room


  • The Engine Room is the only dome in the game where a NPC other than Polari can be seen.