The Floating Fortress

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The Floating Fortress
SMG Buoy Base Water Sphere.png
Location Buoy Base Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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The Floating Fortress is the first level in Buoy Base Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy. The objective is to scale the fortress and retrieve the Power Star, located on the water sphere planet high above the fortress.


Mario near the partially-sunken fortress in the Buoy Base Galaxy
The fortress partly sunken.

First, Mario (or Luigi) must dive in the water under the fortress and swim in front of a torpedo tube. When a Torpedo Ted comes out, Mario must get its attention and lure it into the caged underwater weight. The Torpedo Ted will destroy the weight, allowing the fortress to float up and revealing a path so that Mario can climb to the top of the fortress. Mario must Wall Jump up the path and get to the area with the Thwomps. Then, Mario must walk around the area, avoiding the Thwomps and arriving at an area with Topmen and Water Shooters. Mario must spin a valve, which disables the Water Shooters and reveals a green Topman. Mario must jump on top of this Topman to spring up to the next platform.

Mario must then proceed to collect the five blue Star Chips. Four of these are scattered around the area with the moving platforms, and one is on top of a Thwomp in the previous area. After all five of the Star Chips have been collected, Mario must use the moving platforms to climb to the top of the fortress, where a Pull Star appears. Mario can take this Pull Star to the water sphere planet. On this planet, Mario has to get on top of the bolt-type Ball Beamer and spin to dislodge the gold screw from it. This causes the planet to open up halfway, revealing a Power Star submerged in water in its center. Mario can now dive in to retrieve the Power Star.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 天突てんつく水上要塞すいじょうようさい
Tentsuku suijō-yōsai
The Skyscraping Sea Fort
Chinese 顶天水上要塞
Dǐngtiān shuǐshàng yàosài
The Skyscraping Overwater Fortress
French (NOA) La Forteresse Flottante The Floating Fortress
French (NOE) La forteresse flottante The Floating Fortress
German Die Marinefestung... The Naval Fortress...
Italian La Fortezza Galleggiante The Floating Fortress
Korean 하늘 높이 솟은 수상 요새
Haneul nopi soseun susang yosae
The Skyscraping Floating Fortress
Spanish (NOA) La Fortaleza Flotante The Floating Fortress
Spanish (NOE) Fortaleza picuda Thwomp Fortress